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Speech do aluno Matheus do Passages 2A da Professora Ionela, sobre "Video games"- ALL Stella Marias - Out. 2012

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  • Well, I guess I don’t need any effort to convice my classmates that videogames are fun! I guess all of you have at least one game you like to play, in any of the gadgets you might have. But, anyway, I would like to try to show our lovely teacher Ionela that video games are also important to boost some cognitive functions in our brain. And that, yes, it is a good idea to let Francisco play with it.
  • As I was saying,thare are plenty of cientific reasons to let your son enjoy himself in the video game. The MIT (MassachuetsIntitute of Techonology) has a departament called “MIT’s Education Arcade, which is responsible, within other matters, to study the efect of the video games and how we can use it to help us. And their studies are revealing that a wide variety of games can boost mental function, improving everything from vision to memory.
  • I know that there is still a tendency to think of video games as a big wad of time-wasting content. You would never hear a parent say we don’t allow books in our home, but you will still hear parents say we don’t allow video games in our home. They couldn’t be more wrong, according to many scientists. Most games involve a huge number of mental tasks, and playing can boost any of them. Complex, strategy-based games can improve other cognitive skills, including working memory and reasoning. Not to mention that, nowadays, video games like wii, are even used to help people in physiotherapy.
  • On the other hand, the researchers from Boston University are hoping to use the video games to encourage prosocial behavior – actions designed to help other (prosocial behaviors are the opposite of antisocial ones). They say that, unlike movies and books, video games don’t have just content, they also have rules. A game is set up to reward certain actions and to punish others. This means they have immense potential to teach children ethics and values. And, just to remember you, these are the words of the scientists, not mine!
  • Video games can stimulate learning of facts and skills such as strategic thinking, creativity, cooperation and innovative thinking, which are important skills in the information society. It is also good to remember here that there are some on line games witch has to be played with other players around the world to get to an specific objective. The players talk virtually using any chat available. While have fun, the kid/ teenager is learning how to work in group, collaboratively, and learning to work this way will be a fantastic advantage over a competitor when you try to get a job in a big company. Nowadays to work in group is something extremely important. Ok, I know that you might not be convinced yet, but let me tell you a bit of history and some of the games themselves. After that, I can try to convince you again, if I might need to.
  • Video Games

    1. 1. Video GamesMatheus Schittini
    2. 2. Video Game History
    3. 3. First Generation – 1961 “Spacewar”
    4. 4. First Generation – 1972 “Odyssey”
    5. 5. First Generation – 197 something“Odyssey” “Telejogo”-- Pong --
    6. 6. Second Generatio – 1978 “Atari”
    7. 7. Second Generatio – 1978 “Atari”
    8. 8. Second Generatio – 1980 “Famous Games”
    9. 9. Third Generation – 1983 “ Nintendo” V.S “SEGA”
    10. 10. Fourth Generation – 1986 “Nintendo” V.S “SEGA”
    11. 11. Fourth Generation – 1989 “Game Boy”
    12. 12. Fifth Generation – 1994 “PlayStation”
    13. 13. Fifth Generation – 1994 “PlayStation”
    14. 14. Fifth Generation – 1996 “Nintendo 64”
    15. 15. Sixth Generation – 2000 to 2004
    16. 16. Seventh Generation – 2005 to …“Xbox 360” V.S “PlayStation 3”
    17. 17. Seventh Generation – 2005 to …“Xbox 360” V.S “PlayStation 3”
    18. 18. New Age - Indie Games Angry Birds
    19. 19. Working With Video Games
    20. 20. Working With Video Games
    21. 21. Working With Video Games
    22. 22. Working With Video Games
    23. 23. • Games do recentes• No final de tudo, você pode dizer algo tipo: ok, if you are not convinced yet, just try it for a week. It is fucking fun!!! Do it for the fun! Just that. (Quer dizer, não sei se Ionela gosta do fucking. Eu adoro…. Kkkk)