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Lists select engagements and modeling projects executed at inTouch over 6 years.

Lists select engagements and modeling projects executed at inTouch over 6 years.

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  • 1. inTouch analytics
    actionable relationship analytics&decision support
  • 2. about
    Relationship programs
    A market leading Foods & Beverages Business [India]: Customer Loyalty Program across 350 outlets – 320,000 members and 12,000,000 transactions mined; Retailer Loyalty Program across a network of 3,000 outlets A market leading Beauty / Fitness Chain [India]: Customer Loyalty Program across 110 centers in India
    Indian arm of a market leading global brand of Beauty products: High Value Customer panel set up and mass customization initiatives across the brand’s shop-in-shops in India
    Indian arm of a global Communications Service Provider: Business analytics for Revenue management and Customer Loyalty Program for the CSP’s India operationsA 1,000 store global jewelry chain [UAE]: Business analytics and Customer Loyalty Program across 180 outlets in UAE, Europe and India – a consulting assignment
  • 3. about
    Predictive modeling/analytics
    A US based satellite co: Pricing and discount modeling solution based on 5-year historical data and 10-year look-ahead (prospective) data
    A US based consumer marketing co: Predictive analytics solution based on historical marketing program data for the last 5 years
    An Ecommerce [B2B2C] brand merchandising business [India]: Web and Business Analytics – a full business solution for Online businesses
    A market leading Packaged Foods business [India]:Models predicting Market Share of leading Indian packaged foods brands based on Retail Audit and Panel data HR Analytics for one of the largest employers in India: People
    performance metrics modeling, Attrition modeling and Salary
    HR Analytics for India’s largest Assessments company: Talent Pool
    Supply-Demand Modeling, Capability-Effectiveness models
  • 4. about
    Consumer research
    A F&B Industry focused Private Equity fund: Consumer / Brand Perception Studies to evaluate two leading Fine Dining chains for potential investments
    A Global Education Major: Sizing up the BPO markets in Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the group to design entry strategies
    One of India’s largest fine dining restaurant chains: Consumer Perception, Feedback analysis and Mystery Customer Exercises An Indian Fortune 500 Petro-major: Retail Chain Set-up – 56 feasibility studies to date, Auto-LPG sales potential studies, Retail Outlet facility due diligence India arm of a global luxury brand: Mystery Shopper Exercise across 7 cities and 9 stores – first ever store evaluation in India
    An Indian Fortune 500 Petro-major : ‘Oil Conservation Fortnight’ Effectiveness Studies, Retail Audits, ‘Non-Fuel Options’ Study at Retail Outlets
  • 5. Customer Loyalty AnalyticsMicro-segmentation, Attrition, Reward Milestone Modeling
  • 6.
    • Worrying linear trend, a steady churn of 3,500 to 4,500 per month could be anticipated
    • 7. Rising ave lifetime suggests early members losing interest
    Attrition Modeling
  • 8. Advanced Analytics for Decision SupportMarketing Effectiveness Modelingfor a USD 8 billion business
  • 9. Incremental Sales from the Sales program (2002 through 2006)
    2002 (a.x%*)
    2003 (b.y%)
    2004 (c.z%)
    2005 (ab.x%)
    2006 (0%)
    Fall Warranty
    Fall Rebate
    Spring Warranty
    Spring Rebate
    Marketing Program PerformanceIncremental Sales, Volume and Margins
    Each of the programs comprising the NSP has contributed a% or less to annual sales
    All but two programs – Fall Rebate 2002 and Spring Rebate 2006 – have contributed significantly to sales but individual programs are yet to yield consistent y-o-y increments
    Annually, off-season programs add between $x million and $y million to the top line
  • 10. Incremental Sales from the National sales program (2002 through 2006)
    Sales ($)
    Incr. Sales
    Program Sales
    Incr. Sales
    Program Sales
    Incr. Sales
    Program Sales
    Incr. Sales
    Program Sales
    Spring Rebate
    Spring Warranty
    Fall Rebate
    Fall Warranty
    Marketing Program PerformanceIncremental Sales, Volume and Margins
    Incremental sales due to the programs have grown over the years but for a dip during Fall 2004
    As a proportion of sales tracked through respective programs, incremental sales have varied between m% and n%
    Except for the first Fall program (2002) and the 2006 Spring Warranty program, all others have generated significant incremental sales
  • 11. Advanced Analytics for Decision SupportRevenue Management for a Global B2B C.S.P.
