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Drive Innomavement is a campaign developed by Capitol Advertising of the George Washington University for Nissan as a part of the National Student Advertising Competition.

Task: Raise Awareness. Build Lasting Favorability. Increase Market Share.

Target Market: Multicultural Millennials - African American, Chinese American, & Hispanic American Millennials.

Budget: $100 million

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Drive Innomazement - Campaign Plansbook

  1. 1. TableofContents ExecutiveSummary 01 | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Innovation + Amazement = Innomazement 03 | CHALLENGES 04 | RESEARCH DESIGN Capitol Advertising’s “Drive Innomazement“ reaches Multicultural Millennials 05 SWOT (MCMs) with a unique, targeted, and quirky campaign. It breaks through the advertising clutter to gain awareness, favorability and ultimately market 06 | BRAND PERCEPTION share for Nissan. Our research shows that once MCMs learn about Nissan’s 07 | THE COMPETITORS innovations, they consider buying a Nissan because they think the brand is 08 | TARGET MARKET amazingly innovative and thus simplifies their lives. 10 | KEY INSIGHTS 1 1 | THE BIG IDEA Nissan’s current advertising does not command attention because MCMs 12 Creative Testing do not see Nissan’s advertising tactics as innovative. Capitol Advertising’s 13 Objectives solution is to generate a fully integrated campaign that reaches MCMs with 14 Media Objectives striking visuals of target market members. These copies are bold and convey 15 Media Strategy Nissan’s innovations. Drive Innomazement will create brand awareness 16 Campaign Roll Out and lasting favorability. Ultimatley, MCMs will know that Nissan offers the 1 7 | AMAZEMENT most amazing innovations in its class because they understand MCMs and 18 Traditional Media innovate with them in mind. 19 Story Board Our Drive Innomazement campaign is strategically unconventional. Through 20 Website bold and innovative executions, we will command the attention of MCMs 22 | ENGAGEMENT so they are forced to notice Nissan and their amazing innovations. Vivid 23 Non-traditional emotion, bold colors, and a quirky tone captivate MCMs and distinguish 24 Social Media Nissan from its competition. 26 Mobile App 27 Dealership Experience Once MCMs become aware of Nissan and their amazing innovations, they 28 Partnerships and Sponsorships will be engaged through digital, mobile, and other non-traditional media. 29 | BUDGET They will learn more about Nissan’s innovations through engagement tactics 30 | ACCOUNTABILITY such as putting together their own virtual car on the website, encountering 3 1 | WHY CAPITOL ADVERTISING Nissan at unique installations, and learning how affordable and amazing 32 | APPENDIX AND SOURCES Nissan is. Lastly, Drive Innomazement improves the dealership experience in a way that meets the desires of MCMs and eventually leads to increasing market share. So sit back, buckle up, and prepare to be left Innomazment. 01 Drive Innomazement
  2. 2. Capitol Advertising 02
  3. 3. TheChallenge Capitol Advertising has been challenged to help Nissan increase its total MCM market share. Nissan ranks third in the total multicultural market, and their current position reflects low brand awareness and weak perception of Nissan as an innovative brand. As a result, brand favorability and intent to purchase amongst MCMs remains stagnant. INCREASE CONVEY CREATE GAIN brand awareness innovation lasting favorability market share MCMs have low unaided MCMs lack knowledge Brand favorability is Most MCMs do notrecall of the Nissan brand of Nissan’s innovations low because MCMs do place Nissan withinand their advertisements not distinguish Nissan their consideration set from its competitors 03 Drive Innomazement
  4. 4. ResearchDesign Capitol Advertising used traditional and proprietary research techniques to understand MCMs, their motivations, and what makes them want to own a car. We spoke to MCMs who were at various stages of the car purchasing process and discovered what features are most relevant to them. We also questioned what online and dealership changes would make them more likely to consider, interact with, and ultimately purchase a Nissan. Secondary Social In-Depth Nationwide Focus Observations Creative Research Hours Media Fans Interviews Survey Groups The Nissan League Testing 28,000 163 93 1,617 10 15 153Capitol Advertising 04
