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2ry data findings presentation

  1. 1. Group (B) Findings
  2. 2.  Stagnant enrollment of students at SCE-BSD
  3. 3.  What are the main target segments of BSD? Are current BSD consumers satisfied? Why? What is their word of mouth? Does BSD present its customers perceived value? Do the customers feel they have one? Does BSD need to change any of its course contents? Are BSD potential consumers aware of what BSD presents? Is BSD using the right promotion tools? Do they need to change them? What are the services presented by BSD competitors? What are their competitive advantages? Is BSD present in the right locations? Is BSD offering good prices for their target segments?
  4. 4.  External publications (Internet and newspapers) Internal database (MIS)
  5. 5.  According to a marketing research that was conducted in 2010
  6. 6. Courses Types Regular CustomizedCosts 750 L.E. per subject for a Costs 2000 L.E. per 1 hrduration of 30 hours Can be totally customized to fit3 Semesters are customers satisfactionavailable(Fall, spring and summer) Used in training purposes Discounts can be made for groups
  7. 7.  Itwas found that 2600-2800 students enroll in BSD courses every semester.
  8. 8.  Itwas found that 60-70% of students pass from achievement certificate to foundation certificate, the same percentage passes from foundation to career certificate… This indicates a big loss in the number of students At about(40-50%) throughout the certificates
  9. 9.  On checking out the questionnaires students have at the end of each semester regarding their satisfaction; it was found that 80-90% are generally satisfied.
  10. 10.  Concerning location’ssatisfaction, it was found that students were satisfied; no problems were recorded.
  11. 11.  On conducting a focus group and checking some reviews at the BSD official facebook page, some problems were found: Problems regarding Registration Problems regarding finding suitable information about BSD courses online, using the hotline or even at the information desk Unsatisfied regarding classes timings Unsatisfied regarding some instructors Unsatisfied regarding late replies at BSD or SCE facebook pages Unsatisfied regarding pricing
  12. 12.  Some important data were found that can help increasing customers satisfaction; it was found that some instructors can offer their graduates reputation letters and can also help them being recruited.
  13. 13.  BSD positioning regarding courses prices is: High quality courses with high costs BSD-AUC policy is to increase the courses costs by 10% annually Courses prices are very important for courses enrollment as culturally Egyptians are known to be price sensitive
  14. 14.  Itis really required to know the relation between increasing courses prices and the enrollment rate.
  15. 15.  Awareness is a main problem facing all BSD prospects; it was found that many of the prospects do not know the difference between the MBA and marketing certificates. Prospects always think about AUC being of high credibility, their courses must be very expensive. Prospects studying in different universities have little information about BSD.
  16. 16.  Decreased awareness regarding BSD courses was found to be a result of 2 points: Fake Ads or misusing AUC name Much competitors present Used promotional tools
  17. 17.  Marketing, HR and management courses are served as diplomas, certificates, online-courses or even seminars by a number of companies which make it hard to find the exact competition status without conducting primary research. Most of the courses offered are of much less prices, but it is perceived that they are of less quality and credibility.
  18. 18.  Some of the competitors: Tatweer Egyptian Training Center Arabic Academy for Training and Technology Universities as: Cairo University Websites as: edara.com MBA providers as: Cape Breton University (CBU) MBA Program in Cairo
  19. 19.  SCE-BSD marketing budget is 60,000 L.E. A class has to contain more than 15 students to start gaining profits (Breakeven is 15 students for Zero profit)
  20. 20.  Has no BSD separated department Was found to be “not flexible” as said by some of its users and required information is not easily obtained
  21. 21.  Newspaper ads Public Relations: The open house
  22. 22.  BSD Twitter account has: 7 followers BSD linkedin account is not actively updated BSD Facebook page has some problems: Weak Activity No attractive Content Some replies may be delayed But the page was found good as it presents: Important Announcements Feedbacks
  23. 23.  Itis thought that the promotion tools used are not enough, they need to be increased Web promotion need to be more attractive Prospects have low awareness about BSD courses A big number of students leave the BSD every semester without knowing exactly what their WOM would be Courses prices and timings must be considered
  24. 24.  A primary data research is needed to be conducted to get more specific data