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Nguyen amandaelectronicportfolio

  1. 1. By Amanda NguyenSt. Gianna Health Academy
  2. 2. St. Gianna Health Academy• St. Gianna Health Academy expands options for students who are interested in the health care field. Students are able to go to St. Joseph and St. Francis and shadow nurses and doctors in different units of the hospital.
  3. 3. Orientation• The first day of orientation, I went to the wrong hospital. I was supposed to go to St. Francis instead of St. Joseph. I got lost when driving to the right one. Good thing I had a GPA in my car because the front desk at St. Joseph gave confusing directions.• During the past two weeks we had different speakers come in. They talked about different areas of the hospital that we will get to see and how to scrub up.• We learned about the HIPPA rule, the safety of the hospital, and where to park during out time here for class.
  4. 4. Speakers—Interviews• Diana and Christa came in to talk to us about how to impress the boss during an interview. It helped a lot because there were certain ways to carry on a conversation, but also explain why you want the job. You should always make eye contact, never cross your legs, and prove to them that you want the job.
  5. 5. General Surgery/Operation Room• General surgery was the same thing as the operation room. I got to see five surgeries in total, they were mostly thyroid surgeries.• The longest surgery was one of the thyroid surgery performed on a man. The thyroid that was in a mans neck was the size of a TENNIS BALL and it was just the right side. It was a tough battle but the doctors won.
  6. 6. The General Surgery/OperationRoom Thank You cards
  7. 7. The Emergency Room• The two days I was there it was busy and the two nurses I had they actually helped me and made me feel comfortable. The first one gave me a tour of the whole unit and the nurse on the second day did a lot more because he was in charge of the front of the ER and checked blood pressure and temperature. I actually liked it because it wasnt slow in the unit and you got to see stuff.• If you like the adrenaline rush and the intense feeling--the ER is perfect to observe
  8. 8. Pediatric Unit• The pediatric unit held patients ages of toddlers-18 year olds. When I was in the unit, there were mostly child patients with respiratory problems. Being in there made me want to work with kids in the future instead of adults because kid are more fun to be with and they make you smile and laugh. It was a nice experience and I enjoyed myself there
  9. 9. Rehab Services• For my 10th rotation I went to the rehab services...that happened to be down the hallway from our classroom. I had a therapist who works with mostly children that are late in maturity. She works on speech, writing, how to use their muscles, and many more. There was a girl who was 5 years old and she could not keep her balance and whenever she tries to reach something across the table she throw herself down so she can get it. So my therapist worked with her by putting her on the swings to help strengthen her muscles. It was really nice to watch the little girl and the therapist because the little girl would offer the therapist to ride the swing and push her. If you like kids and lots of will love the rehab services.
  10. 10. NICU• The NICU held premature babies that are 1-3lbs. My nurse calls herself the mommy of all the babies in the unit because she is mostly in the NICU almost everyday. I saw twin boys in one crib that were SOOO TINY AND CUTE. My favorite baby was the baby that was adopted by parents from Alabama. He smiled whenever my nurse fed/held him. Whats nice about the place is that once the babies are healthy and are discharged, months or years later they come back or update on how their doing and it just brings the nurses there full of happiness.
  11. 11. Mentor Forms
  12. 12. Mentor Forms
  13. 13. Professional Thank You Letters
  14. 14. Resume
  15. 15. Cover Letter
  16. 16. Reference
  17. 17. Mr. Mark Troilo—Dentist• Dentists is their own boss and they work for themselves which is nice because no one can tell you what to do and how to do your job. Dentists get the best of both worlds. They are able to handle their profession and earn a decent living and have a family at the same time. Dentists can make more free time than any other medical careers. Since they dont work for others they have the opportunity to work around their schedule and have enough time to do whatever they like to do and spend time with family. First you have to attend four years of college and work hard to be accept into dental school. Dental school may be the most difficult time during your path to dentistry because its those eight years of knowing your terms and how to handle patients.
  18. 18. Dr. Greg Reichenberger—Veterinarian• A veterinarian has the opportunity to learn cross species, humans and animals. They have a very top education by learning how to treat any species of animals because they are the doctor of all traits. Because veterinarians have the opportunity to do it all, they are involved in pediatrician, dentist, and nursing. They use their knowledge of human diseases to examine if animals carry on the illness.
  19. 19. Dr. Carissa Coleman—Pyschology• Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior and mental process of human and animals. The health profession of psychology is the natural science because they use scientific method to understand people by using surveys to ask about the person, or experiments on animals.• Psychologists may work in private practices, prisons, schools, or hospitals. They pay attention to the persons body language, the tone of their voice, and appearance to pick up what their personality is like and how the psychologist can solve their problems. The nice part about being a psychologist is that you can have that one on one time with the patient. The psychologists are able to help the patient to feel comfortable and to relieve their issues.
