Enabling the next generation airport at DXB


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Airport Exchange 2011 saw ACI Europe and Asia Pacific come together in the premier industry event at which expertise is shared, business relationships are formed and industry development is the principal goal.

See how Amor is enabling the real time airport at Dubai International through a comprehensive technology ecosystem.

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  • Hi Charles,

    We are upgrading the devices we use for bluetooth tracking to also detect wifi usage. POCs are in place at two European airports and we expect an operational solution in 2012.

    Best wishes,

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  • Interesting ideas, what technolgy will you be using to track Wifi signals (mentioned on slide 25)?
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  • This is a very nice presentation and a great product
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  • If we cannot react and manage, then there is little point in measuring.
  • Use examples of poor management where queues are not long but flowrates are poor.When we KNOW it is busy, we are often processing at high rates and managing well!
  • Use examples from the Oil and Gas Industry40,000 measurement points in a process plantA requirement to identify the underlying reason for plant failure
  • Enabling the next generation airport at DXB

    1. 1. Enabling the Real Time Airportat Dubai InternationalMazhar Butt, Head of Service Delivery, Dubai AirportsMartin Bowman, Sector Director, Amor Group © Amor Group 2010
    2. 2. Agenda• Introduction to DA and Amor• Real Time Airport vision• Business case for real time service monitoring• Real Time Management principles• Real Time Monitoring technology overview• DA Service Delivery Measurement project• Future Real Time Airport developments• Conclusion
    3. 3. Amor Group Overview Scotland’s Largest Independent Business Technology Company• Public Services, Transport and Energy• Global clients• 500 + employees• Locations UK (6), Houston TX and Dubai• World leading experts on technology solutions for real time airport monitoring
    4. 4. Our Customers
    5. 5. DA and Amor’s Shared Vision
    6. 6. Why Real Time Service Measurement?• Manual PAX survey process is inaccurate and open to human error• Poorly managed queues creating negative perception of airport• Lack of analytical information on PAX flow around the airport impacting tactical and strategic planning• Increased times in queues means less time available for airside retail spend• Failure to meet airline or regulatory SLAs on queue wait times e.g. short transfer time
    7. 7. Decreased wait time = increased revenue „‟every minute a passenger spends queuing can, on average, cost an airport approximately €0.70 in revenue‟‟
    8. 8. Real Time Service MANAGEMENT• Before we look at MEASUREMENT• We must consider MANAGEMENT
    9. 9. Real Time MANAGEMENT• We need to MEASURE what we can MANAGE – UNDERSTAND the business drivers at each location (pinchpoint) – IDENTIFY how to react to pinchpoints – CONSIDER inter-relationships between pinchpoints, KPIs and measurements
    10. 10. Requirements to Measure Service Delivery• To measure the service delivery we need technology solutions that can – Count People/Passengers – Cumulative Count People/Passengers – Track Passenger Journey – Measure Passenger Process Time – Measure Passenger Dwell Time – Count Vehicles – Track Vehicle Journey – Track Trolleys – Predict Passenger Demand• Combine different measurements to derive Service Delivery Measurements
    11. 11. Basic Measurements/KPIs Per Pinchpoint• Queue Time• Length of Queue (Number in Queue)• Process (Transaction) Time• Flowrate/Area Capacity Although not all Many KPIs are often broken measurements are as when queue length is low important as others! AND flowrate is poor Length of Queue is very Situations like this do not dependant on Flowrate always alert management
    12. 12. Service Delivery ALERTING• Simple KPI alarm thresholds insufficient• Alarm management must be able to – Monitor “Normal” operations – Detect “Failing” operations – Provide e-mail/SMS alerts – Provide additional “Decision Support” information • What demand to expect • Other terminal influences• Alarm Management must – Help identify the failure point – Not “Overload” managers with alerts
    13. 13. Real Time Monitoring Technologies• No single solution exists that can satisfy all airport requirements• Airports must consider a measurement ecosystem based on their own passenger dynamics• In many cases external systems can be very valuable
    14. 14. Current Technologies• Bluetooth mobile device tracking• Video analytics• Thermal image counting• Infra-red beam break• External systems
    15. 15. External Systems Examples• Car Park Management • Boarding Gate Systems• RFID Vehicle Tracking • Baggage Handling• Check-in Systems System• Trolley RFID • Building Management• Immigration Egates System• Iris Scan (arriving • AOS Systems passengers) • Met System• Archway Metal Detectors • X-Ray Machines
    16. 16. DA Service Delivery Overview © Amor Group 2010
    17. 17. DA Service Delivery Management overview 105 Different Pinchpoints 406 Individual KPIs
    18. 18. DA business drivers• Service Development – Establishing and monitor airport wide service levels – Drive an increase in ACI scoring• Strategy – Increased analytical data on passengers flows – Feed data into Terminal Simulation tools• Terminal Operations – Real time information on passenger process bottlenecks – Enhance tactical resource deployment
    19. 19. DA Solution Overview Service Service JCR/AOCC JCR/AOCC Development Development Master Planning and Performance Analysis Operations Operations Historical Reporting Terminal Operational Terminal Operational Visualisation and Dashboarding DA Strategy DA Strategy Management Management Airport Airport Operational Service Delivery Measurement Data Warehouse Operational Systems Forecasts External Third Party Third Party Mobile Mobile Sensor Measurement Management and Data Integration Layer Systems Stakeholders Stakeholders Users Users Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Adaptor Extended Users Extended Users(eg DA Web Site,(eg DA Web Site, Salik Web Site) Salik Web Site) External Systems External Systems (eg Resource Planning (eg Resource Planning and Management) and Management)
    20. 20. Real Time Service Feeds
    21. 21. PAX Process Overview Dashboard
    22. 22. Multiple Terminal View
    23. 23. T3 PAX Demand Forecast Drill Down Detail
    24. 24. Real Time Workforce via Mobile Devices
    25. 25. Future Real Time Monitoring Solutions• Ability to discretely track WIFI signals on smartphones – Embedded within Bluetooth measurement system – Proof of concept due to commence at two major European airports• Human Recognition Systems – Long distance Iris scanning – Conceptually sound – Technology in pilot phase at LGW – Adoption likely to increase in 2012
    26. 26. Conclusion• The Real Time Airport of tomorrow can be achieved today• A range of technology solutions exist today that can add immediate value to your airport operations• Dubai Airport is leading the world in its holistic approach to Real Time Monitoring• The Real Time Airport principles shall be extended as a key enabler in DA‟s growth strategy