الأبعاد المستقبلية لمحتوى الشبكات الإجتماعية


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الأبعاد المستقبلية لمحتوى الشبكات الإجتماعية

أ. عمار محمد
خبير ومدرب بالإعلام الجديد

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  • أجهزة الكمبيوتر سوف تستخدم لمرة واحدة فقط لانخفاض أسعارهاجوجل تطور نظارات تتعرف على الوجوه والأشخاصمشاهدة الأفلام ثلاثية الأبعاد ستكون بدون نظاراتعدسات لاصقة
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  • أكثرمن ٢٠١ بليونفيديومشاهدكلشهرعبرمواقعقوقلهناك ٣٥٠ مليونمستخدملموقعالفيسبوكيدخلعبرالهاتفالجوالهناك 1.2 بليونمستخدمللإنترنتعلىمستوىالعالمهناك ٥٥ مليونموقعإلكترونيترليونفيديومشاهديومياًعلىاليوتيوبهناك 9.5 بليونمشتركبالهواتفالجوالةهناك ١٠٠ بليونصورةمرفوعةعلىفلكرهناك ٧١ ٪ منالأيميلاتالمرسلةهيرسائلمزعجةمنتجالآيباديساهمفيمشاركة ٨٨ ٪ منمحتوىالأجهزةاللوحيةفيتصفحالإنترنت
  • يقضي الفرد بالعالم العربي ٢٠٠ دقيقة من وقته يوميا على الانترنت بينما يمضي ١٥٥ دقيقة مشاهدًا التلفاز
  • هناكأكثرمن ٩٠ مليونمشترك * نسبةالنمو ٦٥٢ مليونيومياًيتوقعأنيصلالزوار ٣٩٠ مليونخلالنهايةعام ٢٠١٢ هناكأكثرمن ٢٢٥ مليونحساب ** ١٤٠ مليونمستخدمنشطوهناكأكثرمن ٣٤٠ مليونتويتترسليومياًفيالموقع ١٣٢ مليونمستخدمويستخدمالموقع business to business At present, Google+ reaches 90 million global visitors, accounting for 5 percent of the global social networking audience. While this early adoption bodes well for Google+, whether or not the network can sustain this growth and a strong level of engagement among users will be better indicators of its success in the future. Google+ might emerge as a social networking leader in its own right in the years to come, but exactly how big it will be remains to be seen.
  • يتواجد ٨٠٠ مليونمشتركقديصللبليونمشتركفينهاية ٢٠١٢هناك ٣٠ مليونببريطانيايمثلون ٥٠ ٪ منالمستخدمينويقضيكلمشتركمنسبعساعاتونصفإلىأربعساعاتونصفبالشهر - ٢٠١٢ With more than 800 million users, Facebook is running into a nice problem to have: There are only so many more people to add. While the site will continue to grow in emerging markets that are only now getting online, Mark Zuckerberg has shifted the conversation to sharing and engagement, arguing that sharing on Facebook grows exponentially and that users will double the amount they share each year. That sharing is driving users to spend more time on site — the average Facebook user now spends nearly seven-and-a-half hours on the site each month, up from four-and-a-half hours just two years ago. With the arrival of Timeline, increased focus on media and entertainment consumption, and continued growth in social games, engagement will surge even further in 2012. Also see: “Facebook adds Pinterest + 59 new apps” http://mashable.com/2012/01/18/facebook-adds-apps/
  • Nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online is now spent on social networking sites – a stark contrast from when the category accounted for only 6 percent of time spent online in March 2007.Time spent on social networking sites gained ground during this time by taking share predominantly from web-based email and instant messengers, reflecting its emergence as another primary communication channel for users.Ornoklassniki is a Russian Social Networking website. SinaWeibo is a Chinese site.
  • This social network is a place to organise and share online images that you find interesting or inspiring and continues to reinforce the trending growth of an increasingly visual social web.Pinterest has grown 4,000% in the last 6 months and is now threatening to break into the top 10 social networks with more than 4 million unique users.Its users are extremely engaged, it keeps its users logged on for long periods of time and ranks as number three at 88.3 minutes per user per month behind Facebook and Tumblr respectively.While sites like Digg and Reddit have been around for years, a new crop of sites like Polyvore, Svpply and, most notably, Pinterest are allowing people to organize their favourite discoveries from around the web into themed collections that friends and contacts can follow.
