Global Ignatian Advocacy Network 2011


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This presentation is for Jesuit institutions who want to find out how to participate in and contribute to the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network of networks. The five thematic networks are: Ecology, Governance of Natural and Mineral Resources, Migration, Peace and Human Rights and Right to Education. It was produced by Patxi Alvarez SJ and uploaded by Uta Sievers (, whom you are welcome to contact for more information.

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Global Ignatian Advocacy Network 2011

  1. 1. Enablingcapacitiesproject (2011-12)<br />Global Ignatian advocacynetwork (GIAN) <br />
  2. 2. Wehave come a longway…<br /><ul><li>Social Apostolate Assistancy/Conference Coordinators’ meetings in Rome since 2003:
  3. 3. International collaboration among Social Centres was identified as an important need
  4. 4. Advocacy was establishedas a specific issue on which to collaborate</li></li></ul><li>Wehave come a longway…<br /><ul><li>GC 35 introduced the concept of advocacy (d.3, n.28):</li></ul>The complexity of the problems we face and the richness of the opportunities offered demand that we engage in building bridges between rich and poor and establishingadvocacylinksof mutual support between those who hold political power and those who find it difficult to voice their interests. Our intellectual apostolate provides an inestimable help in setting up these bridges, offering us new ways of understanding in depth the mechanisms and links among our present problems... <br /><ul><li>It also encouraged networking:</li></ul>We encourage the Society’s government, at all levels, to explore means by which more effective networking might take place between Ignatian and Jesuit apostolic works.<br />
  5. 5. Wehave come a longway…<br /><ul><li>Meeting in El Escorial, Spain(2008):
  6. 6. Broughttogetherpeoplefromallovertheworld
  7. 7. Advocacyand the wish </li></ul> for collaboration were <br />the common <br />denominators<br />
  8. 8. Wehave come a longway…<br />5 ThematicIssueswereselected<br />
  9. 9. Enablingcapacitiesproject (2011-12)<br />General Objective<br />Create and develop the capacities of the five networks (thematic groups) comprising Jesuit social centres around the world and, wherever possible, other Jesuit institutions (Universities, pastoral centres included in the networks) so that they can respond effectively to the call of GC 35 to engage in advocacy, that is, to build bridges between those who have voice and shape public policy and those who do not.<br />
  10. 10. Enablingcapacitiesproject (2011-12)<br />We work today<br />forthefutureto come…<br />Yearsto come<br />Active Advocacy Networks<br />EnablingCapacities Project<br />withclearobjectives<br />2012<br />
  11. 11. Stepstobetaken (2011 – 2012)<br />1. Preliminaryworkshop<br />2. General Workshop<br />Leaders<br />CoreGroups<br /><ul><li>Understandourwork
  12. 12. Get training
  13. 13. Decide on GW
  14. 14. FormCoreGroups
  15. 15. Get training
  16. 16. Decide mapping & planning</li></ul>3. Mapping & Planning<br />4. SpecificWorkshops<br />A group of members<br />LedbyCoreGroups<br /><ul><li>Whatisbeing done
  17. 17. Identifyallies
  18. 18. Finalise and agreeonthe planning of the networks
  19. 19. Draftnetwork’smission
  20. 20. Proposeactions</li></ul>Social Justice and EcologySecretariat<br />Secretariado de Justicia Social y Ecología<br />
  21. 21. General workshop (18 – 23 June 2011)<br />Meeting of theCoreGroups – Members<br />
  22. 22. coordinationwithconferences<br /><ul><li>Conferences are the way in which the Society of Jesus is organized today at the international level
  23. 23. Many issues will be addressed at the Conference (regional) level  the Coordinators will be necessarily involved
  24. 24. It is not necessary that all the Conferences have a Core Group member in all the Thematic networks
  25. 25. The Conference has to decide which of the thematic network(s) fits best with the priorities of the Conference and is asked to contribute especially to those ones.</li></li></ul><li>Global and Conferenceactivities<br />Global activities<br />(thinking, proposals, alliances)<br />Learning<br />Promoting<br />Conferenceactivities<br />(thinking, proposals, alliances)<br />Gainingownership<br />
  26. 26. Waysforinstitutionstoparticipate<br /><ul><li>Participating in themappingbyfilling in themapping (
  27. 27. Institutionsrespondingtothequestionnaire
  28. 28. Willreceiveinformationaboutthe 1) Mapping and 2) Plansof Action (afterMay2012)
  29. 29. Are encouragedtogivefeedbackabouttheplans of action
  30. 30. WillhelplinkingtheConferenceactivitiestoglobal advocacy
  31. 31. Maybeinvitedtoparticipated at theSpecificWorkshops</li>