Avinor - Simplifying the Norwegian Airport Network


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Flemming Holvold of Avinor explains how Amor Group's Chroma Suite helped simply the operations of the airport network across Norway.

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Avinor - Simplifying the Norwegian Airport Network

  1. 1. Simplifying the management oftheSimplifying the Management of Norwegian airport networkOVERSKRIFT Airport Network the NorwegianBulletpoint Flemming HølvoldBulletpoint PortfolioBulletpoint Manager Airport Terminal SystemsBulletpoint Avinor, NorwayBulletpoint
  2. 2. Avinor• The companys role in society is to own, operate and develop a national network of airports for the civilian sector and a joint air navigation service for the civilian and military sectors• 100 percent owned by the Ministry of Trade and Communications• The operating income of Avinor is approximately 9 billion Norwegian kroner (1,6 billion USD)• Capital of (balance sheet) approximately 26 billion Norwegian kroner (4,6 billion USD)
  3. 3. Avinor airports• 46 airports• Big variation in size• The largest is 3000 times larger than the smallest • From 1,5 million to 500 passengers per month• Widely spread all over the country
  4. 4. Avinor figures• 46 million passengers in 2012• 718 000 movements• Oslo International Airport (OSL) the major norwegian hub• 3 of the 5 most busy routes in Europe from OSL (in frequency) (eurostat) • Oslo – Bergen • Oslo – Stavanger • Oslo – Trondheim
  5. 5. Background ALTi project• Difficult to guarantee data quality to support increasing traffic• Expensive existing solution• Avinor owned source code• Multiple data sets• Difficult to establish new functionallity
  6. 6. ALTi project• Traditional public procurement process• The most important requirement was «multi-airport»• Very few vendors fulfilled that req• Amor Group did, and their Chroma solution will be used• 2013 is used for establishing the platform, detail design and integrations• First airport live within Q1 2014
  7. 7. ALTi solution effectsOne common solution for all airports,with information with:• High quality• At right time• In the right place• In the right format
  8. 8. Business Case• «System management» for 10 local airport systems vs fully centralized for the same 10 airports • 40 – 60 % reduction in infrastructure cost • 20-50 % reduction in maintenance cost • 30-40 % reduction in daily operations cost
  9. 9. Business Case• «Airport operations» for 10 local airport systems vs fully centralized for the same 10 airports • More precise information at the right time on the right place for all stakeholders • Access to critical operational applications • Improve planning • Optimise resources • Save cost
  10. 10. Multi-airport concept• «One single truth» for all 46 airports• «One single truth» for other vital processes using the information • Resource Management • Flight Information Display Systems • Billing • A-CDM • Statistics • Reporting • Internet & mobile
  11. 11. ALTi - RMSResource ManagementSystem• Fully fledged RMS to all airports that needs it through Chroma• Important contribution to more efficient use of critical resources in all airports• Enable centralized multi-airport RMS handling for several airports at the same time
  12. 12. ALTi - RMSResource ManagementSystem• Real time RMS for several airports will contribute to more efficient operations both air & landside• Automation of resource handling will simplify the operations for the airports
  13. 13. ALTi - FIDSFlight Information DisplaySystem• Offer fully fledged FIDS to all airports that needs it through Chroma• Important contribution to more efficient passenger flow at the airports• Enable centralized multi-airport FIDS handling for several airports at the same time• Enable full functionality for advertising and marketing
  14. 14. ALTi - ACDMAirport CollaborativeDecision Making• Establish “full” A-CDM for 3 most busy airports in Norway as a part of the ALTi- AODB and not as a separate system• Introduce A-CDM “concept” on all airports (terms & knowledge)• Introduce A-CDM “effects” on all airports (more accurate time estimates & greater predictability)• Easily expand with “full” A-CDM for more airports as needed within the same solution
  15. 15. ALTi - ACDMAirport CollaborativeDecision Making• Avinors “own” airport to airport A-CDM for all airports• Without the need for exchanging DPI & FUM with Eurocontrol for each• Huge business case potential for all stakeholders with introducing this for all airports