  5. 5. SWOTAnalysis S ES S ES T H A KN G One of the top five Japanese car E EN brands in the U.S. W Low brand recognition TR Most innovation per dollar spent on cars S Innovative features provide tangible benefits to MCMs Lack of consumer knowledge about Nissan Current advertising campaigns do not captivate High level of customer satisfaction MCMs CEO Carlos Ghosn’s leadership Lack of association with innovation ES TS Multiple tag lines create confusion I TI R EA N U TH RT Increase in sales across the industry Increase in car sharing P PO Nissan’s unknown innovations amaze MCMs Decrease in motivation to own a carO MCMs are growing in number and in buying power MCMs’ frequency of exposure to advertisments creates selective attention High brand affinity among current Nissan owners Hyundai’s aggressive efforts to target MCMs MCMs crave cutting edge technology Increase in the cost of gas MCMs are a force in defining trends Delay of car purchases Social media reduces need to travel 05 Drive Innomazement
  6. 6. BrandPerception MCMs have limited awareness of the Nissan brand and its amazing innovations. Although they view the brand as ordinary, when introduced to Nissan’s superior innovations, MCMs are amazed. “That’s a Nissan? I just saw that in a Mercedes!” Danielle R., 22 Hispanic American “I’m so jealous of the Bose system in my friend’s Altima. Did you know it has nine different speakers? Incredible.” Erin L., 26 African American “It blows my mind that the GTR is faster than a Porsche.” Alicia C., 21 Chinese American PositioningStatement Nissan is the only automotive brand in its class that offers amazing innovations that enhance the lives of Multicultural Millennials.Capitol Advertising 06
  7. 7. TheCompetitors Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, and Nissan account for 75% of the total MCM automotive market share. Hispanic Americans are currently buying the most non-luxury vehicles, followed by African Americans, and subsequently Chinese Americans. Toyota and Honda are Nissan’s strongest competitors because of their reputation among MCMs. Additionally, Hyundai poses an increasing threat by positioning themselves as an affordable luxury brand for MCMs. Toyota Perception: Reliable Recent Campaign: Moving Forward Why It Works: The campaign highlights consumers’ current beliefs, propelling them into the future. Honda Perception: Best Value Recent Campaign: Leap List Why It Works: The campaign shows how con- sumers are idealistic and excited to explore theNissan unknown, appealing to their adventurous side. Ford Perception: Tough Chevy Recent Campaign: Go Further Perception: American Why It Works:  The campaign demonstrates how Recent Campaign: Chevy Runs Deep Ford as a company has transitioned over time and Why It Works: The campaign highlights the brand’s perfor- doesn’t take “no” for an answer, just like our MCMs. mance history and gives the brand a more youthful image. 07 Drive Innomazement
  8. 8. TargetMarket MCMs have different cultural backgrounds but similar fast-paced lifestyles. They work hard and have strong aspirations for respect and recognition. They want their cars to reflect their success, enhance and simplify their lives, and reflect their personal style. Our data shows that Hispanic Americans are our primary market, African Americans are our secondary market, and Chinese Americans are our tertiary market. HispanicAmericans 16.3% population growth by 2015 72.8% never been married 36.1% work full-time 58.1% are female buyers AfricanAmericans 7% population growth by 2015 75% never been married 70.8% work full-time 68.4% are female buyers ChineseAmericans 4% population growth by 2015 66.9% never been married 47.5% work full-time 62.5% are male buyersCapitol Advertising 08
  9. 9. CharacteristicsofMCMs Passionate about music and art Favorable to brands that relate to their values Egocentric Attracted to humorous ads but base purchasing decisions on reliability, quality and reputation 09 Drive Innomazement
  10. 10. KeyInsights Our research revealed the following insights: For a brand to be perceived as innovative, the MCMs want to stand out and pave their own paths. advertising and purchasing experience must be They look for unique brands that offer surprises. just as innovative. Nissan and MCMs embrace a culture of innovation Innovations change how MCMs perceive themselves and are not afraid to take risks. and the world around them. For MCMs, ethnicity is not the single determinant Technology is what MCMs know they want; of culture; it’s about shared values. innovation is what they unknowingly crave. MainInsight Since MCMs lead busy lives and are constantly bombarded by advertisements, they have selective attention toward advertising. Advertisements that have conventional tones will not capture their attention. Therefore, Capitol Advertising introduces...Capitol Advertising 10