  • Contentcuration is the organising, filtering and “making sense of” information on the web and sharing the very best with your network.A great curator:Optimises titles so it is relevant for that audienceEdits the content to add further relevance of the messageFormats the material so it is easy for the audience to read and apply to their situationAdds good images and other visual material that complements and reinforces the contentExcerpts selected text so the reader can quickly and easily grasp the most important elementsAdds his or her own voice in an intro to the piece, adding context and relevance for the readerTags all content with relevant words and phrases so it is easily found by that audienceSupplies links to expand the scope of the piece and give access to added resources about the subjectPersonalizes each piece for the relevant audience when posting to social sites, when appropriateEnsures all curated content is correct and from a reliable sourceAlways gives attribution and links to sourcesFilters content vigorously and does not publish anything and everythingHas a network of experts and curators in their sphere that they can tap into for personal insightsSuggests stories and items to other curatorsSearches for additional material that can add depth and value or context to an itemConstantly scouts for interesting new sourcesSets up searches, filters and feeds to get a constant flow of relevant informationMakes the focus of the curated content perfectly clear and easy to see right upfrontRecommends other newsmasters and curators with great contentCrowd sources tips and suggestions from readers and always acknowledges their contributions
  • Collaborative Consumption describes the rapid explosion in swapping, sharing, bartering, trading and renting being reinvented through the latest technologies and peer-to-peer marketplaces in ways and on a scale never possible before. Reputational Capital (i.e. who can we trust) will be increasingly important the more that we use the internet for transactional services.توفيرأماكنلقيادةالسياراتخدماتلحملوشراءالأغراضالمنزليةمساعدةفيتركيبحاجياتالمنزل
  • ٤٠٠ باوند2,339 درهمإماراتي
  • Visualisation, infographics etc. – presenting complex information in new and interesting ways.
  • Visualisation, infographics etc. – presenting complex information in new and interesting ways.
  • Some people – wrongly - see gamification simply as the process of adding points, badges or rewards to the learning process and instantly creating engagement, interactivity and motivation for learning. When done correctly, gamification provides an experience that is inherently engaging and, most importantly, promotes learning. The elements of games that make for effective gamification are those of storytelling, which provides a context, challenge, immediate feedback, sense of curiosity, problem-solving, a sense of accomplishment, autonomy and mastery.تحديبزياراتمناطقوأماكنمعينةتصميمألعابونظاميقدممكافآتعلىالإنترنت
  • There will be 7 billion mobile phones by 2012 – more than the global population.More than 4 billion people around the world now use cell phones, and for 500 million the web is a fully mobile experience
  • Shopping: a person uses their GPS-equipped smartphone to reveal their location and in return they are offered special promotions from nearby businesses.Easy:park – smartphone app. Enables payment via smartphone and countdown timer showing how long is left. Future release will find parking slot based on gps location.
  • Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality.
  • Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality.
  • Google decided in 2009 that it could no longer ignore the social web as it watched Facebook warp the web into a global community of 800 million plus. On June 28, 2011 Google Plus launched and became the fastest growing social network in history reaching 25 million users in less than 30 days. It continues to grow at over 600,000 users a day and is projected to reach 400 million users by the end of 2012 according to estimates by Paul Allen.It is now both a personal and business social network after launching Google+ brand “pages” on November 7, 2011. Google plus enhanced the visual aspect of social networks by making its images significantly larger than the photos on Facebook. Facebook has since responded with a revamp of its design that allows for much larger images in its new “Timeline” for personal profiles.
