®  Because Knowledge Matters  ISO 9001: 2008 Certified                      CETPA INFOTECH PVT. LTD.                      ...
15th July/ 1st Aug   .NET/J2EE/VHDL/Embedded        Noida/ Roorkee                                                4 Weeks ...
7. CETPA student Membership of $14 free of cost, through which candidates can participate in        placement drives of to...
VHDL                 EMBEDDED SYSTEM                            CATIA                                .NETSelected Contents...
MATLAB                         AutoCAD                                PHP                      PCB & Ckt. Designing  Selec...
CETPA Profile: CETPA INFOTECH PVT. LTD. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Multinational Company having its head office    at ...
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Cetpa summer training


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welcome to CETPA , Noida

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Cetpa summer training

  1. 1. ® Because Knowledge Matters ISO 9001: 2008 Certified CETPA INFOTECH PVT. LTD. An Indian Multinational - ISO 9001: 2008 Certified (A Software & Embedded Development Company) PRESENTS Summer/Vocational/Industrial Training Program with Placement In .NET, J2EE, SAP, Verilog HDL, PCB & Ckt. Designing, PHP, MATLAB,CRP, Web Designing and Hosting, C, C & C++, VHDL, Embedded System, Advance Embedded System, CATIA, AutoCAD, Oracle (CETPA Certified Programs) (With Major Projects to show as Final Year Projects) Other Programs SOLID EDGE (SIEMENS Certified Program) PGDM & PGPM (Programs by IMT-CDL Ghaziabad) At GERMANY (SCHWERIN), UKRAINE (KYIV, ODESSA), INDIA (ROORKEE, GREATER NOIDA, LUCKNOW, NOIDA) SELECTED PROGRAMS AT SELECTED LOCATIONS ON SELECTED DATESDate of Starting Technology Place of Training Duration5th May .NET/J2EE/VHDL/Embedded Noida /Greater Noida/ 4 Weeks/ System/ CATIA/ AutoCAD/C Lang. Roorkee/ Lucknow 6 Weeks11th May/16th May .NET/J2EE/VHDL/Embedded Noida / Roorkee 4 Weeks System/ CATIA/ AutoCAD/C Lang.11th May/ 21st May .NET/J2EE/VHDL/Embedded Greater Noida/ Lucknow 4 Weeks System/ CATIA/ AutoCAD/C Lang.11th June C & C++ Noida / Roorkee 6 Weeks16th June C & C++ Greater Noida/ Lucknow 6 Weeks1st June/11thJune/ .NET/J2EE/VHDL/Embedded Noida/ Roorkee 4 Weeks/21st June /1st July System/ CATIA/ AutoCAD/C Lang. 6 Weeks6th June/16thJune/ .NET/J2EE/VHDL/Embedded Greater Noida/ Lucknow 4 Weeks/27th June /5th July System/ CATIA/ AutoCAD/C Lang. 6 Weeks
  2. 2. 15th July/ 1st Aug .NET/J2EE/VHDL/Embedded Noida/ Roorkee 4 Weeks System/ CATIA/ AutoCAD/C Lang. th11 June SAP Noida 4 Weeks th th11 May/11 June/ Solid Edge/Verilog HDL Noida 4 Weeks st st21 June/1 July11th May/11th June/ PCB&CKT. Designing/ Noida 2 Weeks st1 July Web Designing and Hosting/ CRP th th5 May/11 May/ Advance Embedded System/ PHP Noida 4 Weeks16th May/1st June/11thJune/21st June /1st July/15th July/1st Aug1st June/11thJune/ MATLAB Noida/ Lucknow 4 Weeks21st June /1st July1st June/11thJune/ Oracle Noida 4 Weeks st21 June16th June/27th June Advance Embedded System Lucknow 4 Weeks6th June/ 16thJune/ PHP Lucknow 4 Weeks27th June /5th July16th June Oracle/MATLAB Lucknow 4 WeeksNote: Other Dates may also be offered on request for a group of students (If Possible).Date of Starting Technology Place of Training Duration th th10 June/20 June/ .NET/Embedded System/CATIA/AutoCAD Schwerin/Kyiv/Odessa 4 Weeks1st JulyIMT-CDL GHAZIABAD: CETPA conducts distance education PGDM & PGPM Programs by IMT-CDL Ghaziabad at itsRoorkee Campus.SIEMENS: CETPA conducts the Training Program of SOLID-EDGE by SIEMENS.Note: In this notice the descriptive details are given only for CETPA Certified Programs. For details about our collaborativeprograms with IMT-CDL & SIEMENS, log on to our website http://www.cetpainfotech.comTraining Fee in India for CETPA Certified Programs:Training Fee for C/AutoCAD/CRP/Web Designing/Web Hosting: Rs. 2,500/- (Excluding Registration Fee)Training Fee for C & C++: Rs. 3,500/- (Excluding Registration Fee)Training Fee for other technologies: Rs. 5,000/- for 