Redhat linux training details


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Linux Certification Training In Hyderabad - Amrita Technologies - is a best institutions in India Linux Certification Training In Hyderabad , linux system administration Hyderabad India , Red Hat Training in Hyderabad.

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Redhat linux training details

  1. 1. ! " #$$$%& () * $ $ %++,, + %++,+-&- * . / ! 0 / / 1 ! * 222/ / Re: Introduction letterAmrita welcomes professionals and students seeking Linux education from across the world.We seek to introduce ourselves as a computer institute set apart from the others by the value-based education, we impart to the students as well as Corporate – education, combining thelatest in the sphere of Information Technology and the most profound principles of Love andSelfless Service.Today, Amrita stands tall at the forefront of IT education., it has become an appetizing draw forstudents seeking quality education. .The institute is a pioneer in the training for Red Hat Linux. The acceptance of Linux as a robustand dependable operating system is growing by the day. Big corporates, small size businesses,and even Government departments are moving to Linux as their choice platform. Computermanufacturers are releasing new models with Linux installed on them. Consequently, the jobmarket for Linux professionals is set to increase immensely. In order to keep abreast of the latestdevelopments in the industry, Amrita tied up with the leading player in the Linux market, RedHat, to offer Red Hat certified courses to the students as well as corporate professionals.Professionals, seeking Linux education and Certification from all parts of the globe, utilize ourstate of the art Infrastructure and the knowledge of our experienced and Red Hat Certifiedfaculty.At our center we have courses to offer for every training requirement in Linux OS. We also offersonsite training for Linux migration and Certification. The onsite training can be customized asper group requirements with topics drawn and integrated from various courses.Linux is getting acceptance worldwide and job avenues are opening up fast, both in India andabroad. Software Education in Hyderabad is considered the best and most economical in theWorld. Amrita can customize the learning programmes in terms of making modules available ina sequence for individuals and groups from overseas also.Amrita- Secunderabad is well known for Open Source Software Training Centre since 2002.Amrita tied up with the leading players in the Linux/networking market, RedHat and CiscoSystems to offer authorized and certified courses to the students as well as corporateprofessionals. As such, we will be able to provide training by Red Hat & Cisco Certified Faculty, originalstudy materials, and participation certificates for those who undergo training from us. It may benoted that this facility is available only through authorized training partners of Red Hat andCisco Systems.
  2. 2. ! " #$$$%& () * $ $ %++,, + %++,+-&- * . / ! 0 / / 1 ! * 222/ /Amrita has been awarded for its best training and highest number of Linux examinationsconducted in the SAARC region in 2004. We have also won the accolades for the year 2005 forits performance from RedHat Global Learning Services. It has won the prize for The BestCertified Training Partner in Southern Region in terms of best pass results, which has beenconsistently above 95%, & for the quality of education offered in the entire region. Amrita hasyet again won the laurels from Redhat Global Learning Services as the best institute forEXCELLENCE IN TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION from 2002-2006. We have movedone more step forward in the success ladder . This is the 3rd consecutive year that Amrita isbeing awarded by Redhat GLS for its performance from 2002 onwards.Amrita has delivered courses on-site and in house for GE, BSNL, IVRCL, Cordys, ,Genpact,NRSA, UBS and many more organizations. Administrators and developers from GE, Satyam,Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Oracle, Softpro, Northgate and others got trained and certified from ussuccessfully. We have a training and certification career of having the highest pass percentagein RHCE Examination in India.We are offering regular as well as fast track courses for individual and corporate according totheir requirements.
  3. 3. ! " #$$$%& () * $ $ %++,, + %++,+-&- * . / ! 