  • انهاليستالقوةللمساحاتالتيتنجوفليسمعظمالأذكياءقدنجو . انهاواحدةمنأكثرالأمورالقابلةللتغيير . تشارلسدارون
  • التعاونالاستهلاكيسيساعدالمشاركةوالاحتفاظبالزبائنعنطريقالشبكاتالاجتماعيةتطبيقاتالواقعالافتراضيتعطيوفرةبياناتوستخفضتعاملالعاملينبالتجارةمعالزبونفرصلاصحابالمشاريعالصغيرةفيالتقاسمتمويلالمشاريعوالانماجواستحواذالآخرتوليدالبياناتبشكلاسرعسيجعلهناكقابليةلتحليلالبياناتوتفسيرهاالهواتفالنقالةستتفوق
  • الأبعاد المستقبلية لمحتوى الشبكات الإجتماعية

    1. 1. ‫ا<6;(د ا‪C?+A =.>/$?@A‬ى‬ ‫ا8‪(E/F‬ت ا5‪ =.*()?G‬‬ ‫%$#"!:‬ ‫أ. *)(ر ,+)#‬ ‫0/.- و,#رب 6(5*4م ا87#"#‬
    2. 2. ‫د. &$%$! "#"! ‬
    3. 3. ‫ا4,.م ا4321#,0 /.ل ,#م ٢١٠٢‬
    4. 4. ‫:987أ =8<; ا4‪#$?#@A‬ت‬
    5. 5. H!H GH‫ &!ا‬K8, KW] " 7C#%& ![7$S ‫$!ن‬F= ٢٠١ Z& KY"‫أ‬ ‫!ال‬X:‫ ا‬UV#W:‫ ا‬K8, /7[ ‫8!ك‬e$o:‫ ا‬GH!b ‫7م‬d2e& ‫$!ن‬F& ٣٥٠ ‫9#ك‬C i:#<:‫2!ى ا‬e& TF, fIK2Ig: ‫7م‬d2e& ‫$!ن‬F= 2.1 ‫9#ك‬C 0I‫و‬K2L:‫ إ‬GH!& ‫$!ن‬F& ٥٥ ‫9#ك‬C ‫$!ب‬V!$:‫ ا‬TF, ً #P$&![ 7C#%& ![7$S ‫:$!ن‬KV R:‫!ا‬X:‫ ا‬UV‫!ا‬W:#= ‫ك‬K2%& ‫$!ن‬F= 5.9 ‫9#ك‬C KLFS TF, R,!SK& ‫!رة‬PPQ ‫$!ن‬F= ١٠٠ ‫9#ك‬C RX,c& ?#a‫0 ر‬C RFaKb‫ ا`[1$.ت ا‬Z& ٪ ٧١ ‫9#ك‬C R$A!F:‫ة ا‬cW3`‫2!ى ا‬m& Z& ٪ ٨٨ R"‫0 &%#ر‬S iC#e[ ‫[8#د‬k‫ ا‬j29& fIK2I4‫ ا‬no@V 0S Source: http://royal.pingdom.com/2012/01/17/internet-2011-in-numbers/
    6. 6. ٢٠٠ 0=K<:‫ ا‬i:#<:#= ‫د‬Ko:‫0 ا‬st[fIK2Iu‫ ا‬TF, #$&![ v2H‫ و‬Z& Rt$H‫د‬‫7ا‬C#%& Rt$H‫0 ٥٥١ د‬s1[ #19$= ً ‫#ز‬oF2:‫ا‬