4 Weeks, Rs. 7,000/- for 6 Weeks (Excluding Registration Fee)Food & Lodging Fee: Rs. 4,000/- for 4 Weeks, Rs. 6,000/- for 6 Weeks (Excluding Registration Fee)Registration Fee for Training: Rs. 500/- ; Registration Fee for Food & Lodging: Rs. 500/-Service Tax: 10.3% Extra on complete fee (Training Fee as well as Food & Lodging Fee & Registration fee).A discount of Rs. 1,000/-, for joining any two technologies.Note: Food and lodging facility is available only at Greater Noida for both boys and girls at separate locations, and is available atRoorkee and Lucknow only for girls. At other locations, this facility is not available.Training Fee Abroad:Training Fee for all technologies: Rs. 1,00,000/-Note: Duration for C, Auto CAD, PHP, Advance Embedded System, Verilog HDL, MATLAB, Oracle, Solid Edge & SAP is 4 Weeks only. Special Features 1. Opportunity to participate in campus placement of top companies. 2. Certificate of Honor to top participants from each course. 3. 100 GB Web Space & Software for Uploading the Website would be provided at just a cost of Rs. 500/- only for CETPA Certified Students. 4. Assured Discount to first 100 registrations for our Summer Training Program. 5. A Discount of Rs. 1000/- for joining any two technologies. 6. Learning kit containing a book and a CD would be provided free of cost to the students of each course.
  3. 3. 7. CETPA student Membership of $14 free of cost, through which candidates can participate in placement drives of top companies. 8. Globally Accepted Certification by CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 9. Separate Certificate for project work on company letter head, after completion of project. 10. Batch Dates once selected may be changed prior to 15 days of starting of the batch. 11. Fee Refund Guarantee in case of Dissatisfaction (Between 20-25% Training Completion). 12. After completion of training, Live Projects would be provided to interested candidates. 13. Wi-Fi Enabled Campuses. 14. As CETPA Infotech is a Pvt. Ltd., ISO Certified Software Company, this training will be considered as the compulsory vocational/industrial training as per the universities course curriculum. CETPA Certified Training in above Fields/Free of Cost Seminar @ Your Own College CampusCETPA can deliver a free of cost technical seminar at your campus for summer training. Even the seminar may beconducted for on-campus training program at your college campus. After the seminar, if at least 40 students areinterested to join the training, then the same program may be conducted at your campus, depending upon thestudents’ choice. This training program may be conducted at any time during the whole year at your campus. For theseminar or training at your college campus, call us at 09212172602, 09212468020 or email us atvikaskalra@cetpainfotech.com, kalra_goc@yahoo.co.in.Terms and Conditions:*Admission on First Come First Serve Basis. *Limited Seats. *Registration Fee is Non-refundable and Non-transferable. *On-line registration is a temporary reservation of a seat for fifteen days that would be confirmed only if registration slip &D.D. are received at our head office within the stipulated period. On-line registration is a specific facility, shall be closed if seats are filled.*Technology once selected can be changed only by depositing 50% of the registration fee again. *Charges mentioned, are only forstudents; for professionals, charges are three times more. *Certificates will not be issued before the completion of the training. *Classeswill be taken for 5 working days in a week. *Batch dates selected by the participants may be changed in a contingency by calling at 01332-264918, 15 days prior to the commencement of the training program. *In case of group registration (even if members of the group areenrolling for different technologies or/and for different batch dates), a single draft of the total amount can be sent. *A registered candidateshall be allowed to participate in the training program only if he/she submits complete balance fee and other required documents on the