  11. 11. BigIdeaWhat HowOur Drive Innomazement campaign, much like Nissan and Multicul- Our creative execution is bold and nontraditional. Thetural Millennials themselves, is strategically unconventional. In order primary focus of our advertisements is not the carsto increase awareness, build lasting favorability, and increase Multicul- themselves, but instead, we capture the spirit of in-tural market share, Drive Innomazement addresses the root of Nissan’s novation and amaze MCMs through quirkiness, vividproblem: its failure to command MCMs’ attention. Drive Innomazement emotions, bold colors, and a playful tone. Our de-eliminates the disconnect that exists between Nissan and MCMs by parture from conventional car advertisements servesbreaking through the advertising clutter in order to connect with MCM mainly to catch the MCM consumer’s eye, but repeatedconsumers and compel them to engage with the brand. exposure throughout the year will also communicate Nissan’s innovation to MCMs. Drive InnomazementDrive creates an advantage for Nissan over its competitors because it applies our understanding of how to best command the target’s attention, and as a result, weInnomazement expose opportunities to communicate with this hard- to-reach group. A combination of familiar faces, culturally relevant references, witty messages and amazing innovations will intrigue MCMs and compel them to engage fur-Why ther with the brand. Each Drive Innomazement ad- vertisement contains a “You’re welcome” directive thatMulticultural Millennials have difficulty distinguishing Nissan from its draws consumers’ attention to the featured vehiclecompetitors, but when Nissan’s innovations are made clear to them, and compels them to visit Nissan’s web site, Facebook,MCMs are genuinely amazed, differentiating Nissan in their minds. Dis- and Twitter. There, they will have the opportunity tocovering Nissan’s amazing innovations excites MCMs. This revelation create a virtual car, join a discussion, discover Nissan’simmediately increases their favorability toward the brand, and they feel affordable innovations, and they will be invited to testcompelled to learn more about Nissan. drive a vehicle.Multicultural Millennials’ busy, fast-paced lives and constant exposure to Drive Innomazement’s advertisements draw MCMs in,advertisements leave them selectively attentive to targeted messages. spark greater interest in the brand, and direct them toUnless an advertisement is distinctive enough to command their atten- engagement executions, where they learn about andtion, MCMs will disregard it. interact with the Nissan vehicles. 11 Drive Innomazement
  12. 12. CreativeTesting Drive Innomazement resonates with MCMs because they can relate to the experiences, people, and innovations featured in the ads. MCMs feel they can directly benefit from these innovations because they enhance and simplify their lives. Capitol Advertising conducted 153 interviews. Our findings showed that MCMs:  Like humorous and clever advertisements... So, we’ve created ads intended to make people laugh “I think Innomazement is clever and the ad is very funny ” -Alana M., Hispanic American, 24 Like to know about practical innovations... So, we highlighted the benefits Nissan’s innovations offered them “I can definitley see myself using that feature.” - Ian W., African American, 23 Like advertisements that acknowledge heritage... So, we designed in-language ads. “I can relate to these ads because, they appeal to the person I want to be.” -Christian L., Chinese American, 26Capitol Advertising 12
  13. 13. TheObjectivesCommunicationObjectives By the end of the campaign we want:MarketingObjectives By the end of the campaign we want to increase: 13 Drive Innomazement