  20. 20. Margaret Trumpp—Respiratory Therapy• Respiratory care is the most critical work in all areas of the hospital. They treat any kinds of patients such as pediatric, home care, disease management, sleep management, and many more. They are able to travel in hospitals, patients homes, and even clinics. Their role is to work under direction of the physician, assist in evaluation, using treatment for patients with respiratory problems. Respiratory therapists usually work thirty five to forty hours a week in which they spend most of their time going room to room of patients. They are dynamic, high- tech, high touch allied in the health profession. They know most knowledge in dealing with the lungs by using the latest technology possible. Most profession in the hospital rely on the respiratory therapist because they are the peacemakers when it comes to helping someone breathe.
  21. 21. Dr. Shelly Steadman—Forensic Biologist and DNA analysis• If you like the intense crime stopping action that you see on TV, Forensic biologist and DNA analysis is the perfect adrenaline profession. A forensic biologist takes sample from a crime scene and analyzes DNA that is left on the sample. As soon as they find the DNA, they are able to track down the criminal. The bodies found during the crime scene are transfer by a service through a garage storage that is stored in a large room. They must overcome nightmares by doing the same technique over and over, analyze DNA and tracing it then submit. It is a fascinating job and contributing to society can make a difference in an investigation.
  22. 22. Career Option #1—DentalHygienist• Dental Hygienist’s responsibilities included cleaning teeth and teaching the patients in taking care of their teeth. They work part time in well-lighted environments and they can travel in different dental office which I can deal with. Students need to take biology, chemistry, mathematics, and any related medical education classes in High school and at least attend one year of college before entering dental hygiene programs. Most hygiene programs require an associate degree, bachelors, or master’s degree. I rather go to school and earn a bachelor’s degree because you have more options to go where I can take on the career as dental hygienists. If I receive a bachelor’s degree I can practice in clinical practices, private offices, or I can go to school programs and teach.
  23. 23. Career Option #2—Dental Laboratory Technician• I’ve had braces since middle school till my late sophomore year and whenever I go to my orthodontist appointments, I would be interested in how orthodontists find ways and methods to create the perfect smile. Dental Laboratory Technicians relates to orthodontists that specialize in making and repairing dentures, crowns, and braces. They work forty hours a week, others work part time, in well-lighted laboratories, but some don’t usually work with the public. To be a Dental Laboratory Technician, you’ll need to take art, drafting, and computers during high school or college. You need to have a high school diploma or a GED certificate and attend a community college, vocational school, or a dental school to learn the requirements before going into a program that will take two to four years.
  24. 24. Career Option #3—VeterinarianI love dogs and I was always surrounded bythem as a child. I wanted to be aVeterinarian that doesn’t involve treatingsick animals or giving them medicine soVeterinary Assistant is a related to what Iam looking for in taking care of animals.Veterinary Technician and Assistant helpsthe veterinarians feed, clean, and treat theanimals. Although Veterinarians treatdifferent kinds of animals I would prefer totreat dogs only because dogs are the onlyanimals I am comfortable with. As ananimal lover it would be perfect for me but itwould be an emotional job
  25. 25. Career Option #4--Psychologist• I like studying the human mind and behavior of humans. Psychologist is another way to help patients with their life. They study the mental mind and behavior of humans, and even animals, by using patterns and observations to interpret how humans and animals function. Most Psychologists would work in clinics, hospitals, or private practices. Psychologist I considered it as a challenging career in my interest career list because although I want to study the minds of people, it will take a numerous years of school complete before becoming a Psychologist.
  26. 26. Career Option #5—PatientRecreation Therapist• Recreation Therapists work with patients who are unhappy with life and want to change their mental and physical lifestyle. They encourage patients to get involved with everyday activities such as athletic activities, games, arts, games, or other physical activities. Patients Recreation Therapists work with those who are mentally ill, age, or those who have physical disabilities in mental programs, medical centers, or recreation centers. I’m interested in Recreation Therapists because I want to help people understand the meaning of life in a whole new perspective. I want them to be happy and have a second chance in life so they don’t go back to their old lifestyle of depression.
  27. 27. DentistMY FINAL DECISION• I am interested in becoming a dentist is because I want to create the perfect smile for everyone. It has always been my first interest in a career. Dentist can make a smile for someone specially for them, that “celebrity look.” Coming from a family of pharmacists and business, I want to stand out. Patients come in with a terrible smile and come out with a confident smile.
  28. 28. My Future Plans• Once I graduate high school, I will be attending Wichita State University to take my basic classes and required courses for dentistry. Afterwards I will be intensely preparing myself to take the DAT test (Dental Admission Test). My journey of becoming a dentist is attending University of Missouri Kansas City Dental School. I hope to open up a clinic if I ever make it out Dental School alive. I will be a full on dentist probably after 10 years.
  29. 29. Final Reflection• The class helped me make my decision on what I want to be once I graduate high school. It was helpful to have speakers from different profession come in and give us a better understanding on their career. It helped many students open their eyes on the medical field on how they can be a hero in a person’s life.