dayof reporting. *For Training at any of our branches, registration formalities by post have to be sent to our head office Roorkee, else theformalities may be deposited by hand at any of our branches. *Food and Lodging will be provided in the city on Paying Guest Basis,which will be separate for boys and girls. Registration fee for food & lodging is non refundable in any case. *In case of dissatisfaction inthe training, a participant can ask to refund training fee, only between 20%-25% completion of the training program (subjected to 100%attendance during that period). *In Embedded System, participants have to purchase required hardware for their projects (individually or ingroups). Participants will carry these projects with them after completion of their training.Registration Formalities: For Registration follow any of the following processes.1. Firstly make a D.D. of Rs. 1,104/- (Rs. 1,000/- + 10.3%. If food & lodging required) else Rs. 552/- (Rs. 500/- + 10.3% (If food & lodging not required) in favor of CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd., payable at Roorkee. Then use any of the following methods: a. Fill the form on our website for Summer Training. After filling up the form you will get an option to generate your registration slip. Take the printout of this slip. If due to communication failure, you don’t take the print out of your registration slip, then some details will be sent to your email id to regenerate the registration slip. Take the printout of that registration slip. b. If you are not in a position to fill the online form, then you can download the Summer Training registration form (PDF format) from our website. c. You can email us at query@cetpainfotech.com, cetpainfotech@gmail.com for the request to send registration form to your email id and we will email back the registration form. d. You can call us at 01332-264918, 0120-6454074 and provide us your college or STD PCO fax number, and then we shall email you or fax up you the registration form. Now, send the following documents to our head office Roorkee. 1st) D. D. 2nd) Registration Slip or filled form. Please mention the phone number 01332-264918, 09219602769 on the envelope with the address for the postage convenience, before mailing the documents to Roorkee. The documents may also be deposited by hand at any of our branches irrespective of the training location opted by the candidate. After receiving the required registration documents at our office, you will get a confirmation within a week by email. Take the printout of this Confirmation slip. Now your seat is allotted to you. Note: After online registration, your seat will be temporarily registered for you for maximum 15 days. If we don’t get the required documents within 15 days, then your seat may be allotted to some one else, if required.2. You can directly come to any of our branches to fill the form and can make the payment by cash or D.D. Here, directly you will get the confirmation slip.3. Now at CETPA, online payment facility is also available. Fill the online summer training form; make the online payment through your credit card, and you will get the confirmation slip.Reporting: You have to report a day earlier to the Starting Date of the Batch at the preferred training location with following details:-1. Balance Payment 2. Five Passport Size Photographs 3. Training Letter or Xerox Copy of College I-Card 4. Confirmation Slip
  4. 4. VHDL EMBEDDED SYSTEM CATIA .NETSelected Contents: Selected Contents: Selected Contents: Selected Contents:Module1: Module1: Module1:*Introduction to VHDL Module1: *Overview of Microsoft .NET *Introduction to Embedded *Introduction to Computer*Different Styles of Aided Designs Platform Modeling & Processing System *Development Environment *Micro controller 8051 *Sketcher & Operation feature Styles *Part Modeling & Dress up Features*Control Statements Architecture and Pin *Object Oriented Programming Description features*Loops & Subprograms *Transformation features in C#.NET*Connectivity with Different *Bus Architecture Interrupts *Using Windows Forms and Timers *Integrated Drawing Components *Drafting & Drawing *Developing Components in*Simulation of Different *Instruction Set C#.NET *Micro controller 8051 *Assembly Circuits *Lab Work *Deploying Applications*FPGA, ASICS & Synthesis Assembly Language *Assemblers & Simulator *Introduction to other latest tools *Upgrading to C#.NET*Inheritance & Other Terms *Comparison with other tools *Creating a Microsoft ASP.NET*Mini Projects like Traffic *Programming for 8051 Web Form Light Controller *I/O Devices: LED Displays, Project: List at website *Adding Code to Microsoft*State Machines & Test Intelligent LCD Display, ASP.NET Web Form Bench DIP Switch, Matrix Module 2: *Creating User Control*Practical for different Keyboard, Interfacing of *Wire Frame & Surfacing *Accessing Relational Data circuits Stepper Motors *Geometric Dimensioning Using Microsoft VisualProject: List at website *Practices of Serial *Technical Aspects of the Studio.NET Programmer Industry *Accessing Data with MicrosoftModule2: Project: List at website *Drawing Reading ADO.NET*Advance VHDL Constructs Module2: *Modifying Aspects in CATIA Project: List at website*File Handling *Embedded C Module2: *Working on KIEL Compiler Project: List at website *Web Services ConceptsProject: List at website *Crystal Reports Project: List at website Project: List at website WEB J2EE ADVANCE CAMPUS C & C++ DESIGNING & Selected Contents: EMBEDDED RECRUITMENT Selected Contents: HOSTING Module1: SYSTEM PREPARATION Module1:Selected Contents: Core JAVA Selected Contents: Selected Contents: *Basic C Concepts*Internet Access & HTML *Classes and objects *Introduction to Embedded Group Discussion *Data types and*Dreamweaver & Flash *Inheritance and System *Hot/Current Topics selected predefined Environment polymorphism *Brief introduction to *Social/Political Topics keywords*Basic Drawing and *Static, Final, This computer architecture *Management Topics *If else statements Designing Tools Keyword *Designing with *Economic Topics *Case statements*Planning Web Sites *Exception Handling microcontrollers *For & While Loop with flash & *Input/ Output Streams *Introduction to Embedded PD & Interview Preparation *Other Keywords in Dreamweaver *Multithreading ‘C’ Loops*Building a Web Site *Socket Programming *Real world Interfacing- *Basic Etiquettes & Manners *Functions with Site Panel and Enterprise Java LED *Recursion Templates * JDBC *Timer/Counter *Goal Setting Exercise *Role of Personality, *Pointers*Working with Links *Servlets programming *Arrays and Layers *JSP *Serial communication Diet *Different Personality *Structures*Motion Tweening, Project Work: Online using UART *Unions Guide Layer & Mask Shopping Card *Interrupt driven Traits Animations programming *Business Case Based Module2:*Introduction to Module2: *Real World Interfacing- Presentations * OOPs Concepts WebHosting *JNDI (Java Naming & LCD *Motivational Lectures * Objects and Classes*Business related to Directory Interface) *Real World Interfacing- *Body Language *Generalization WebHosting *EJB (Enterprise Java 7 Segment display *Situation Reactions *Inheritance*Various Control Panels Beans) * Real World Interfacing - *Common Sense *Function overloading*Working with Plask *Deployment of an keypad Reactions *Function overriding Panel Application on an * Real World Interfacing- *CV Designing *Polymorphism*Managing & Uploading Enterprise Java Web motors *Dressing Sense and *Constructorsa Web Site Server * Using Internal/external Appearance *Destructors memories *Do’s and Don’ts *Data EncapsulationProject: List at Website Project: List at website Project: List at website Regular Tests Project: List at website
