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Raspberry ketone is a phenolic compound that is naturally present in raspberries and is responsible for giving the berries their characteristic fruity aroma. For more info visit

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Benefits of raspberry_ketone pdf

  1. 1. Benefits of Raspberry KetoneRaspberry ketone is a phenolic compound that is naturally present in raspberries and is responsible forgiving the berries their characteristic fruity aroma. This compound finds wide usage in the food industryas an additive, and is also used in perfumes and cosmetics. The compound is rather expensive and muchsought after as a natural flavor in the food industry. However, it is not found in abundance in nature andthat is one of the reasons why industrial preparation of raspberry ketone has been undertaken, toextract more of this relatively rare compound.Recently raspberry ketone has been in the news a lot for its weight loss benefits and everyone seems tobe making a beeline to the stores to pick up this product. Raspberry ketone was administered in onestudy to mice and resulted in the prevention of high fat induced elevations in the weight of their bodies.This has led to all the interest in this product as a weight loss aid. The study also showed increase inoxidation of fatty acids. Studies conducted in Korea and Japan have also demonstrated the substancesability to aid in fat breakdown and converting fat into energy. A few years ago, researchers in Japanstated that it helped prevent obesity and fatty liver conditions. A couple of years ago, researchers fromKorea stated that it helped increase the secretion of adiponectin, a hormone which functions as aregulator of fats in the bloodstream.It seems that the benefits of this product have come to the forefront in a big way ever since one popularmedical personality called it a "miracle in a bottle" on his TV show. He went on to say that it is aneffective fat buster. His show and statement were supported by a second fitness expert. Severalstatements were made that ketones have the ability to enter the cell structure and then "break up" thefat.Raspberry ketones are said to work by altering the mechanism of lipid metabolism of the body, but theexact process of how it signals the body to react is not fully understood. Substantial scientific researchhas yet to be conducted on this unique property, but products promoting the use of these ketones forwhittling away the pounds are moving rapidly off the store shelves. Some of the more establishedbrands like Raspberry Ketone Pure have faced temporary backlogs as result of the increased popularityof effective ketone supplements. For more info visit