  14. 14. MediaObjectives Capitol Advertising amazes and engages MCMs through high reach and frequency. Media and creative work together in two phases: Amazement MediaObjectives The amazement phase generates brand awareness To reach 95% of Hispanic Americans 1,425 times / year and acquaints MCMs with Nissan’s innovations and To reach 93% of African Americans 1,499 times / year Innomazement. Principle media includes tradition- To reach 90% of Chinese Americans 1,588 times / year al, digital, social, non-traditional and guerilla tech- niques. Amaze them with high reach and frequency through all media to get them to know Nissan and love them through all media. Engagement The engagement phase draws the consumer through the purchase funnel. They begin to create their own virtual cars, visit alternative dealerships, and engage more online. Ultimately, they visit the dealership and engage in new dealership activities we’ve developed. Engage them so they begin to interact with Nis- san and eventually consider it and buy. Here they also learn more about individual car makes such as Rogue, Leaf etc. We emphasize reach to show that Nissan is an in- novative brand. Frequency ensures that the Drive Innomazement message is top of mind. Continuity will increase MCM market share.Capitol Advertising 14
  15. 15. MediaStrategy Media vehicles are chosen to specifically attract the three target markets. Television OutofHomeAds Magazines We launch our campaign on national and cable We use 30 billboards and 50 shuttle advertise- We use print and digital publications to reach networks most frequently watched by MCMs. ments in metropolitan areas with high concen- out market through their unique interests and trations of MCMs. language. Digital&InteractiveBannerAds Non-traditional&Guerilla The site already has over 10,000 more We chose unique approaches to reach MCMs Facebook&Twitter MCM visitors than Toyota and Honda. In order to in their local communities and encourage We target 95% of MCM Facebook usersleverage this advantage we redesign the site to convey the theme of amazing innovations. by consolidating the Facebook page intoinnovation as the #1 takeaway. High banner ad repeti- one easy to navigate page with interac- tion placed on other MCM specific sites that interac- tive tabs. We use Twitter (@NissanNews) to increase brand awareness with person- tively follow MCM’s field of vision forces Nissan to be top-of-mind. Pandora&Digital alized hashtags (#Innomazement) and sponsored celebrity tweets. A customer We create a Nissan branded channel to com- Mobile municate that Nissan understands the interests service handle (@NissanUSACustomerSer- vice) makes it easier to address consumer We use our mobile app as a pull strategy to entice of MCMs. YouTube viewers can watch exclu- inquiries in a convenient way. MCMs to willingly engage with Nissan. sive video content to increase brand familiarity. 15 Drive Innomazement
  16. 16. CampaignRollout The Innomazement campaign will launch in Atlanta, GA, the location for the 2013 NCAA Final Four Tour- nament. After this event, the campaign will disperse to strategic DMAs with the highest concentration of MCMs. These states include: New York, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Nevada, California, Illinois, and Michigan. The guerilla marketing and live events begin in the summer 2013. This will build hype for the release of new 2014 models during the holiday season, when sales volume is the highest. Population Density ILLINOIS WASHINGTON Hispanic American: 2 Hispanic American: .75 African American: 1.8 Chinese American: .08 Chinese American: .09 MICHIGAN NEW YORK African American: 1.4 Hispanic American: 3.4 African American: 3 Chinese American: .53 PENNSYLVANIA African American: 1.3 NEW JERSEY Hispanic American: 1.6 African American: 1.2 Chinese American: .12             WASHINGTON, DC Hispanic American: .305 Chinese American: .11     NORTH CAROLINA African American: 2 CALIFORNIA Hispanic American: 14 SOUTH CAROLINA Chinese American: 1.1 African American: 1.2 NEVADA Hispanic American: .72 GEORGIA African American: 2.9 TEXAS Hispanic American: 9.5 African American: 2.9 FLORIDA Chinese American: .14 Hispanic American: 4.2 African Amercian: 2.9 Numbers in Millions Chinese Amercian: .06Capitol Advertising 16
  17. 17. AmazementPhaseCreative testing showed that MCMs respond strongly to the people in the ads. The ads communicate that Nissan isa company that views MCMs as more than just car buyers. It makes the brand accessible and conveys authenticity. Why it works 17 Drive Innomazement
  18. 18. TraditionalMedia Why it works This set of print ads acts as a link between the amazement and engagement phases. Our research showed that each group enjoyed seeing people from their ethnicity in ads as long as it was not done in a “token” fashion. MCMs also appreciate inviting faces of any ethnicity and are still able to relate to other MCMs.Capitol Advertising 18
