Aadeis Website Developement Stages, Needs And Recommendations


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Aadeis Website Developement Stages, Needs And Recommendations

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Aadeis Website Developement Stages, Needs And Recommendations

  1. 1. Amol Dhir amoldhir@gmail.com
  2. 2. Contents • Stages of website development • Gathering relevant data for the website • Required regular maintenance and monitoring • Domain name details & recommendations • Third Party Host or Self Hosted website – Comparison & recommendations • Recommended Host – Benefits & Advantages from web developer’s point of view • Forum, User Participation & Networking Features – What DRUPAL provides & benefits • SEO – Advantages to DEI & AADEIs • Annexure
  3. 3. Stages of Website Development Preliminary Stage: Initial stage of getting the informatory website ready and hosting it. This stage is to include basic information about the organization, the officials, its aim and the contacts. Stage Two: •Enabling AADEIs officials to communicate with the members as and when needed by allowing them to post news articles and special announcements on the website and with periodic newsletters to those interested who subscribe on the website. •Updates of IT Centers running at Agra, Delhi & Bangalore.Updates of course schedule at IT Centers. Stage Three: •Providing alumni membership to the forum and enabling them to share thoughts, resources etc. Detailed report on uses of putting a forum on website is given. •Sharing of study materials among IT center students. •If approved, enabling social networking (controlled) features among members. •Job placement notices by member and non-member companies whi wish to place DEI alumnus
  4. 4. Gathering Data • Through the micro-site already hosted on DEI.ac.in o Information structured and attached as Annex. A • Through other sources; o Official documents, as may be provided by AADEIs officials. o Through conversation with AADEIs/APEC officials. o Studying other alumni websites and adopting useful things from them. o It is proposed that a form may be prepared to be filled by concerned persons (website dev. Committee, AADEIs / APEC governing body etc.) to know their expectations about the website. Required regular maintenance & monitoring • Taking backups (of static contents & forum threads) and storing the same. • Monitoring and administering the forums. • Posting news updates and announcements to the website (by the AADEIs officials or by the website committee as directed by the officials) • Responding to the queries and escalating them to the officials. • Monitoring the host uptime.
  5. 5. Domain Names • AADEIs.org (to host the website at DreamHost) • Other TLDs pointing to AADEIs.org; AADEIs.com AADEIs.net AADEIs.co.in AADEIs.in AADEIs.us AADEIs.co.uk Details given as Annex. B Why is it must to reserve all major Domain Names; As mentioned above, when the website is proposed to be hosted at one domain (AADEIs.org), the question arises, why to reserve all the domain names (6 in nos.) • To secure online identity of the association (prevent online brand abuse.) • To restrict phising on the internet through similer domain (called targeted pishing) with different TLD once the website is running and is popular. • To restrict the misuse by unwanted people who intend to use the domain name just to provide information for the sake of getting hits on their website due to less awareness among people of exact domain names. • To create and secure the Brand AADEIs. • Also, we may use different domains for different purposes, say, we use aadeis.net just to host and run a discussion forum for jobseekers and job-enablers.
  6. 6. Third Party Host or Self Hosted Website Hosting website on own servers (like Dayalbagh.org.in) would take lots of time, saves very little money, and often proves to be unsuccessful. Apart from involvement of more labor and often (due to less monitoring/ poor staff support etc.) undesired results there are a few basic advantages of hosting the website with a reputed webhost which are given below; Ease of setup: Setting up a DRUPAL website on DreamHost is fairly easy, requiring only a few clicks as Dream Host comes with one click installation and upgradation of DRUPAL package. Whereas setting up a website for self-hosting requires significantly more technical involvement involving periodically manual fetching the latest software/antivirus upgrades and taking backups & storing them somewhere. Potential Delays: Depending upon the hardware that is used to host the website the website may take some time to render when it is hosted at our own servers. Local Dependency: With Local hosting (self hosting), there's the chance that servers experience problems, our website may take sometime to render (because of no. of hops involved in access from users browser to the server at DEI or our place). With web-hosting, we don't have this dependency - our pages will render normally and also, we are not required to monitor the hardware and power supply part of the servers (Webhosts like DreamHost come with 99.9% uptime guarantee.) Automatic Software Package Upgrade: Automatic Hardware Upgrades: Without hampering the performance of the website. Automatic Backups: Website Less Prone to Hackers and Viruses.
