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Pace Resume

  1. 1. Ashley Pace Phone: (219)898-1488 Address: 1810 W. Charles St Muncie, IN 47303 E-mail: Objective: To obtain the job position as a teacher at Joy Elementary School. Ultimately I would love to gain field experience and to become a wonderful seasoned teacher. Ideally I would enjoy working with grades 3rd-5th, although I would be happy to be placed in a younger grade. I hope to inspire the youth in many ways and open up new horizons for future students. Education: Bachelor of Art Ball State University (Expected Graduation July 2011) Major: Elementary Education Concentration: Home, School, and Community GPA within major: 3.478/4.0 Relevant course work: Elementary Education: 100, 200, 231. Elementary Sciences: Biology, Physics, and Geography and English 204: cultured me into children’s books Work Experience: Izaak Walton League of American Camp Counselor (Every July 2005-Present) • Teach Leave No Trace to campers. It is to improve the environment and inform them what kind of impact humans have on the earth • Stay with campers 24/7; Stay in cabin with them to insure their safety • Maintain a safe learning environment where campers are partaking in many activities to improve themselves and their environment. Clerk at Bubbles Ice Cream and Pie Shoppe (March 2004-2008) • Clerk; entails cleaning, scooping ice cream, and customer service • Manager; looked over at least 3 employees, dealt with phone calls and made sure everything in the shop was running satisfactory • Inventory; counting how much ice cream, toppings, and pies that needed to be ordered and placing the phone call Clerk at Michigan City Municipal Golf Course • Ran the counter; took money for green fees and answered phone calls • Open/Close; unlock building and cleaning • Managed Carts; cleaning and putting them away Volunteer: College Mentors for Kids • Lesson Plans; created to teach latchkey children what college entails • Taught life skills • Mentor; I had a “Little Buddy” whom looked up to me and I was there to answer any questions she had. • Taught lessons on what subjects are offered in college level courses • Instilled college into elementary aged students; many of the children had no idea what college
  2. 2. was, this let them know that there is more to life out there. Skills: • Studied beginning and intermediate reading, writing, and speaking proficiency in German for four years in high school and four semesters in college Activities and Awards: • Performed as a member of the “Cardinal Pride” Basketball Band (Joined Fall 2008) • Perform as a member of the Ball State Symphony Band for two semesters (Joined Spring 2009) • IWLA Camp Counselor • Buddy in College Mentors For Kids References Rick Carlson, 317-205-5548 or 317-590-7122 Music instructor, known for 7 years Dave Lamb 219-879-6750 Michigan City, Fire Chief Tim Martin, 219-898-1384 Employer of Bubbles Ice Cream Shoppe