Create a Social Media Marketing Plan


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How to create a social media marketing plan for nonprofit organizations, steps and questions to consider when starting this process - Evonne Heyning @amoration presenting this for the 501 Nonprofit Tech Club at the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, June 2012

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Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING PLANStep by Step Solutions for Your NonprofitEvonne Heyning @AmorationInteractive Producer, TechSoup Global
  2. 2.
  3. 3. My current “job”: Interactive Producer @TechSoupHost of Nonprofits Live #NPlive, a live talk show with tech experts
  4. 4. Campaign or organizational plan?1: GOALS Mission & Purpose? What do you want to accomplish?Getting the Formula Measurable GoalsRightSocial MediaMarketing Call to Action RequestPlanning Organizational voice and brandStep One:CHART THE COURSE Authority Position?
  5. 5. Cause, campaignor organizational plan?
  6. 6. What do youwant toaccomplish?WHY?
  7. 7. Social Media Transmedia Marketing ElementsPlan: Video (short)Methods, Documentary Other film/TVOptions, Outle Streaming Mediats Events Games Geocaching Online Ads Live Storytelling Comics Entertainment EducationA sample of media Print Mediachannels and places Visual Advertisingto consider story and Websitescampaign integration New Channels Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ Groups and Lists Other Web Communities
  8. 8. 1 Get Timelines:Strategic on STRATEGYYour Goals PROGRAM TIMING DELEGATIONKnow your course,deadlines, and workout a plan step by INVOCATIONstep COMMUNITY CARE BEAUTIFUL CLOSING ANALYSIS & WRAPUP
  9. 9. Measurable GoalsConnected to SpecificCall to Action Request
  10. 10. Who do youwant to participate? How do they participate?
  12. 12. Why should we believe you?
  13. 13. Organizational voice and branding… What is yourAuthority Position?
  14. 14. The Right Formula = Your Secret Sauce
  15. 15. Over 75% of brand LIKES come from advertisements….Are you asking for an endorsement? What are deeper forms of engagement to offer to your followers?
  16. 16. DigitalStorytelling:ContentProduction &DistributionWhat is your story? Outreach:Who is telling it? Identify new Potential partners Across many mediaWith what voice? Outlets & Channels
  17. 17. SHARING remains a deeplypassionate activity for engaged audiences to continue conversations
  18. 18. Arts? Try something new?Try PhotoMashups!Theatre?UsingVideo?Music?TurntableSocialMusicSharing!Try labs& socialsites likeHitRECordPinterestQuora
  19. 19. Hashtags ########Research and findtags from manycommunities relatedto your fieldParticipate inconversations thathelp you engage newaudiences andstrengthen yourauthority positionsUse tags to organizeInformation and growdiverse conversations
  20. 20. Open APIs and Shareable Data? Application Programming Interfaces open Doors to data mashups of valuable information
  21. 21. THE PERSONAL TOUCHResource & Staff impactNumber of hours needed to succeed
  22. 22. Nonprofits relyon multitaskingteams working10 hours a weekor more onposting, listening, analysis andconversation onthe social webMostorganizationshave almost nobudget forsocial mediayet someleveragethousands insupport
  23. 23. Timing and Investment NeededBlogs: 1-4 hours per postTwitter: 5-30 minutes a dayFacebook: 5-30 minutes a dayLinkedIn: 15-30 minutes, weeklyListservs: 30 minutes weeklyOther Groups: 30 minutes weeklyPhoto Uploads: 15 minutes weeklyVideos: 2-4 hours a weekCuration: 1 hour a weekTotal Average Social Media Time:90 minutes per day11 hours per week
  24. 24. Choosewhere tospend timePlan forFacebookEmailFacebook Ads orAwareness Campaignwith Request & Call toAction linked to yoursiteVideo or photostorytelling from yourmobile phone
  25. 25. Timelines: STRATEGYLook for a time arc PROGRAM TIMINGthat matches yourproject/org goals DELEGATIONMake sure alldeadlines match INVOKE KICKOFFtimelines set byfunders and partners COMMUNITY CAREFollow up quickly andtrack data throughout BEAUTIFUL CLOSINGyour campaignprogress ANALYSIS & WRAPUP
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. Social Media Marketing withLos Angeles Tech ClubHosted by Evonne Heyning @amorationFor more on how to track, share, collect and curate yourstories for the web visit and requestsoftware for your 501(c)3 nonprofit organization