  7. 7. Recommended Host - Dream Host Dream Host is the best and the largest host to all modern CMS (Drupal,Wordpress, Joomla etc.) powered websites, though there are not much difference in terms of price between the other hosts and it, but after reading the user comments in forums and through personal experiences, the service DreamHost provides excels. (Pricing & Advantages of setting up the website on Dream Host form web developer’s point of view) • Trusted by thousands of developers around the world and recommended by DRUPAL. • Takes automatic backups and host them on mirror websites. • Makes it easy to install and upgrade DRUPAL on its servers by providing one click install and automatic upgrades to newer releases of DRUPAL. • Unlimited Bandwidth • Unlimited Domain Hosting • Unlimited email boxes, through Google Apps. • Competitive prices. More details can be found Dream Host’s website, link for which is - http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting.html Pricing: • $5.95 if paid 10 years in advance. • $10.95/mo if paid monthly ($49.95 set up fee) • $9.95/mo if paid for 1 year in advance. • $8.95/mo if paid for 2 years in advance. • $7.95/mo if paid for 3 years in advance. • $6.95/mo if paid for 5 years in advance. It is suggested to buy the hosting for 5 years in advance which after deducting all discounts (referral + through discount coupons, i.e around 50 USD) comes to around; 367 USD i.e. Rs. 18,350.00
  8. 8. FORUM / User Participation & Networking What features DRUPAL provide that enable user participation with in the website; • Users can write informative articles, put news, announcements (say job vacancies in one’s company etc.) on the website forum or main page (high moderation features available). • Users can start discussion threads (as in Orkut/FaceBook Groups), participate in them & get immediate reply to their questions. • User can create profiles, add profiles as friends and control whether these are viewable publicly. Can also upload files to their account (say, we create a pool of unemployed members of AADEIs and enable their profiles with file uploading facility so that they may upload their resumes which can be easily viewed by the pool of job enablers around the world) • All this requires a bit of moderation, which can easily be done by those responsible members (from website committee or from AADEIs governing body or those who volunteer), with the help of handy tools and modules that DRUPAL provides.
  9. 9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) What is Search Engine Optimization? How the good search positions may help building a network and an image of the Institute (DEI) over the internet? “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art of optimizing a web site to make it rank high in search engines for specific keywords.” In the days of expensive promotion tools (which we of-course neither use nor intend to use for DEI) like TV/Radio and Online advertisements, good SEO of AADEIs website remains the best and the cheapest tool for promotion of activities, courses and life in DEI and also of DEI as a brand over the internet without having much (almost null) alterations in existing DEI website. (Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process which comes in scene once the website is setup and running over the internet. So, this can in detail be explained later.)
