Publications - Groundbreaking Ceremony Program


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Publications - Groundbreaking Ceremony Program

  1. 1. thank youThank you for joining us to celebrate the groundbreaking of the GroundbreakinG Ceremonynew Fort Dodge Community School District middle school. Aswe mark the beginning of construction, we reaffirm the idealsfor which this building will stand. For decades to come, ourmiddle school will serve the needs of Fort Dodge students byproviding them with a 21st century learning environment thatwill allow them to excel in all aspects of the academic realm. Fort Dodge Community School DistrictThis new structure will enhance our students, benefit ourcommunity, and represent the committed values of Fort Dodge. Grades 5-8 Middle School ProjectWe would like to personally thank the Board of Educationfor making this vision a reality. We are grateful for the gen- September 23, 2011 10 a.m.erous support of our citizens, and we look forward to togeth- 800 north 32nd Street, Fort dodGe, iowaer building the future of our school district and community. For updates on the progress of the new middle school, visit Our Schools. Our Community. Our Pride.
  2. 2. middLe SChooL oVerView GroundbreakinG CeremonyThe District’s middle school project represents a consolidation ofthe two existing middle schools: Fair Oaks Middle School (grades 5and 6) and Phillips Middle School (grades 7 and 8). The new schoolbuilding will be able to accommodate 1,000 students in grades 5 – 8. “dynamite arr.” by ViCtor LopezIt will be 173,271 gross square feet on two floors, plus a 650 theater Phillips Middle School Bandstyle performance auditorium. The building will be composed of Directed by Sarah Holder and Mike Richardsontwo wings, each being two stories tall. The east wing will serve asthe academic wing and the west as the activity wing. weLCome Superintendent of Schools Doug Van ZylThe new middle school is designed to provide all of our studentswith a 21st century education allowing them to excel academically the Star SpanGLed bannerin a caring atmosphere with the best possible resources. The facility Fair Oaks Middle School Choirwill contain special needs classrooms, a library media center, ex- Directed by Marilee Kleespiesploratory labs, conventional classrooms, science labs, and academic“learning communities” that allow for project learning, computers, inVoCationand collaboration. Pastor David GrindbergThe new facility will be located on the property edge of 10th Avenue “morninG” by Janet GardnerNorth and North 32nd Street. The project was designed by RDG Fair Oaks Middle School ChoirPlanning and Design and will be completed by Construction Services Directed by Marilee KleespiesIncorporated both of Des Moines. The school is scheduled to openits doors for the start of the 2013-2014 school year. introduCtionS oF SpeakerS ViSion without aCtion iS a dream. preSentation oF time CapSuLe aCtion without ViSion iS SimpLy breakinG oF Ground paSSinG the time. “roCk and roLL hey” Phillips Middle School Band aCtion with ViSion iS makinG a Directed by Sarah Holder and Mike Richardson poSitiVe diFFerenCe. - JoeL barker ribbon CuttinG