  19. 19. SpellingBeeShot 1: “The word is...Innomazement.” Shot 2: The spotlight beams onto the Shot 3: After the boy successfully spells Shot 4: The tagline with the Nissan logo young boy. He looks nervous as he gulps the word, the scene cuts to him being appears on the screen. in fear. He asks, “Can I have the definition photographed as the winner with his oth- please?” After the definition is given, he er ribbons. Voiceover: Drive innomazement. asks for it to be used in a sentence. The Nissan. Innovation for today. Innovation judge says, “Don’t just drive. Drive in- Voiceover: At Nissan, we live innomaze- for tomorrow. Innovation for all. nomazement.” ment.TheValetShot 1: A beautiful woman approaches Shot 2: “Hey, remember me?” says the Shot 3: They exit the Versa. He adjusts his Shot 4: The tagline with the Nissan logothe valet after exiting her Nissan Versa, valet. “We met a couple times at Sofia’s uniform and has lipstick kisses all over his appears on the screen.and tosses him the keys. place.” “Oh yeah, I remember...” she re- face. plies. They flirt and end up in the back Then he snaps out of his daydream, and Voiceover: Drive innomazement. seat of the Nissan Versa. standing there he stares at the car. He Nissan. Innovation for today. Innovation says “wow, great leg room.” for tomorrow. Innovation for all. MCMs are frequent viewers of media on the internet as well as on television. Having these quirky ads that showcase the Why it works car features, develops a personality for the brand and creates a relatable image for MCMs. 19 Drive Innomazement
  20. 20. TheWebsite The current Nissan website lacks innovative technology, personality, and a focus on innovation, all of which MCMs desire. The following are our findings and suggestions: AmazingTechology FocusonInnovation “When I see a company use innovative technology on their “ You say your main focus is innovation, yet I don’t see it website, it makes me think they are on the cutting edge.” anywhere on your site.” -Matt G., 22 African American -Nicole N., 25 Hispanic American Insight: The technology of the website should match the Insight: Nissan’s innovations are hidden away on the site innovation the company wants to convey. instead of being shown up front. Solution: An innovative technology called “Moving Im- Solution: Nissan’s website is so busy that MCMs do not age Technology” will be used to animate characters and know where to focus their attention. The new website backgrounds. will be simple to navigate so users can find exactly what they are looking for. RealPeople “I don’t feel this site relates to me as an individual, which makes me think the company doesn’t know me.” -Suzie K., 26 African American Insight: The site is not user friendly, and real authentic consumers need to be displayed. Solution: Real people will be displayed on the web page. When the user clicks on the yellow lightbulb, a virtual tour will pop up on the screen.Capitol Advertising 20
  21. 21. AmazingColorGuerilla The website is the home for the projection mapping initiative. It shows the car as piece of art and ask consumers to custom- ize the car of their choice.AmazingConnectionsSocialMedia The “Your Innomazement” tab is a digital portal for a customiz- able experience. A Nissan score is calculated from interactions with Nissan’s social media. The page provides MCMs with a State Farm payment calculator to simplify the car buying pro- cess. AmazingExperiencesDealership Innovation stations are shown on the website. When the con- sumer hovers their cursor over the innovation, an explanation is displayed. They are then prompted to give their zip code to find an innovation station near them.MCMs relate to brands that are unique like themselves. The website reflects MCMs’ need to have the latest technol- Why it works ogy, personalization and social media integration. 21 Drive Innomazement
  22. 22. EngagementPhase TestYourDrive Test Your Drive gives extended test drives to MCMs who are influential on social media via Klout scores. MCMs will be giv- en a Nissan for one week under the consideration that they talk about their Innomazement experiences on social media platforms. GenerationInnovationTour The Generation Innovation Tour gives MCMs the opportunity to interact with innovative leaders of their generation through InnomazementConcertTour TEDx talks. CEO Carlos Ghosn will launch the Generation In- The Innomazement Tour, a free concert series, is a Nissan novation Tour by being the lead speaker. The tour visits 10 sponsored concert series that will travel through major DMAs. major DMAs and highlights how leaders take unpredictable Prior to the event, clues will be disclosed through Nissan’s approaches in their careers and provides a forum for MCMs to social media pages that, when pieced together, hint followers network. to the concert location.Capitol Advertising 22