    7. 7. R$,#1234‫#ت ا‬L8%:‫١- ا‬ ‫ن‬C.>, ٣٩٠ ‫ ا8[وار‬YZ" ‫ أن‬WXC?" ً (V.,C" ‫ن‬C.>, ٦٥٢ C)I8‫@/= ا‬Q * ‫?-ك‬F, ‫ن‬C.>, ٩٠ M, -KL‫(ك أ‬IJ ٢٠١٢ ‫^("= *(م‬Q ‫04ل‬ d"C% ‫ن‬C.>, ٣٤٠ M, -KL‫(ك أ‬IJ‫ و‬cFQ ‫#م‬b?@, ‫ن‬C.>, ١٤٠ ** ‫ن `@(ب‬C.>, ٢٢٥ M, -KL‫(ك أ‬IJ ً (V.,C" Ye-% business to business WXCA‫#م ا‬b?@"‫#م و‬b?@, ‫ن‬C.>, ١٣٢ WXCA‫ ا‬fg*Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2012/01/19/tech/social-media/google-plus-users/index.html and http://venturebeat.com/2012/01/20/google-skews-google-plus-statistics/ **Some may be bots. Source: http://phill.co/social-media/social-media-statistics-dec-2011-video-infographic
    8. 8. ‫ =!ك‬x$o:‫ا‬ ‫$!ن‬F& ٨٠٠ 73‫•  [2!ا‬ ‫ك‬K2%& ‫$!ن‬F8: @[ 7H  • R[#WI 0S ‫ك‬K2%& ٢٠١٢ ‫$!ن‬F& ٣٠ ‫9#ك‬C  • ‫!ن‬FY1[ #$I#y[K8= z&7d2eb‫ ا‬Z& ٪ ٥٠ Z& ‫ك‬K2%& " 0st[‫و‬c"-k i.j‫0-ا ً أ‬h,time f>;l8‫ ا‬dXC8‫ا‬ T:‫ إ‬U@I‫#,#ت و‬a G8a line U@I‫#,#ت و‬a G=‫أر‬ ٢٠١٢ - KW%:#=
    9. 9. ‫ا:87ا[‪ R‬و ا:2‪!m‬ل :91#ذج ا`,1#ل ا:2‪#X‬ر[‪ R‬ا4321#,$‪R‬‬ ‫ ‬ ‫•  ‪(.e‬دة ا8;4‪(X‬ت‬ ‫•  %‪4*(l‬ت ‪ -.q‬ا‪ =.*()?G‬‬ ‫ا5‪ =.*()?G‬‬ ‫•  ا8$.)= ‪ fg‬ا‪4,(;A‬ت ‬‫•  ا8$.)= %‪(X4;8(6 M)E‬ت ‬ ‫•  ا‪-$?e‬ار ا<*)(ل ‬ ‫•   %#‪ ng‬ا<*)(ل ‬ ‫ و‪(It !8(;, rCj‬ع ا‪(A‬دة ا5*4,.= ‬ ‫•‬ ‫•  ا%7(‪ pC@>8 oJ‬‬ ‫•  ا%7(ه وا`# 8>@‪ pC‬‬ ‫•  و‪-g‬ة ا‪(,C>;A‬ت‬ ‫•  ,;>‪(,C‬ت ,+#ودة ‬ ‫8>)7?);(ت ‬ ‫•  و‪-g‬ة ا‪(ZA‬در و%‪ (^*CI‬‬ ‫•  ‪C.X‬د ا‪CA‬ارد ‬‫ا‪(;)?7A‬ت ‬ ‫‪(It‬ع ا8‪ -/b‬‬
    10. 10. Z, ‫2<7دة‬b‫#?~ ا‬a!:‫ ا‬i,7: ‫ص 37[7ة‬KS K$S!V Q‫$!ا‬a 0,#1234‫ا4,.م ا‬ R[‫د‬Ko:‫ة ا‬K8d:‫ ا‬i[7tV ‫ة‬c$& ‫7م‬t2a GH‫!ا‬b‫ ، ا‬R$,#1234‫9@#ت ا‬b‫[• ا‬K€ fIK2Ig: ‫#ذ‬o9:‫ ا‬R8eI GoVK2a‫ و‬R"‫%#ر‬b#= ‫ع‬Ka‫ أ‬R$F=#H 0y<V T2A ‫7م‬d2e1F:
    11. 11. ‫2!ى‬mb‫%#ء ا‬I‫• / إ,#دة إ‬F/ -٢‫1!ن‬sb‫$ ا‬L%V ‫ =„,#دة‬z&7d2e1F: n1eV ‫2!ى‬mb‫%#ء ا‬I‫• أو إ‬F/ GH‫&!ا‬ iWV#8†‫ ور‬iWV#&#12C‫ إ‬G& …a#92V 7H 02:‫ا4,.&0 ا‬
    12. 12. ‫٣- ا:2<#ون ا4‪0".W2a‬‬
    13. 13. ‫ى‬K8L:‫#م ا‬H‫٤- ا`ر‬ y>L !8(;8‫ى ا‬C?@, x>* x$.eCA‫(ت ا‬l>, W.)G Y.)+?8 ve‫(رد‬J ‫-اء‬F8 £ ٤٠٠ v,[>" ٢٠١٢ ="(^I6 ‫$(ل‬I8‫ ا‬i%(^>8 ‫#م‬b?@, ‫ن‬C.>6 ٧ x8‫! إ‬X-8‫ ا‬YZ" ‫^-ي‬k YEF6 ‫ك‬C6 |.l8‫ ا‬WXC, x>* y?L‫(ر‬F, !?" ‫ى‬C?+, ‫ن‬C.>6 ٣٠ ‫(ك ,( "$(رب‬IJ R$b#<:‫!&#ت ا‬F<b‫9!:!3$# ا‬LV TF, ‫#ق‬oI4‫0 ا‬S ٪5 R8e9= !1I =#t& #[!9a ‫#ت‬I#$8F: GH!2b‫ا:91! ا‬ ٤٠٪ ‫و‬ jV#9:‫ ا‬Z& KY"‫#ع ا:<#م - أي أ‬yt:‫0 ا‬S #=‫ 4دارة أورو‬RF12mb‫ ا‬R1$t:‫000000000052 € ا‬ ‫#ن‬I!$F: 0:#134‫0 ا‬Fmb‫ا‬ ‫#ت‬I#$8:‫ ا‬Z& ‫#دة‬o2a.: R&‫#ء ا:.ز‬C7:‫ي وا‬K[7& ‫$!ن‬F& 5.1 ‫#ت‬I#$8:‫ وا‬zFFmb‫#ت ا‬I#$= 190000 - 140000 .(‫7ة‬m2b‫[#ت ا‬u!:‫0 ا‬S ) ‫ة‬K$8L:‫ا‬ ‫#ت‬I#$= ‫7ام‬d2a‫ ا‬Z& ‫9!ي‬e:‫.ك ا‬W2au‫<7ل ا‬b 12m& ;?#S ‫ر‬u‫دو‬ ‫$#ر‬F& 600 ‫9#ك‬C 0b#<:‫ ا:@<$7 ا‬TF, R$@d%:‫ ا‬GH‫!ا‬b‫ا‬Source: McKinsey Global Institute, May 2011
    14. 14. Z& ‫!ن‬L$a ‫ى‬K8L:‫#ت ا‬I#$8:‫ا‬   • Z&‫ى – &#ذا و‬K8L:‫#م ا‬H‫ا`ر‬ #WV‫ إدار‬TF, 1<:‫ا:@<… ا‬ 7,‫!ا‬H ‫ أدوات إدارة‬G& #Wa#$H‫و‬ ‫0 ؟‬VŠV Z[‫أ‬ R[‫#ت ا4,2$#د‬I#$8:‫ا‬ #1F" ‫#ت‬I#$8:‫#,7ة ا‬H ‫ت‬K8" #1F"   • TF, c$"K2F: zFFm1F: fm1a RA#2b‫ص ا‬Ko:‫#ري وا‬X2:‫… ا‬I#X:‫ا‬ ‫1#ر‬Y2a.: Y& ‫!&#ت‬F<b‫#ع &@#در ا‬oV‫أر‬   • ‫ات‬K$&#L:‫ ، ا‬R:#t9:‫ ا‬UV‫!ا‬W:‫ا‬ ، …y:‫ ، آر أف آي دي ، ا‬R$1HK:‫ا‬ ، R$LFa.:‫#ت ا‬L8%:‫ ، ا‬Tt$a!b‫ا‬ ، R$LFa.:‫2%<#ر ا‬a4‫#ت ا‬L8] ، R8H‫ا‬Kb‫ ا‬R1ŽI‫0 و أ‬F<o:‫ ا‬fH!:‫ا‬ …2L:‫ ، ا‬Z"#&`‫ ا‬R"‫#ت &%#ر‬I#$= R$1HK:‫ا‬#W9[cdV i2[ ‫#ت‬I#$= Z& KY"‫ وأ‬KY"‫أ‬  • cloud R$1HK:‫ ا‬R8a!m:‫0 ا‬S
