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amoCRM is a Customer Relationship Management solution for small to medium sized businesses. This quick guide summarizes how nurturing leads through amoCRM maximizes your company's sales potential.
amoCRM is a fully functional CRM solution that focuses specifically on nurturing leads. Try our free 30 day trial!

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amoCRM Features

  1. 1. Save time, save money, grow sales!amoCRM, LLC.222 Columbus Ave #407San Francisco, CA 94133415.800.6744
  2. 2. CRM for SMB Hundreds of CRM systems to choose from, all are for big businesses  Expensive & complicated  Too many features that small/medium sized businesses (SMB) don’t use  Still have to pay for extra featuresamoCRM is specifically designed with the small to medium sized business in mind.No expensive add-ons, no contracts, no wasted time!
  3. 3. What you get with amoCRM Leads Management Contact Management Task Management On-going Reporting Sales Analysis Widgets Mobile Apps Email IntegrationamoCRM is a simple, easy-to-use Sales Management System designed to save youtime and money. It helps you manage leads and monitor your sales pipeline in only afew clicks.
  4. 4. Leads Management Adding a new lead takes seconds! Customize your system with up to 20 custom fields for your specific business needs. Add notes, schedule tasks (for yourself or others) and attach files to always stay on track. Search leads and create custom search filters to save you time!
  5. 5. Leads ManagementIn amoCRM everything revolves around your leads: from first contacts, up tosuccessful sales
  6. 6. Contact Management Attracting new customers is becoming more and more expensive, so retaining the ones you have now has never been so important. Contacts are automatically added to your database when you create a lead  Leads are automatically linked to the contact they are associated with  Save time, stay organized Import current contacts & leads into amoCRM in seconds!
  7. 7. Contact ManagementA complete database full of your previous clients and good leads is a huge asset
  8. 8. Contact Management Leads associated with Contact Click to compose emailCustom Fields Email Integration
  9. 9. Tasks Schedule calls, emails & meetings or create custom tasks  Reminders are sent to your email and a notification window appears while using amoCRM All incomplete tasks are visible on one page.  Stop wasting time looking for something to do! Sync tasks with your calendar Never lose track of a lead ever again!
  10. 10. Tasks Never forget about a deadline with amoCRM’s comprehensive reminder system
  11. 11. amoCRM DashboardamoCRM creates a seamless flow of knowledgeReview all recent activity on one pageView as an RSS feed on your favorite devices or print to share in meetings Stay current with all the day-to-day operations & sales activities even when you’re out of the office!
  12. 12. ReportsStatus reports, when you need them.Filter reports by tags, date, account manager and more!Find trends in your lead generation numbers. Are there slow seasons for your company? The sales pipeline points out any cases of “bottlenecking”
  13. 13. Account SettingsChange your account name & subdomainFind your email integration addressChange your default currency & time zoneCreate or modify lead statuses The sales pipeline points out any cases of “bottlenecking”
  14. 14. User Management Settings Administrators can control what information each person sees.
  15. 15. Mobile Apps & Widgets Custom Widget Apps and widgets make amoCRM a modern solution to an age old problem
  16. 16. Mobile Apps & WidgetsYour leads, contacts and tasks go where you go iPhone & Android Apps are available!  for all devicesCustom widgets Connect with other tools you use through API. We can recommend developers to help you.More widgets coming soon! Apps and widgets make amoCRM a modern solution to an age old problem
  17. 17. PricingStart Improving Customer Relationships Now! Try amoCRM free for 30 days and decidewhich package works best for you.
  18. 18. www.amoCRM.comsupport@amoCRM.com415.800.6744