  23. 23. NontraditionalMediaMoviesInnomazement AMC movie theatres will feature Nissan seats allowing movie attendants to experience the comfort of Nissan. There will be advertisements, cups, and popcorn bags with QR Codes promoting Nissan. These will be placed in AMC theatres with high concentrations of MCMs.ProjectionMapping Projection mapping is an innovative technique that uses software to turn any surface into a video screen. White Nis- san models will be placed in strategic areas with high MCM population density. At night, light will be projected onto the white cars to create beautiful, artistic images and videos to upload to YouTube and social media outlets. Users can de- VirtualInstallationsTour sign projections on the website. The Nissan “Virtual Installations” tour is a blend of a travelling show and dealership. This nationwide tour will display Nis- san’s 2014 models and concept cars. There will be a virtual reality driving station. Attendees can experience the thrill of test driving one of Nissan’s 2014 mod- els before they are released to the general public. The virtual reality simulators will allow selection of courses which will allow MCMs to experience driving Innomazement. These marketing tactics appeal to MCMs because they are spontaneous, authentic, and eye-catching. Each focuses on increasing Nissan’s favorability and image as well as engaging consumers with the car, and moving Why it works them through the purchasing funnel. 23 Drive Innomazement
  24. 24. SocialMedia ConsumerAutomotiveResearchFacebook Page Social media is an integral component of MCMs’ lives, and this led us to create the CAR Facebook page. Questions and contests assess how MCMs interact on social media. Our media strategy is led by the following insights: 71% of MCMs use social media daily 42.2% of vehicle purchasers are influenced by social media Pandora PerspectivesBlog YouTube Nissan’s Pandora radio station is This blog highlights CEO Carlos The YouTube page will display vid- created to highlight the personality Ghosn. Here, his experiences with eos from the Generation Innova- of the brand. It also features artists Nissan and its innovations will be tion Tours, projection mapping, that are part of the Innomazement shared. and other aspects of our non-tra- Concert Series. MCMs can also cre- ditional media to educate people ate their own station, which can be about Nissan. accessed anywhere including the dealership.Capitol Advertising 24
  25. 25. Twitter Facebook “I recently tweeted to Nissan and I got a generic response “The current Facebook page is disorganized. I can’t find back two days later” what I’m looking for.” -Reese B., 23 African American -Simon L., 21 Chinese American Insight: Tweets need an authentic response Insight:Tabs are necessary for organizing information within two hours. Instagram Allows Nissan and the public to interact through pictures. Nissan posts images from behind the scenes of design and concept car sneak peeks. The public can post pictures about their Innomaze- ment moments with Nissan. MCMs interact with Nissan on an authentic level. Social media websites promote dealership events as well as educate MCMs on the dealership environment. MCMs become comfortable with the dealership environment which ultimately Why it works leads to an increase in visitation. 25 Drive Innomazement
  26. 26. MobileApps NissanMobileApp InnovationStationMobileApp LaunchStrategy This application creates brand engagement regardless of con- Innomazement mobile applications, Nissan Mobile and In- sumers’ place in the purchase funnel. It allows them to experi- nomazement Station, run simultaneously with the social ence Innomazement even before they get into a Nissan vehicle. media campaign. Promotions for both applications will be featured on Nissan’s revamped Facebook page. Incentives This application features: such as free media downloads are implemented to drive application downloads, linking them to artists in the In- 1.