    15. 15. R$I#$8:‫ وا‬R$m$•!2:‫!م ا‬aK:‫٥- ا‬
    16. 16. R$I#$8:‫ وا‬R$m$•!2:‫!م ا‬aK:‫٥- ا‬
    17. 17. ‫7ي‬m2:‫٦- أ:<#ب ا‬ ‫#"#ة‬G p-•6 ‫(س‬I8‫ ا‬Y*(l%‫ و‬Yt‫ا‬C%
    18. 18. ‫٧ - &9@#ت ا:‪ UV#W‬ا:‪!X‬ال‬
    19. 19. iXm:‫ ا‬R$A#I Z& KV!$81L:‫!ر ا‬yV‫ي‬Š=‫ و‬fH‫ي و‬Š= #W: ‫!ل‬Q!:‫ وا‬R&!F<1F: ‫ ا:29#ول‬R:!Wa = ‫#ن‬L&
    20. 20. 0&7d2e& TF, ‫!ن‬H!o2$a ‫!ال‬X:‫ ا‬UV#W:#= fIK2I4‫7&0 ا‬d2e& R&‫#د‬t:‫9!ات ا‬a x1d:‫ /.ل ا‬KV!$81L:#= fIK2I4‫ا‬Source: Morgan Stanley Internet Trends Report 4 Dec 2011
    21. 21. -KL‫$(8= أ‬I8‫ ا‬i%‫ا‬C^8‫ن ا‬CE>?).e ‫(س‬I8‫ا‬ !‫(ن‬Ie<‫(ة ا‬k-g M,
    22. 22. ‫#ت‬t$8y2:‫٨. ا‬
    23. 23. ‫#ت‬t$8y2:‫ا‬ i$1@V ٢٠١٠ – ٢٠٠٥ Z& •S‫@0 :$2!ا‬d%:‫ ا‬KV!$81L:‫ا‬ [#=!b‫ ا‬G&‫/.ل ١١٠٢ – ٢١٠٢ ….٠٢؟‬ G& •S‫1!=#[ [2!ا‬F: i$1@V KV!$81L:‫ا‬
    24. 24. Z"#&`‫ ا‬R"‫#ت &%#ر‬t$8yV .٩
    25. 25. AR - fj‫?-ا‬g<‫ ا‬WX‫ا‬C8‫٠١. ا‬ :‫!رك‬PP[!$I Z& R8[Kt:‫ ا‬Z"#&`‫8$• ا‬yV UF2d& L] TF, ‫!رك‬PP[!$I R9[7& ‫ :’ =#"2%#ف‬n1e[ U:!“:‫ &9#€• ا‬Z, ‫#ت‬I#$= ‫#ء‬y,Š= ’: n1e[ : x$8a U:!3 R$S‫ا‬K“X:‫ ا‬Rty9b‫ ا‬Z, ‫!&#ت‬F<& ’$y<[ : ‫!ب‬La #&‫!را‬PPI#= ‫ة‬K& ‫ `ول‬R9[7b‫7 ا‬C#%V ’IŠ" ’: n1e[‫# ً و‬P&#1V U:!“:‫ ا‬R•#[K: ’2a‫7 :•=<#د /.ل &1#ر‬Q‫ور‬ . ’9& R8[Kt:‫ ا‬R[‫8#ل وا`ود‬X:‫1#ء ا‬a‫أ‬TF, ’&#&‫اه أ‬KV #b #[7$8$L[!:‫ ا‬Z& ‫!&#ت‬F<& ’$y<[ : #$=!FL[#a TF, ‫!م‬X9:‫ ا‬Z, ‫!&#ت‬F<& ’$y<[ : ‫%#رت‬V ‫2#ر‬a ’: ‫7د‬m[ ‫9#€• ا:@$7 و‬b RFQ!= ’$y<[ •$8yV : 02:‫ذ اودو‬ •$8y2:‫1#ء وا‬e:‫#ه ا‬XV#= ‫!ن‬o[k‫1 ا‬m= iH ~tS . ‫!ن‬o[k‫ا‬ ‫!ن‬o[k‫ ا‬TF, •$8y2:‫ =2%“$ ا‬iH ‫ك‬Km2V #19$A ~tS . GH‫ا:!ا‬ #W2a‫1#ر‬b R8a#9b‫ ا‬R•#[K:‫ا‬ R]#%:‫ ا‬TF, ’:!A 02:‫9#€• ا‬b‫#ت ا‬I#$= KWŽ2a‫و‬ …"!"‫ و‬iXI " Z, $Q#o2:‫دق ا‬Š= ‫ك‬K8d$a