  5. 5. MATLAB AutoCAD PHP PCB & Ckt. Designing Selected Contents: Selected Contents: Selected Contents: Course Outline: *Introduction to MATLAB *Introduction to AUTOCAD *Introduction to PHP *Beginning a New Layout *Features of command Interface *Variables and Expressions *Placing Items in the Layout Window *Control the Drawing Views *Conditional Tests and Events *Placing Power and Ground Planes *Features of M-Files Editor *Create and Modify Objects *Flow Control & *Editing the Layout *Editing & debugging of M- *2-D Commands Configuration *Changing the Boards Perimeter files *Practice on 2-D Drawings *Handling Databases *Linking the Schematic and PCB *Creating Plots & Graph *Introduction to Hatches *String Manipulation *Making Custom Pad &Pad Manager *Programming *Texts & Dimensions *Sessions and Cookies *Keyboard Shortcuts *Modeling, Simulating & *Introduction to Surfaces *Putting PHP session IDs in *Beginning a New Schematic Analyzing of Dynamic *Practice on Surfaces pages exploiting the built-in *Placing Items in the Schematic System *Create Engines, Domes etc. functionality of PHP *Placing Symbols and Ports *Using Simulink *Introduction to 3-D *Structuring PHP code *Editing the Schematic *Tool Boxes & Block Sets *Commands *Accessing global variables *Working with Sheets and Ports *Control System Tool Box *Create Images and Graphic *Building code libraries for *Checking the Schematic for Errors objects reusability *Linking the Schematic & PCB Files Project: List at website *Exporting and importing *Object Orientation in PHP *Keyboard Shortcuts objects in AutoCAD *Exception handling in PHP *Working on Pad2pad Software *Printing and Layout *Working on Express PCB Software Project: List at website *Working on Exp Schematic Project: List at website Software Verilog HDL SOLID EDGE ORACLE SAP Course Outline: Course Outline: Course Outline: Course Outline: *Introduction to *Introduction of Solid Edge and *Introduction to Oracle 9i*General ledger & journal entries Verilog HDL environment *Single Row Functions *Cost accounting & monitoring *Verilog Data Type *Assembly Methods & *Aggregation Data Using project costs * Verilog Operator relationships Group Functions *Budget management *Conditional *Editing assemblies *Sub Queries *Banking & bank statement Statements * Explode and section views *Including Constraints processing *Different Types of *Designing in the context of the *Creating Views *Payment processing & reconciliation Loops assembly *Controlling User Access *Financial statements & reporting *Different Styles of *Placing tubing with Xpress *Using Set Operators *Sales tax & value-added tax Modeling Route *Oracle9i Date Time *Multicurrency support *Switch Level *Creating drawings of 3-d models Functions *Opportunities & pipeline mgmt. *Gate Level *Profiles and sketches *Enhancement to the *Sales quotations and orders *Data Level *Sheet metal deformation features Group By Clause *Invoicing and crediting *Behavioral Level *Creating and editing curves *Advanced Sub Queries *Sales and pipeline forecast *Different Statements *Indirect curve creation *Hierarchical Retrieval *Service contract management in Verilog techniques *Extensions to DDL and *Purchase orders and deliveries *Programs for *Surface manipulation tools DML *Statements *Goods receipts and returns Combination & *Geometric relationships *Introduction to PL/SQL *Accounts payable invoice & credit Sequential Circuits overview *Writing Explicit Cursors notes *Introduction to *Activity: Using parallel, coplanar *Creating Procedures & *Forecasting and material planning FPGA *Perpendicular and concentric Functions & Database *Receipt to stock & stock transactions *Minor Project on relationships Triggers *Stock transfer between multiple State Machine *Activity: Applying a relationship warehouses Design to all faces in a select set Project Work: Database *Inventory revaluation *Searching and viewing data Design with Normalization *Customer and vendor catalog *Project: Four Lane *Using the Solid Edge Structure *Price lists and special pricing Traffic Light Editor (SESE) *Batch management Controller *Running Solid Edge Embedded *Pick and pack Client *Integration with Crystal Reports *Diagnostics software *Dimensions, Annotations & PMI *Remote support platform *Broken-out section creation *Data migration workbench, data archivingNote: Module 1 in the course contents is for 4 Weeks Training and Module 1+ Module 2 is for 6 Weeks Training.
