Small Business CRM Shouldn't Be Expensive


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Small businesses today are forced into using big name CRM systems that are absurdly expensive and have features that small businesses simply don’t use. amoCRM is the small business solution to expensive big name CRM systems. Fully cloud based, amoCRM is a quick, easy to use CRM system that focuses on lead management for small businesses.

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Small Business CRM Shouldn't Be Expensive

  1. 1. A Small Business Doesn’t Need Expensive CRM Roman Small businesses today are forced into using big name CRM systems that are absurdly expensive and have features that small businesses simply don’t use. amoCRM is the small business solution to expensive big name CRM systems. Fully cloud based, amoCRM is a quick, easy to use CRM system that focuses on lead management for small businesses. amoCRM, LLC.505 Montgomery St. Suite 1016 San Francisco, CA 94111 415.874.3274
  2. 2. SMALL BUSINESS DOESN’T NEED EXPENSIVE CR MTHE PROBLEM When considering all the different CRM systems out there, a small business needs to consider several details.First and foremost, will the CRM system grow alongside my company? One of the scariest moments a small businessmay face is when it outgrows its current Customer Management system. Where is new lead data and contactinformation supposed to go when you simply have run out of space in your current system? The situation gets worsewhen you find out that you have outgrown your current CRM package and need to pay an absurd amount more for thenext package tier. Then you find out that the new package comes with complicated features that you have never evenheard of, let alone use. Is that something your small business should be dealing with? We don’t think so. A solid CRM system shouldn’t be hard to find, but more often than not, it is. Small businesses find themselves ina position to either buy expensive high-end CRM systems or use in-house makeshift systemssuch as Excel, to managetheir contacts and leads. In certain situations, both are viable options, but for most small businesses neither optionprovides a good balance between features and price. Enter amoCRM. While big name CRM systems provide a comprehensive solution to a company’s customer management needs,many of the features are superfluous and/or too expensive. These expensive names have built Enterprise ResourcePlanning (ERP) systems on top of their CRMs. No longer are their systems used just by the sales team, but by humanresources, marketing, business development and more! These systems are built to work with multiple departments andmultiple locations. But why are these complex systems necessary for small businesses?Big name CRM systems can alsointegrate with heavy duty business intelligence applications, but at an astronomical cost, something a small businesscan’t easily afford. Other CRMs integrate with tools and have features that you have never even heard of. So why payfor this unnecessary integration? amoCRM understands the needs of small businesses and finds a perfect balancebetween price and features. Big name CRM systems simply overlook the needs of small companies for bigger and muchmore profitable corporations and expect small businesses to figure out a way to fit in, all while paying as much as acorporate client would.AN INNOVATIVE SOLUTION TO AN AGE OLD PROBLEM At amoCRM we think differently about small businesses. We understand that a small business has a verydifferent budget than a big corporation. We also understand that nurturing each lead is more imperative for a smallbusiness than a multi-national corporation.amoCRM is specifically designed to emphasize lead management. WithamoCRM, a small business can feel assured that all their contact and lead information is safe, secure and alwaysavailable. As long as you have an internet connection, you can log in to your system. You don’t need any expensivesoftware to have full access to all your information nor do you need to take time out of your busy schedule to hook upany hardware. From your very first minute using amoCRM, you are able to create and manage your leads, contacts, andtasks as well as analyze data such as your sales pipeline and sales distribution charts.ANALYTICS MADE SIMPLE How many times have you found yourself looking at charts and graphs that you simply don’t understand?Business analytics today are extremely complex and hard to understand, not to mention expensive. Unless you dealwith
  3. 3. these business charts on a routine basis, you may never truly understand how some systems get to its answers. So Ipose the question again: Why is it necessary to integrate this into a small business CRM? amoCRM focuses on just theimportant stuff. Our Sales Pipeline Report is an extremely intuitive way to see where your sale bottlenecks are. It is theperfect tool for an administrator or sales manager to visualize the entire sales flow and notice problem areas. Whetherleads get stuck in the product/service introduction stage or contract negotiation stage, the administrator can makeappropriate changes in his process flow to correct such bottlenecks. The sales manager can also track this type ofinformation on a per user basis. If, perhaps, one sales person is better at contract negotiation than demonstrating yourproduct, you can assign different roles to each salesperson based on their particular strengths. Definitely a usefulfeature for small businesses! For more information on amoCRM analytics, charts, graphs, and sales pipeline, please visit FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Efficiency is extremely important for small businesses. amoCRM is fully aware of this and has made the systemcapable of integration with other services through the use of widgets. By partnering with budget friendly companies, amoCRM is able to integrate with other services to give its users the flexibility a small businessneeds at a price it can actually afford.Custom widgets allow your company to integrate with amoCRM on a much deeperlevel than other low budget CRM systems. For more information, please visit WHAT YOU NEED, WHEN YOU NEED IT A sure tell of a business growing out of its current CRM system is by how easy it is for you to find a particularcustomer, and catch up on all the specific details. If it takes you more than just a minute, then it takes too long!amoCRM features an extremely intuitive search function to make sure you find every lead or contact that fits yoursearch query. You can also search leads by where they are in the sales process and by tags associated with them –making amoCRM an ideal system for any business that needs lead information fast.ABOUT QSOFT &AMOCRM QSOFT, LLC. is an international company founded in 2004. With over 2,000 clients worldwide, QSOFT proudlyintroduced amoCRM to the American market. Today amoCRM is used by 1000+ clients worldwide to manage 100,000+leads and 300,000+ contacts. amoCRM is built on the Amazon Web Services platform so it is safe, secure and alwaysavailable. For more information on amoCRM, please visit