“Racing Innomazement” nomazement concert series and speakers on the Genera- A game that simulates driving tion Innovation Tour. in Nissan core models and the GTR. It has various levels to keep users playing and expose them MobileAppEnhancements to Nissan’s innovations. The revitalized Nissan Mobile app has a car blog aggregator, 2. “Amaze My Space” allowing users to search and compare cars across various A locator assist that helps cur- car blogs. Additional features include a dealership locator, rent car owners find where they test-drive scheduling, live chat with dealership and a main- parked their car. tenance appointment system. These features are meant to simplify the most difficult part of the purchase funnel for 3. “Innovate Rush Hour” MCMs. Finally, the application Nissan Recognition system A constantly updating system prompts users to take a picture of a Nissan model on the that tracks traffic records and street and compiles information from the Nissan website warning drivers of hazards on and car blogs such as gas mileage, features, and user re- their route. views.Why it works We provide MCMs with useful applications to enhance the driving experience. By having mobile applications, MCMs will be able to have continuous interactions with the Nissan brand.Capitol Advertising 26
  27. 27. DealershipExperienceNissanLeagueObservations To better understand how MCMs perceive the dealership experience, we observed their behavior and interactions in a dealership environment. We conducted 15 observations in five states that revealed the following insights for improving the dealership experience: Worry about being able to afford the purchase Fear they’ll go to the dealership and concerned about being duped and won’t be noticed Question the intentions and Feel out of their digital element where they honesty of the car salesperson usually have access to unlimited informationInnovationStationTechnology CRMIntegration Dealerships will feature an innovation CRM software and customer lifecycle room, with iPads for potential buyers processes such as Siebel and Oracle will to have a self guided tour of the Nis- track customer preferences and interac- san dealership without a salesperson. tions at customer touch-points. Dealer- Our research has shown that MCMs are ship salesmen will undergo customer intimidated by the dealership environ- service training to improve customer- ment and this will therefore create a centricity. more positive experience.StateFarm MillionMileProject State Farm kiosks will be added to the For every mile during a test drive, Nis- dealerships to assist MCMs in under- san will donate $1.00 towards an edu- standing the financial process of pur- cational scholarship for MCMs until chasing a car. The service will help Ni- $1,000,000 is raised. ssan build trust and credibility among MCMs. The dealership experience is one of the most crucial aspects of engagement. By adding fundamental changes to the dealership, we are able to communicate that Nissan truly cares about their consumers during the entire buying process. Why it works Ultimately, MCMs will view Nissan as the most innovative car brand. 27 Drive Innomazement
  28. 28. PartnershipsSponsorships Nissan will foster an alliance through the following partnerships and sponsorships during the Innomazement campaign. These relationships will build brand awareness and create favorability by focusing on factors most important to MCMs. We plan on promoting these partnerships and sponsorships online through various social media platforms during the one-year campaign to create buzz and PR attention. Partnerships What They Do? Objective Benefit To Strategy Why it Works Partner Insurance Provider with To obtain representatives Show MCMs that Nissan This will help Nissan State Farm will obtain in- highest Hispanic market to be placed at Nissan is willing to guide them build trust and credibility creased awareness in the share dealerships through daunting finan- among MCMs multicultural market cial decisions 2nd largest theater group in To obtain a venue for Associate Nissan with fun Consumers are 157% AMC will receive PR United States Nissan’s movie theater and relaxing experiences, more likely to see adver- through this unexpected promotion since it captures MCMs at- tisements at the movies campaign tention and makes them than on TV think favorably about the brand Non-profit organization To obtain speakers for Align Nissan with innova- TED is known for a global TED will obtain access committed to “ideas worth Generation Innovation tive speakers and think- culture of innovation, just to the MCMs, a segment spreading” tour ers, boosting Nissan’s like Nissan that TED currently does core message not widely targetSponsorships An