  6. 6. CETPA Profile: CETPA INFOTECH PVT. LTD. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Multinational Company having its head office at Roorkee and branches at Noida, Greater Noida, Lucknow, Germany, Ukraine and others. CETPA is having three divisions named as CETPA Development, CETPA Education and CETPA Consultancy. Under the head of CETPA Development we are indulge in Software Development, Web Development, and Embedded Products Development. CETPA Education deals in Engineers Training Programs in latest technologies, SAP and SOLID EDGE. CETPA Consultancy is always dedicated to provide high profile jobs to CETPA Certified Students. CETPA has already conducted On Campus Training Programs at more than 100 Engineering Colleges, most notable among these are Sri Balaji College Jaipur, Ajmer Institute Ajmer, Geetanjali Institute Udaipur, Birla Institute Bhimtal, MIT Muzaffarpur, KNIT Sultanpur, Madan Mohan Malviya College Gorakhpur, Ideal College Ghaziabad, MIET Meerut, RBMI Bareilly, MIT Moradabad, Babu Banarsi Das College Lucknow, IFTM Moradabad, Hindustan College of Science & Technology Mathura, G. B. Pant Engineering College Pauri Garhwal, DIT Dehradun, Kumanyon Engineering College Dwarahat Almora, Shri Sant Gadge Baba College Bhusawal, Jind Institute Jind, Lovely Professional University Jalandhar etc. Placement: CETPA consultancy regularly invites reputed companies to our campus or our collaborative college campus for placement of CETPA Certified Students. In the year 2009, the biggest recruiter for CETPA certified students was, the world’s biggest gaming company named EA Games, EA sports. CETPA invited this company on 4 th Dec 09 for the placement of CETPA Certified students in their development division. In this drive all CETPA Certified 2008, 2009 Batch Pass out candidates of any branch appeared for the placement. We have also invited Best of Breed software Solution on 19 th and 20th Sept, 2010 For placement of CETPA certified Student From 2009 and 2010 pass out batch. Some of our other big recruiters are Best of Breed Software Solutions Banglore (A company global partner to Infosys and India Partner to HP & Wipro); Best Web Online Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, Nisscom Gurgaon, Netsity Software Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Delhi etc. Live Projects: The participants who are interested to work on live projects can work on the specialized live projects. These live projects will be offered by CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and participants have to complete these projects in given time frame. This time frame may be 6 months or one year. If candidates complete these projects within time frame, then they will be awarded by CETPA and will be given experience letter for 6 months or one year depending on the time frame. Also incentives may be given to the candidates, depending upon the performance of the candidates while handling the live projects. The groups for working on live projects will be decided by students. Testimonials: "We had conducted Campus Recruitment Preparation Program with CETPA at our campus. From the initial contacts to the conclusion of the course, we have found CETPA to be very professional and helpful in all aspects. We look forward to conduct other training programs in coming years." Mr.Akhilesh Shukla-Head Continuing Education Department MIT, Moradabad "The Training provided by CETPA is of a very high caliber. The staffs are highly skilled and flexible, making training a worth. We will continue to take CETPA Services in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other Institutions." Mr.Praveen Porwal-Head Training & Placement PSIT Kanpur "In CETPA I learnt the magic of Coding .The constant and personal interaction with the trainer is the best part of CETPA. I thank CETPA for making my most cherished dream come true." Mr.Anuj Kapoor- Infosys "I joined CETPA because of their proven expertise in training budding engineers and professionals. Their ability to understand our problems and giving us the optimal solution is something, we have grown to expect from CETPA" Mr. Deepak Bajaj-RBS Gurgaon*6-Months Training on live projects, based on .Net/J2EE Technology for MCA & B.Tech. (CS/IT) students. *6-Months training on VLSI / Embedded System for B. Tech. (EC/ET/EN/EI/EE) students. For Details about 6 Months Training, log on to http://www.cetpainfotech.com (Training may be paid, free or stipend based depending upon interview). http://www.cetpainfotech.com For queries email us at query@cetpainfotech.com, cetpainfotech@gmail.com or Call us at Toll Free 1800-102-4262, 09219602769 or SMS CETPA @ 56767500 Head Office: CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd., 236, Purvi Amber Talab, Behind Nehru Stadium, Roorkee-247667 (U.A.) Contact No: +91-1332-264918, +91-9219602769 India Corporate Office: CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd., C-24, Sec-2, Near Sec-15 metro station, Noida- 201301(U.P.) Contact No.-0120-3060555, 556, Toll Free No- 1800-102-4262. Branch Office: CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd., # 30, 2nd floor, Parsavnath Bibhab Plaza, C-2, Alpha 1st, Near Bank of Maharashtara, Greater Noida-201308 (U.P.) Contact No: +91-120-6454074, +91-9212172602 India Branch Office:CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd., 401 A, 4th Floor, Lekhraj Khajana, Faizabad Road, Indira Nagar, Lucknow – 226016 (U.P.) Contact No: +91-522-6590802, +91-9258017974 Overseas Corporate Office: CETPA, Berliner, Platz 2, 19063 Schwerin, Germany Contact No: +49-1749428424, +49-3853041609 Overseas Branch Office: CETPA, 139, Saksaganskogo Street, Kyiv 01032, Ukraine Contact No: +38-0504197726