  10. 10. Information on AADEIs Microsite hosted with DEI Website Preamble: The Alumni of various educational institutions of Dayalbagh feel indebted to their Alma Mater for the education they had received, and the values that they had imbibed as students of these in their formative years. This has enabled them to lead a value-based and successful life. With gratitude and reverence in their hearts, the alumni wish to contribute to the enrichment and enhancement of the quality of education being received by the students in their Alma Mater, in whichever manner possible and also make a contribution to the society at large. Recognizing the fact that such steps would require some financial resources, the alumni of the educational institutions of Dayalbagh had decided to form an Association, THE ASSOCIATION OF ALUMNI OF DAYALBAGH EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (REGD.) - (AADEIs) that can help channelise funds to the students and the educational institutions. The Association: The AADEIs was formed on 17.12.05 at a meeting of the alumni held at Dayalbagh. It was formally registered under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 on 28th December, 2005. Registered Office – 108, Southex. Plaza-1, South extension Part II, New Delhi Administrative Office – 63, Nehru Nagar, 1st Floor, Agra-282002 Tel. (0562) 6520011 Email: alumnidayalbagh@gmail.com
  11. 11. Aims and Objectives: a. To promote interaction amongst the alumni/members and to serve as a link between them and their Alma Mater i.e. various educational institutions of Dayalbagh. b. To encourage ex-students of the educational institutions of Dayalbagh to take continuous interest and actively participate in the development and advancement of these institutions. c. To work for dissemination in the academic community at large, of value system of Dayalbagh educational institutions, specially the ideals of service to mankind and of fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man. d. To assist the institutions of Dayalbagh in every way in attaining academic excellence, higher educational standards and developing, organizing and executing their development plans. e. To assist the students of the institutions through counseling, advisory services and financial support. f. To provide financial assistance and any other type of help / assistance to the ex-students of the educational institutions of Dayalbagh who may be pursuing advanced and or further studies in any other institution g. To organize welfare services for the students and ex-students. h. To organize academic activities and award prizes for excellence of work in any of the educational i. institutions of Dayalbagh or by any ex-student in any other institute or in any social sphere. j. To work towards improvement of educational standards in the educational institutions of Dayalbagh by: 1. organizing on-site lectures, conferences, symposia, workshops etc. 2. purchase of required equipment, machinery, and / or other resources for the use of the institutions 3. donating / reimbursing money to the educational institutions of Dayalbagh for the purchase of machinery, plant and / or other resources for their use, or for hiring the services of experts 4. providing other kinds of assistance / resources to the institutions of Dayalbagh to enable them to upgrade, expand, improve, maintain their facilities and hire services of experts and consultants and pay for on-going operating expenses, salaries etc. a. To organize, from time to time, lectures, conferences, symposia, workshops in different parts of the country, to enhance the students' and ex-students' employment potential, and improve their awareness of career options, without distinction of cast, creed or religion. b. To likewise establish in any part/s of the country, on a temporary or permanent basis, a training / coaching center / facility, by whatever name called, to facilitate the holding of lectures, conferences, symposia, workshops.
  12. 12. Categories of Members: Ordinary members: Any person who is a permanent resident of India and who has been a student for a minimum of three years in any of the educational institutions of Dayalbagh, or has obtained a Certificate, Diploma or Degree from any of the above institutions on payment of a membership fee of Rs. 50 for life membership or Rs. 10 for membership for five years is eligible to become an Ordinary Member. These members are entitled to participate in all the activities of the Association and vote for any purpose. Associate Members: Any person being a resident or a non-resident Indian, on payment of a membership fee of Rs.100 in case of resident Indian or equivalent to USD 100 in case of a non-resident Indian is eligible to become an Associate Member or Rs. 20 in case of resident Indian or equivalent of USD 20 in case of a non resident Indian is eligible to become an Associate Member for five years. These members are entitled to participate in all the activities of the Association. They have no other rights and are not entitled to vote for any purpose. General Body and Executive Committee: The General Body of the Association comprises of all Members of the Association. The following are the members of the first Executive Committee and functionaries of the Association: Dr. Vijai Kumar Mr. Amit Sinha Mr. Sahib Piara Satsangee Mr. Prem Prasad Sharma Mr. Rajeev Kumar Satsangi Mr. V. Prem Swarup Mr. Soami Dayal Mr. Rajendra Prasad Dr. Sahab Dass Mr. G. P. Bhatia Mr. Sahab Saran Officer Bearers of the Association: President: Dr. Vijai Kumar Vice President: Mr. Amit Sinha Secretary: Mr. Sahib Piara Satsangee Treasurer: Mr. Prem Prasad Sharma Joint Secretary: Mr. Rajeev Kumar Satsangi
  13. 13. Domain Name Registration Details
  14. 14. Thanks Direct suggestions & queries to me at amoldhir@gmail.com