event for Latino trend- Concert features African A This will directly engage An Asian American television setters and innovators merican artists and enter- our primary market in- network that appeals to millen- that helps launch creative tainers that span a wide volved with in-language nials. It combines music and endeavors. range of interests for our media. entertainment to celebrate secondary market. Asian American cultural heritage. Nissan will sponsor the This expresses Nissan’s un- “Latinovator Award” This expresses Nissan’s un- derstanding of the market- This demonstrates Nissan’s because it aligns with derstanding of the impor- -the importance of music. global knowledge to a domestic Nissan’s core belief of tance of music. market. constant innovation.Capitol Advertising 28
  29. 29. Budget&Media The chart below explains our budget allocations for our year long campaign. We have accounted for all forms of media tac- tics including traditional, non-traditional, digital, social and guerilla marketing. This chart shows the exact allocation of money and insures that we will not go over budget. Media Flow Chart Media April (13) May June July August September October November December January (14) February March Campaign Pricing Total Gross Impressions Gross Impressions/$1 Spent 31 7 14 21 28 5 12 19 26 2 9 16 23 30 7 14 21 28 4 11 18 25 1 8 15 22 29 6 13 20 27 3 10 17 24 1 8 15 22 29 5 12 19 26 2 9 16 23 2 9 16 23 30 NEWSPAPER Print $3,332,007 Online MAGAZINE PrintTraditional Media $7,268,280 Online TELEVISION Network Television $21,500,000 30,528,683,142 305.28 Cable Television $13,360,000 March Maddness Advertisement $3,600,000 RADIO Online Streaming (Pandora) $10,400 OUT-OF-HOME ` Shuttle Wrap $200,000 Billboard $600,000 TOTAL TRADITIONAL MEDIA $46,538,680 SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter $4,500,000 Online Banner Ads $10,750,000Digital/Social Media Redesign: Facebook Page $0 Instagram $0 Interlude $500,000 15,239,538,839 152.37 DIGITAL YouTube Page $250,000 Redesign: $0 Redesign: Nissan Mobile App $0 "Innomazement Station" Mobile App" $150,000 TOTAL DIGITAL/SOCIAL MEDIA $16,150,000 Innomazement at the Movies $1,750,000Nontraditional "Generation Innovation" Tour $5,000,000 387,535,000 34.96 Virtual Installation Tour $5,000,000 TOTAL NONTRADITIONAL MEDIA $11,750,000Guerilla Marketing Innomazement Concert Series $6,000,000 Projecting Mapping 460,226,000 4.6 $300,000 Test Your Drive $3,600,000 TOTAL GUERILLA MARKETING $9,900,000Dealership Environment 1,000,000 Mile Project $1,000,000 62,140,000 1.58 Nissan Dealership Technology $1,400,000 CRM Integration $750,000 TOTAL DEALERSHIP $3,150,000 ENVIRONMENT $6,458,820 SPONSORSHIPS OTHER: CONTINGENCY $6,052,500 TOTAL BUDGET $100,000,000 46,678,122,981 498.79 29 Drive Innomazement
  30. 30. Accountability&Metrics INCREASE CONVEY CREATE GAIN brand awareness innovation lasting favorability market share Replicate baseline survey at regular intervals to assure that awareness and favorability are being achieved. Monitor website and social media activities by web traffic and Lithium social media monitoring. Measure attendance at Nissan live events. Measure number of people who visit dealership and test drive Nissan’sCapitol Advertising 30
  31. 31. Why CapitolAdvertisingWe are not your average, run-of–the- mill team. We are a select group of individuals from distinctly different back-grounds who have come together to bring this campaign to life. More importantly we not only understand thetarget market, we are the target market.Our campaign works because Innomazement captures the essence of Nissan and MCMs. Capitol Advertisingrecognizes that marketing must be authentic and innovative to capture the attention of MCMs. Through Innoma-zement, we will amaze them through brand awareness and engage them through the use of unique, quirky ad-vertisements that directly relate to MCMs’ ever-changing lives.Innomazement is bold and different just like us. By exposing all the amazing innovations Nissan offers we makeNissan relevant to the lives of MCMs. Give us the opportunity, we are confident you will be Innomazement. OurTeam Jenna Brettschneider Nora Kelleher Alix Montes Meshach Cisero Katherine Lenihan Frederick Peavy Sebastian Flores Nicholas Mejia Heidi Penna Vandana Iyer Caitlin Mermelstein Phil Reynolds Soni Jaiswal Amanda Mizrahi Brittni Salvati Maxime Jallifier Bianca Mombrun Alison Tager Faculty Advisor Special Thanks Project Director Lynda Maddox Darshan Mehta Raycha Jagroep 31 Drive Innomazement