Performance Tuning Web Apps - The Need For Speed
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Performance Tuning Web Apps - The Need For Speed

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Presentation at Barcamp Bangalore 2010 on "Performance Tuning Web Apps"

Presentation at Barcamp Bangalore 2010 on "Performance Tuning Web Apps"

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  • 1. The NEED FOR SPEED on WEB!
    Vijay Rayapati
  • 2. Note : Do follow barcamp Rules!
  • 3.
  • 4. Performance Tuning Your Web Apps
    Why SPEED matters?
  • 5. The most impatient creature on the earth 
  • 6. RecentlyFred Wilson spoke about
  • 7. RecentlyFred Wilson spoke about
    And the first GOLDEN rule is SPEED
  • 8. If VC’s are talking about WEB apps SPEED
    that means the problem is mainstream
  • 9. What SPEED means for WEB?
    Facebook created PHP HipHop to speedup=F****ing 50% savings!
    Web would have been a great place if everything worked like a Google Instant
    Lot’s of bad PR and Loose users!
    Tip : Do join us at Facebook Developer Garage Bangalore on 24th, September for indepth discussion on HipHop.
  • 10. But Why You Should Worry?
    It is about User Experience and Engagement
    Slow = High Bounce Rates = No users
    Average users are mostly likely to quit a slow page than geeks
    It affects your SEO – think Google Instant
    but IRCTC still works in India 
  • 11. AND…
    Only DOGS can sleep while pages are loading 
  • 12. AND…
    When was the last time you were waiting for the page to load without cursing it?
  • 13. What’s a Good Page Speed?
    F**K this Page
    10 seconds
    SPEEED is not a feature, it’s a KILLER!
    5 seconds
    2.5 seconds
    Google loads in 823 milliseconds*
    * : Yotta report
  • 14. God once said SPEED first EVERYTHING next
    * : Whom should I quote here? 
  • 15. Lot’s of sites suck on the WEB!
  • 16. And it’s sick to use so many lousy pages
  • 17. Hey
    Talk is cheap…Show me the code…
  • 18. Murphy's Law is usually more applicable than Moore's Law
    Premature optimization is the root cause of all evils - Knuth
  • 19. What Should I Do to SPEED UP?
    Lets optimize JAVA/.NET/PHP CODE = FUCK it
    I think APACHE is better than IIS = FUCK it
    Lets get Intel XYZ7 processor = FUCK it
    Lets move to Cloud = FUCK It
  • 20. The 80-20 Rule
    Let’s not worry much
    Problem is HERE
    To Speed Up
    To Scale Up
  • 21. What Browsers do?
    Note : From big brother MS IE Blog!
  • 22. The Birth and Death of a Page
    Note : Thanks to Steven Stefanov for this beauty
  • 23. Note : From big brother MS IE Blog!
  • 24. And the browser woes…
    Number of connections per host = every browser does it’s own way!
    Maximum numberof connections from browser.
    JavaScriptengines suck!
    So many cool effects – I need more JAVASCRIPT
    HTTP was built in B.C and we need SPEEDY!
    Enough SHIT lets get to the POINT >>
  • 25. Good news – lot’s of tools
    Page Speed
    Speed Tracer
    Y slow
    Webpage SpeedTest
    Dynatrace Ajax
    many more are there!
  • 26. The Golden Rules
    1. Do LESS : Reduce HTTP requests – combine JS files, CSS files, Use Image Sprites
    2. Do SMALL : Crush Images, Minify JS/CSS, Remove fugly code
    3. Do COOL : Cache JS/CSS/Images, Google “optimize” options for your server 
    4. Do MORE : Parallel connections, Order your stuff, Unblock JS & Use Google ajax libs
    5. Do GEEKY : XHR use JSON, Flush() early, Gzip, Dump Etags, Cache on Server & CDN
    6. Do SMART: Lazy load, Upgrade your JS libs, Cleanup JS files & Get of rid of
    comments/code – the EVIL
    Tell me other 4 rules 
  • 27. Thumb Rulesfor 90%
    Use Google Closure Compiler – easiest way to optimize your JS.
    Play with Cuzillionto learn how to order Images, inline/external Javascripts/CSS
    Upgrade your jQuery/others libs regularly – faster and less memory
    Do basic optimization of your JS code, just google – ton of resources
  • 28. Thumb Rulesfor 90%
    Don’t put JS libraries on your server unless required – Use Google or MS public CDN’s
    Burst the Cache on updates – use ? or include versioning in build script
    Use SpritesMeand learn image sprites – saves you a ton of load.
    Lazy load/Pre-fetch if have too much stuff after page load or anticipate next page –
    XHR, JSON : Love jQuery
  • 29. If you have just wordpress
    Try one of those cache plug-ins like w3-total-cache
  • 30. Why you should focus on ordering your stuff?
  • 31. Increase Parallel Downloads
    Note : Too many hosts will end up with DNS look up overhead
  • 32. How to do Async JS loading?
    RequireJS– Awesome way to load JS async and also handle dependencies
  • 33. How to Measure Ajax actions?
    Dynatrace Ajax – If John Resig is impressed then you should also be 
  • 34. How to Measure Ajax actions?
    Chrome Speed Tracer – This is a kick-ass 
  • 35. How to Measure Ajax actions?
    Chrome Speed Tracer – This is a kick-ass 
  • 36. Geeky: How to do JS payload split?
    Why load all the JS code upfront when you only need some of it?
    Doloto -
  • 37. Word of caution
    A/B and Multivariate scripts will have impact on performance
    Choose user screen captures tools carefully – can get really sluggish
    Get rid of ajax libs, bloated and lousy!
    Choose your social or JS framework plug-ins carefully – most are lousy!
    Look at your server logs – gives you ton of data on requests/responses
    Do backend profiling – if you have high loads on the system
  • 38. When NOT to optimize?
  • 39. The Future looks brighter!
    Web workers – run multiple JS threads!
    Hardware acceleration in Browsers – faster rendering/scaling/layouts
    The awesome HTML 5 – Async/Defer, local storage/app cache, Web SQL & more!
    Expect better JS engines – run highly optimized and native vm code
    May be SPEEDY/Web Resource Bundles Soon!
  • 40. Hope All Browsers will have auto update, love you Chrome!
    Can we do something for IE 6? – the death funerals haven’t worked yet 
  • 41. Follow Leaders
    The Yahoo Developer Network Performance Section
    Google Performance Engineering Site
    Steve Souders((@souders)
    Facebook Engineering Blog
    Performance Planet
    John Resig
    High Scalability
    Nicole Sullivan(@stubbornella)
    Phillip Tellis((@bluesmoon))
  • 42. Let’s make WEB faster!
    May god bless the speed
    Vijay Rayapati
  • 43. Few last things
    Thanks to friends at
    #BCB9 Sponsorship!
  • 44. Credits
    It’s due wherever I used images from Flickr CC, and Google Images Search 
    Thanks to Pallav (FusionCharts ) for the background theme.