  • 12. PPU business concernsUsage Variance – Corporate
    • Fluctuations are wild across the board, irrespective of quantum of usage
    • 13. Dips are prolonged in many cases; few large peaks
    • 14. Trend observed in some cases while in others, growth is flat over the year
  • Forecasting ModelEnterprise
  • 15. Scenarios
  • 16. marginal scope for improvement
    incentivise group meetings
    Low Port Utilization High
    Increased usage
    incentivise by number of ports used in a month
    Low Number of Ports in Use High
    XYZ Loyalty ProgramEnterprise Incentive Strategy
    Group Bonus: 5 additional XYZ Loyalty Minutes for a group meeting
    Activity Reward: 10% extra in Loyalty Minutes if > x ports are active in a month (could be relaxed in specific cases)
  • 17. Advanced Analytics for Decision SupportPricing Decision Support for one of the top 3 American satellite businesses
  • 18. Discount Vs Contract Term
    What contracts and for what term should be priced at premiums and what needs to be discounted…
  • 19. Distribution of Avg. Discountby Contract Term (Years)
    … and get discounted if contract terms are longer?
    Do contracts get priced at premiums when the contract terms are smaller? …
  • 20. Average Discount by Utilization of A & Competitors’ Satellites
    …What is the effect of Competitors’ Utilization?
  • 21. Market Basketsfor an online B2B2C business
  • 22. Market Basket AnalysisSuggestive Selling Tools for an Online Business
    Business Challenge
    arrive at purchase likelihood estimates across all products at unit and category levels
    visualization of the model along with prioritization of product pairs and triplets that sold well together
  • 23. Market baskets – CategoryConfidence Stats for associations
    Supposed direction of cause-effectStronger lines show higherdegree of association
    Computers and Accessories
    Watches & Clocks
    Apparel and accessories
    Travel Bag, T-Shirt & Travel organizer
  • 24. Market baskets – ProductsConfidence Stats for associations
    Photo Pen Holder
    Photo Frame
    I Don't Sleep Round Neck T-Shirt - (Men)
    I Didn't Get Smarter Round neck T-Shirt - (M)
    Arrow Shirt White
    Black Polo Neck T-Shirt - (Men)
    Van Heusen - Blue
    0. 35
    Black I Didn't Get Smarter Round neck T-Shirt - (M)
    Leather walletwith white stitch
    Leather Pen Stand
    White Polo Neck T-Shirt - (Men)
    Magic Calculator with Pen
  • 25. Attrition Modelingemployee attrition models for India's largest temp staffing co
  • 26. % contribution to total attrition
    58 clients with modest attrition rates…
    Client-wise ProfilingDistribution of clients and attrites across the attrition range
  • 27. Client-wise ProfilingDistribution of associates and attrites across the attrition range
    …contribute the highest to overall attrition
    by sourcing in and losing massive numbers…
    …while 19 clients sourcing the second highest average number of associates have relatively higher attrition rates but contribute less than 10% to overall attrition numbers
    % contribution to total attrition
  • 28. Client-wise ProfilingClients with the worst attrition rates: 100% to 50%
    100% attrition on a sizeable base of associates
    Attrition rates climb down with larger offtakes
  • 29. Contact:Arun Prabhuemail: arun@be-in-touch.comphone: (91)96202-71950; (91)(80) 4120