Technology Use vs. Technology Integration
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Technology Use vs. Technology Integration






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Technology Use vs. Technology Integration Technology Use vs. Technology Integration Presentation Transcript

  • Technology Use vs. Technology Integration By: Andrea McLean
  • Technology Use
    • The use of electronic or digital products and systems.
  • Technology Integration
    • Technology integration is more complex in it’s definition. Here are some examples of how technology is integrated in a classroom….
    • “ Using technology to create rich environments where student work shows evidence of conceptual understanding beyond recall.”
    • “ Using and facilitating student use of technology to communicate, collaborate, and create communities with educators, parents, and students.”
    • “ Use technology to encourage students to engage in activities that develop understanding and create personal meaning through reflection.”
  • Different or the same?
    • Technology use and technology integration are two different meanings however in order to have technology integration in a classroom, there must obviously be technology use. Educators must USE technology in their classroom in order to INTEGRATE it successfully.
  • In the classroom…
    • Technology must be present and used in order for students and teachers to become comfortable with incorporating it into a daily routine.
    • There are many different ways to incorporate and use technology in everyday classes….
  • Everyday Use…
    • Use technology in your classroom to inform parents of classroom plans and events by creating a webpage to communicate.
    • Use PowerPoint presentations to present the daily schedule or daily lessons. Students will become more comfortable with alternative teaching methods.
    • Use other technology besides computers to allow students the opportunity to experiment with different uses. (i.e digital cameras, overhead projectors, smart boards)
    • Have students create weekly newsletters to take home to their parents. Use it as a part of an english lesson and have the students work on their publications.
    • Allow students the opportunity to communicate current events in the community by taping a news broadcast. This gets students working with cameras and the different things it takes to create a broadcast.
  • Conclusion
    • While technology use and integration are by definition different things, they are codependent. By using different types of technology daily in your classroom, you will therefore be allowing students to become comfortable with technology and it will become a habit.
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