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AmmanTT - It is not just about waka waka waka!

AmmanTT - It is not just about waka waka waka!



It is not just about "waka waka waka!"! a history overview of gaming (Ala N. Dawod, Games content and community specialist Yahoo! Middle east)

It is not just about "waka waka waka!"! a history overview of gaming (Ala N. Dawod, Games content and community specialist Yahoo! Middle east)
#AmmanTT Gaming Edition



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    AmmanTT - It is not just about waka waka waka! AmmanTT - It is not just about waka waka waka! Presentation Transcript

    • It is not just about “wakawakawaka”!!
      Ala N. Dawod
      Games content and community specialist Yahoo! Middle east
    • What is “wakawakawaka”
      When someone says “games”…. Is this what goes into your mind?
      If yes, prepare for the following…
      If not,…. Also prepare for the following!!
    • Videogames… origins
      “William Higinbotham” invented a device that allow tow players to play a tennis-like game in 1958
    • In 1961, Steve Russell  invented a game called “Spacewar!” on the PDP-1 computer.
    • Ralph Baer thought about electronic games in the mid 50’s
      And is developed in the device called Odyssey in 1972
    • And in 1972 , Nolan Bushnell
      started a company with a 500 $ !!!
      Started a company and named it “go”
    • And after some time…
      They made coin machine called “pong”
    • the placed the machine in a bar. And watched from a distance.
      People liked “this new thing”. And they made a success. And stated producing 100 machines a day!!
    • At that point when arcade machines that were successful. They decided to inter people’s homes in 1975
      And they made this
    • And they also made famous consoles…
      Atari VCS 2600 (1977)
    • The company was sold for 28 millions… which was at that time 1976.
      But the company has deteriorated since then.
      Which marked a new dawn for another competitor
    • Nintendo was originally a card games maker from 1889!
      But they saw something interesting in video games and decided to shift and work in the games section
      But they saw the real success after hiring this man
    • The student on the fine art
      There was a young man
      Graduated with a degree in fine arts
      Joined the company as a game designer
    • So he came up with this game:
      Donkey kong
    • This was the precursor for the star of games of all times. The best seller of all time (collectively more than 200 million units !!)
      Later became: Mario
    • At that time his name was “jump man”. And he was a part of donkey kong game.
      Then in the 1983 he starred in his own game.
    • He is also the creator all great Nintendo games:
      Wii sport
      Wii music
    • معقولة؟!!
      According to a study:
      69% of adults recognize MARIO,
      While only 53% recognize Paris Hilton (ICM research)
      I WIN
    • Sony enters the race
      Sony entered the gaming area in 1994 with “Playstation” and became a key player in the gaming industry.
      Sony broke records in sales for PS1 by selling more than 100 million units
    • And continued stunning success with the PS2
      Which is considered until today as the best seller in the history of videogames buy selling around 150 million units
    • A lesson of believing in your self
      Ken kutaragi story
      Aka: the father of playstation
    • ! الرابط العجيب
      ما الرابط بين هذه اللعبة ؟
    • و هذا الفيلم؟
    • The answer is
      This man:
      Shinji mikami
      Designer of Aladdin game…. And … Resident Evil games
    • Are you a fan of Farmville?
      Time magazine tells you it is on of THE WORST INVENTIONS EVER!!
      Time magazine made a list of worst 50 inventions ever made, and Farmville was one of them because it a productivity killer, and it is only a series of mindless endless clicking
      Which – as a videogames geek – made me very happy 
    • Response to the facebook comment…
      Street fighter 4 note…
      “I hope they talk about street fighter 4 LOL”
      Well,… CAPCOM announced that they sold 4 MILLION copies of street fighter 4
    • And the announced ….
      Streetfighter X Tekken
    • Games influence on other media:
      Series … where gamer geeks are the center of the story
      Big bang theory
      Penny arcade
      Petey Pablo
    • Video games now
      Video games are now extremely popular.
      Some people consider them more entertaining that movies.
    • Are games better than movies?
      Spider-Man creator Stan Lee has said he believes games are catching up with films these days - and in even surpassing them in some respects!!
    • Are games better than movies?
      Well in figures, the game “call of duty modern warfare2” sold 20 million copies. With revenue of 1.2 billion dollars
      It had the most successful opening day in the history of all entertainment. With 6 million copies in the opening day
      It has beaten Batman the dark knight movie , and harry potter movie in the total of revenue for the first week.
    • 2005
      Microsoft xbox 360 has sold 40 million units until now
    • 2006
      • Playstation 3 sold 32 million units
      • NintendoWii 72 millions
    • 2004
      Sony PSP 60 million
      Nintendo DS 132 millions
    • Apple in gaming…
      Did apple enter the gaming field ?
      What is the name of the device?
    • The best seller is
      • SonyPlaystation 2…….. 150 million units sold
    • University degree is not every thing:
      All of these gaming LEGENDS are not from technical background”
      Shigeru myiamoto
      Bioware doctors
      Akira yamaoka
    • And to stress more on my point
      Shigeru myimoto upon receiving the BAFTA award…
      Yes games can grant you a bafta award
    • And also atari founder nolanbushnell
    • In the end…
      Games are an equal form of art just like any other form of art, like movie, music, anything
      And here’s a sample
    • Video 2
    • Any questions?
    • ما نوع الجهاز الذي إقتنيته من الحقبة الكلاسيكية؟
      What classical console did you own?
      سيغا ميغا دريف 1. Sega Mega Drive
      سوبر نينتيندو 2. Super Nintendo
      نينتيندو فاميلي3. NES (Nintendo or "Family")
      أتاري 4. Atari 2600 2600
      معظمهم 5. Most of them
      ولا واحد 6. None of them
      للتصويت، الرجاء ارسال ما يلي باستخدام تويتر:
      Please vote using twitter as follows:
      e.g. (1 #TTGE1 #AmmanTT)
      Amman Tech Tuesdays “Gaming Edition” – August 3rd