0 / / 1 ! * 222/ / Training on Red Hat Enterprise Linux-6 Course Description Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) is designed for IT professionals who are new to Linux and require core Red Hat Enterprise Linux skills. Focused on administration tasks that will be encountered in the workplace, this course will actively engage students in task-focused activities, lab-based knowledge checks, and facilitative discussions to ensure maximum skill transfer and retention. In addition, GUI-based tools will be featured to build on the students existing technical knowledge, while key command line concepts will be introduced to provide a foundation for students planning to become full-time Linux system administrators. By the end of the five-day course, students will be able to perform installation, establish network connectivity, manage physical storage, and perform basic security administration. Check out the complete course outline for more details. Audience• Microsoft Windows system administrators who need to quickly learn core Red Hat Enterprise Linux proficiencies• System administrators, network administrators, and other IT professionals who require proficiency performing core tasks in Linux• Non-Linux IT professionals on the path to becoming full-time Linux system administrators Prerequisites• Previous operating system administration experience is helpful but not required Course Content• Graphical installation of Linux• Managing physical storage• Introduction to the command line• Learning how to install and configure local components and services• Establishing network and securing network services• Managing and securing files• Administrating users and groups• Deploying file sharing services
  4. 4. ! " #$$$%& () * $ $ %++,, + %++,+-&- * . / ! 0 / / 1 ! * 222/ / ! Course Description Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) is designed for IT professionals working to become full-time enterprise Linux system administrators. The course is a followup to System Administration I and continues to utilize todays best-of-breed, contemporary teaching methodology. Students will be actively engaged in task-focused activities, lab-based knowledge checks, and facilitative discussions to ensure maximum skills transfer and retention. Building on the foundation of command line skills covered in System Administration I, students will dive deeper into Red Hat Enterprise Linux to broaden their "tool kits" of administration skills. By the end of this five-day course, students will be able to administer and troubleshoot file systems and partitioning, logical volume management, access control, package management. Students who attend Red Hat System Administration I & II will be fully prepared to take the Red Hat Certified System Administration (RHCSA) exam. Check out the complete course outline for more details. Audience• IT professionals who have attended Red Hat System Administration I and want the skills to be full-time enterprise Linux administrators and/or earn RHCSA certifications Prerequisites• Red Hat System Administration I• Confirmation of the correct skill set knowledge can be obtained by passing the online pre-assessment quiz Course Content• Network configuration and troubleshooting• Managing file systems and logical volumes• Controlling user and file access• Installing and managing services and processes• Essential command line operations• Troubleshooting
  5. 5. ! " #$$$%& () * $ $ %++,, + %++,+-&- * . / ! 0 / / 1 ! * 222/ / RH254 Red Hat System Administration III Advanced skills for the experienced Linux administrator Course Description Red Hat System Administration III (RH254) is designed for experienced Linux administrators who require networking and security administration skills. With a heavy emphasis on practical, hands-on labs, this course is tightly aligned with experienced Linux administrators job tasks and the skills required for advancement. Focus is placed on enhancing the students automation skills to securely configure, deploy and manage network services including DNS, Apache, SMTP, and network file sharing. In addition, this course emphasizes security, including monitoring, packet filtering, access controls, and SELinux. At the completion of this course, students already familiar with the RHCT/RHCSA administration skills will have exposure to all competencies tested by the RHCSA and RHCE exams. Check out the complete course outline for more details. Audience• Senior Linux system administrators who require networking and security administration skills• Linux IT professionals who currently have RHCT/RHCSA certification, and are interested in earning an RHCE certification• Linux IT professionals that can demonstrate the competencies needed to earn an RHCT/RHCSA, but have not passed the RHCSA exam provided with the Red Hat System Administration II course Prerequisites• RHCSA Rapid Track Course (RH200) or Red Hat System Administration I & II• Equivalent experience to the RHCSA Rapid Track Course• Skills required to earn an RHCT/RHCSA certification• Confirmation of the correct skill set required for this course can be obtained by passing the online pre-assessment quiz at Course Content• Enhancing user security• Disk management with iSCSI• System and network activity monitoring• Network management and packet filtering• Software management• Web service management• File sharing across platforms• Basic SMTP management
  6. 6. ! " #$$$%& () * $ $ %++,, + %++,+-&- * . / ! 0 / / 1 ! * 222/ / Commercials & OthersNormal TrackBatch Size : 12Duration : 30 daysBatch timings : 7:30 AM to 9:30AM(Theory) 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM(Theory)Commercials : Rs.12500/- per candidate (Including Official Course Material from Redhat)Payment mode : CashCertification Fee : Rs. 18000/- per candidate (DD in favor of “REDHAT INDIA PVT LTD”) (with second attempt free offer)Thanks & RegardsIn the service of the Divine Mother,Srilatha ManepallyAmrita Technologies-Secunderabad.