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#SM4JALS Presentation on Social Recruiting
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#SM4JALS Presentation on Social Recruiting


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Characteristics: Not interactive, many (unqualified) applicants, no communication/engaging,” wait and see who applies,” post jobs to job board or newspaperFROM JOB BOARDS 
  • Characteristics: Interactive environment, Discover new talent, short and long term needs, match seeker to company, filter qualified applicants, saves company money and timeTO THE JOB CLOUD
  • Transcript

    • 1. +Recruiting and Social Media Ali Phalen, Stephanie Parra,#SM4JALS Laura Stewart, Julia Mazerov
    • 2. + Why Social Recruiting? Source: survey-screenshot-11.jpg
    • 3. + Source: media-recruiting-update
    • 4. + What is Social Recruiting?  Engaging with users and using social media tools to source and recruit talent.  "Involvement of employers inspires and informs young people, preparing them for the workforce by making them aware of the skills and attitudes employers expect.” -David Cruikshank, Deloitte Chairman
    • 5. + Fast Facts  90% of Companies Plan to use Social Recruiting in 2011  64% Hired via Social Networks in 2010  50%Evaluate Social Media before Initial Conversation  69% of Employers Rejected Candidates based on Social Media Because:  Lied about qualifications(13%), inappropriate photos/comments(11%)  Infographic Source:
    • 6. + Recruitment 1.0 Post JobCompany On Sitehas a job (Monster, Adv. Searchopening Pay per Posting Career Engines Sites, etc) Unfiltered Job Waiting and Hoping for Applications to Qualified Applicant Interview Process Source: recruiting-101
    • 7. + Recruitment 2.0 Company Company posts both Integrated Showcas Targeted Long and marketing e Selection Short Term Filtered Personnel Interview Needs Process Online, Blogs Source:
    • 8. +  "Twitter is altering the recruitment advertising landscape. The focus is now on providing users with the tools to access, find and filter jobs within the Job Cloud.” -Matt Alder,
    • 9. + New Recruitment Sites     Facebook Pages  Intuit Source:
    • 10. +  Social acceptance and proliferation of the platforms  Speed of growth of the main platforms  Advice:  Get a range of social profiles  Do your homework
    • 11. +  Facebook Privacy Settings and Status  Compare LinkedIn to your Resume  Do Not Use Texting Abbreviations on Twitter
    • 12. +  Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Site  Consider Your Audience  Absolutely important for students to have social media accounts
    • 13. + Case Study- “Hire Me” Websites
    • 14. + dear lisarudgers,
    • 15. + “With a digital résumé, people won’t notice something like a low GPA as much because they’ll be immersed in your talents. How much can you really gleam from a piece of paper?” - Patrick Thorton
    • 16. + How To With Resume Bear ResumeBear
    • 18. + Facebook & Social Jobs  Facebook partnership with NACE and DOL to create new resource for job seekers  Job postings delivered virally through central Facebook Page at no charge  “The partnership’s goal will be to facilitate employment for America’s jobless through the use of social networks.”  FB will also create public service announcements at the top ten states for unemployment rates, and distribute materials to job seekers
    • 19. + “Apply with LinkedIn”  LinkedIn has introduced a PlugIn that allows users to apply for jobs directly via the service  Companies can embed PlugIn directly on their websites  Allows users to send messages to contacts at a company; or connects them with someone for an introduction if they don’t know anyone  Will lead to the demise of job boards & resumes
    • 20. + Digital Career Fairs Replacing on-campus career fairs Save time, money & broaden candidate pool Includelive, one-on-one chats with recruiters and high-level executives Companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Citigroup, Progressive making use of this technology
    • 21. + “Vote for me!” Job Applications  Sourcebits has launched a competition where job applicants upload their portfolio to the site and ask for votes from the community at large  Winners selected based on work & votes  Need for social clout, influence  Reflective of emerging trends: Job application process becoming social
    • 22. + Remember What Happens In Stays On
    • 23. + Questions?