A Cost Savings Idea for CIOs!!

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  • 2.
    • Are you under pressure from Management and Key Stakeholders to “Deliver More”?
    • Are you looking for a “Green IT” Initiative that will save costs and consume less electricity?
    • Do your users have a need to access their Computing Environment from “Anywhere, Anytime”?
    • Are you worried about “Data Confidentiality and Data Security”?
    If yes then maybe you should consider DESKTOP VIRTUALIZATION…
  • 3. Typical Desktop Business PC….
    • Data is stored locally on Business PC – may be leaked, may be accessed by unauthorized personnel
    • Application downloads, OS upgrades, Security Patches updated one Business PC at a time – Time Consuming and hence Money
    • Generally Business PCs are setup to User-Specific environment – User cannot access this environment from anywhere and need their specific Business PCs to get their work done
    NETWORK Data Personal Data Application Software Operating System Business PC
  • 4. In a Virtual Desktop Environment…
    • All Data is stored in a Single Secure Data Centre – Higher Data Security
    • Application downloads, OS upgrades and Security patches are easily managed by a single system administrator – Efficient Management and Support
    • Centralization and Standardization of User Environment – Users can access their environment from anywhere without any problems
    NETWORK Shared Data Thin Client Terminal Personal Data Application Software Operating System No Data Stored
  • 5. Virtual Desktop Environment Components… Management Server Desktop Virtualization Server(s) Storage Area Network (SAN) Thin Client Terminal(s) NETWORK Branch Offices / Home / Factories
  • 6. Desktop Virtualization Benefits - From a CIO’s perspective…
    • Reduce Costs
    • More Manageable Desktop Environment
    • Ability to provision Desktop PCs and other Client Devices with application software from a central location
    • More secure desktop environment
    • Simpler deployment of patches and upgrades
    • Stretch hardware resources
    • Reduce on-site support requirements
    • Support Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Initiatives
    • Ability to run multiple operating systems
    • Reduce Application Deployment Timeframes
    • Support “Green IT” Initiatives
    • Allows IT to distribute resources effectively
  • 7. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Productivity Improvement results in reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by about 25% over 3 years Electricity Consumption is reduced by about 60%
  • 8. Learning from a Successful Implementation…
    • Good, Strong Internal Technical Team and System Administration processes is a MUST
    • Reliable and Supportive Vendor who is willing to work closely with you and your technical team during the design and then deployment stages of the solution
    • Close Co-ordination with and Training to the end-users as it is a major change in which the end-user’s computing environment
    • Support from Top Management and Key Stakeholders
    • Sturdy, Reliable and Optimized Network – preferably a Meshed MPLS WAN Network if you propose to deploy it across offices
    • Lowers Electricity consumption by about 60%
  • 9. The future… Hosted Virtual Desktop over a secure Cloud of a trusted service provider?
  • 10. Next Step…
    • Initiate a discussion on how and where do YOU think “Desktop Virtualization” can ADD VALUE to your esteemed organization
      • Please send in your views / comments to [email_address]
      • OR
      • Call on +919665037357