    26. 26. ‫١١- ا‪C+?e‬اذ ا•0-‬
    27. 27. v1XA ‫#ن‬L: .. ‫$8$7[# "2#ب‬L[‫:! "#ن و‬ RmoQ ‫$!ن‬F& ٢.٢٥ vF" vV‫اء‬Kt: ‫9!ات‬a ١٢٣ ‫2#ج‬m2a R,#a ٢٤‫[7ات ا:ـ‬K“V #9<8€ !:‫!ن‬L& ‫ "2#ب‬T:‫ إ‬fFQ!: R$•#b‫ا‬ ‫#وز‬X2V RmoQ ‫$!ن‬F& ١٠ Z& ‫ =2#[!ان‬v$8[#V ‫ج‬K= #W:!y=
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    30. 30. RQ.d:‫ - ا‬G82[ YG‫ أ‬M, ‫(ت‬L-F>8 WX‫ا‬C,‫?)(*.= و‬G5‫(ت ا‬E/F8‫ ا‬x8‫ إ‬y$"-ˆ #7.e fL4^?e5‫ا8?;(ون ا‬  • .M‹(6[8‫ وا‬o,#b?@A(6 ‫(ظ‬l?`Œ‫= وا‬L‫(ر‬FA‫ا‬ ‫??$#م‬e WX‫ا‬CA‫ ا‬x>* =)‹($8‫#,(ت ا‬b8‫#م . وا‬b?@)>8 ‫ %$#م 0/-ة‬fj‫?-ا‬g<‫ ا‬WX‫ا‬C8‫%•/.$(ت ا‬  • x>* ‫(ظ‬l+8‫ ا‬W, ‫ن‬C6[8‫(ل ا<*)(ل وا‬G‫ ر‬o6 ‫;(,4ت‬A‫ ا‬fg ‫(ض‬lbQ‫ ا‬Y;7?e‫ ,@?)- و‬YEF6 .‫ن‬CQ($8‫ ا‬n"-ˆ M* o,#b?@A‫.= وردع ا‬tCZb8‫ا‬‫-اض و إ*(دة‬X5‫! و ا‬e($?8‫@/= ا‬Q ‫(ع‬l%‫ ار‬fg ‫•.-ة‬Z8‫ ا‬W"‫(ر‬FA‫+(ب ا‬t< ‫-ص‬g ‫(ك‬IJ ‫ن‬CE?e  • .“ fL4^?e5‫?(`= “ ا8?;(ون ا‬A‫-ص ا‬l8‫%#و"- ا‬ !^l"‫ و‬v>^?@" ‫ أن‬ME)"‫ و‬y.>* ‫(ن‬L (), ‫-ع‬e‫ أ‬YEF6 ‫(ت‬Q(./8‫8.# ا‬C% =>t‫ا‬CA n"-ˆ fg M+Q  • !^l8‫@.- وا‬l?8‫ ا‬x>* ‫#م‬b?@A‫(ت و,@(*#ة ا‬Q(./8‫ ا‬Y.>+?8 =.>6(X ‫(ك‬IJ ‫ن‬CE?e ، =8C^@6 . ‫,(ت‬C>;A‫= وا‬g-;A‫ ,7(ل ا‬fg o>,(;>8 ‫-ص وا8?+#"(ت‬l8‫و%+#"# ا‬  • =8($I8‫ ا‬i%‫ا‬C^8‫).! ا‬Z% !?.e‫?/.= و‬EA‫%- ا‬C./)E8‫^[ة ا‬G‫ أ‬x>* ً (V/"-X pCl?e =8($I8‫ ا‬i%‫ا‬C^8‫ا‬ .=./?EA‫%- ا‬C./)E8‫^[ة ا‬G‫ أ‬x>* y>)* (IIE)" (, YL W, ng‫ا‬C?>8
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