Why Should You Choose SKY Cig?The SKY Cig electronic cigarette is one of the first, exclusive for UK residents, tobacco fr...
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Transcript of "Why should you_choose_sky_cig"

  1. 1. Why Should You Choose SKY Cig?The SKY Cig electronic cigarette is one of the first, exclusive for UK residents, tobacco free cigarettes onthe market. The SKY Cig is a three-piece electronic cigarette that uses the very latest ecig tech and offersboth a 30 day money back guarantee for your money as well as a one year warranty on their starter kit.Even better, the SKY Cig guys offer free shipping on all orders over 45 pounds stirling which helps yousave even more money when making the shift to vapour smoking!How Does the SKY Cig Work?When you inhale on your SKY Cig smokeless cigarette, the airflow is detected by a sensor that triggersthe heating element, vapourising the nicotine solution stored within the mouthpiece. The vapouriserthen releases the simulated “smoke” or vapour from the smokeless cigarette that mimicks traditionalcigarettes better than any other we have tested.SKY Cig smokeless cigarettes are composed of three main parts: the battery, the vapouriser and theflavour cartridge. These three components work together to produce vapour when you inhale on yoursmokeless cigarette.The sleek, elongated SKY Cig smokeless cigarette body, which looks and feels much like a traditionalcigarette, holds the nicotine cartridge, vapouriser and long-lasting lithium battery. You’ll also notice thetip of your SKY Cig smokeless cigarette has a light that glows when you are inhaling, producing the samelook as a traditional cigarette. Your friends won’t even be able to notice a difference!SKY Cig smokeless cigarettes are the healthier alternative to smoking. You will love how much betteryour breath and clothes smell-you’ll never want to light up a cigarette again! SKY Cig smokelesscigarettes with nicotine satisfy your cravings, without tobacco, smoke, tar, carbon monoxide or ash.Experience the SKY Cig smokeless cigarette difference today! For more information about Sky Cig visithttp://skycigreview.com!