How to Find a Job in the New Economy, Part 3


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Part 3 of 5 Online Job Hunting, Working Online, Volunteering, & Social Networking
In this presentation, learn more about how to hunt for a job online, and how to work online in paying jobs that will add to your skills and experience, and help pay the bills. Who knows, you might even become your own boss and replace your lost income, or earn more than you were.

This presentation is by the authors of “Questions You Need to Ask on Your Next Job Interview,” published by Eternal Spiral Books. For more info, visit:

In Part 4, we will talk about skills and networking for a job.

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How to Find a Job in the New Economy, Part 3

  1. 1. • Part 3 of 5 Online Job Hunting, Working Online, Volunteering, & Social Networking FINDING A JOB The Best Ways to Hunt For Your Dream Job in the New Economy
  2. 2. A Recap of the series so far In Part 1 we discussed resumes. In Part 2 we discussed: • Networking • Temporary work • Offering your services to others for money • Setting up in your own small business • A range of small business opportunities In this part 3, we will discuss job hunting and working online, and social networking. 2
  3. 3. The Online Goldmine • There are many great job hunting sites online • There are also many opportunities to work online • In the last part of this presentation, we focused on real world networking and interaction • In this part, we will focus on the virtual world, and the many ways to earn money, become a virtual employee, and get paid freelance work • Social networking can also be a way to make connections and market yourself and your services 3
  4. 4. Online Job Boards • Search for jobs at top sites like: • Indeed • Simply Hired • CareerBuilder • • LinkedIn Use the free resources at any job related sites: • Resume advice • Interview Advice • Blogs 4
  5. 5. Online Resume Sites Post your resume at top sites like: • Monster • CareerBuilder • The Ladders • – create resumes, search jobs, and more • LinkedIn-create a full, detailed profile Take advantage of any free resume critiques available to help polish your resume and make it shine in a sea of applications 5
  6. 6. Job-Specific Boards Some job boards specialize in jobs in a particular field or industry: • Mediabistro for journalism jobs • Dice for computer jobs • eFinancialCareers for finance-related jobs Don’t forget to research the company you are applying for: can help you get the inside scoop on many top companies so you can understand the culture, and steer clear of trouble 6
  7. 7. Consider an Internship • Internships are not just for young students • Internships can give you a foot in the door of many top companies • Internships can help you make the transition from one career or industry to another • Some internships will pay a stipend • Internships offer networking opportunities • Go to for more information 7
  8. 8. There are many legitimate opportunities to work online. Do your research before jump in with both feet. Also look for words like telecommute and virtual worker or virtual assistant. Freelance opportunities also abound if you are willing to write a good profile and learn how to bid. Explore Working Online8 Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. -Abraham Lincoln
  9. 9. Full time positions available online. Research major companies in search of online jobs. Telecommuting is a rapidly growing industry. Sell professional services on the internet. Use sites like Elance and Odesk to post work skills and resume online. Use online forums like Warrior Forum. Avoid using sites that require you to pay to find a job. Become a virtual assistant. Provide office support and back-up to businesses from home. Respond to emails and offer customer service. 9 Online Opportunities Abound
  10. 10. Position yourself as an expert • Coaching • Consulting • Mentoring • Teaching courses at the local college or online • Start a blog • Create a free or paid membership site Getting organized can take time, but the financial rewards can be well worth it, especially if you automate the sales process by using a range of tools and technologies 10
  11. 11. Virtual Assistants • As the name suggests, they work online, performing a variety of support tasks for one or more companies or employers • Some VAs are like old fashioned secretaries, running the office for the boss, making appointments and so on • Other VAs might possess special skills, such as those related to online marketing 11
  12. 12. Freelancing • There are a number of top freelancing sites that pay reasonably well and can offer fairly steady work IF you are prepared to do your research on this topic and learn the rules of each site • Some sites have minimum bids, but the employer might ask for an unreasonable amount of work for the price • Payment protection is guaranteed at most of the freelance marketplaces, BUT you need to follow their site instructions to the letter and some dishonest employers will try to change the terms of the deal or delay payment, so beware 12
  13. 13. Freelancing Benefits • You can work on a range of interesting projects • You can get happy clients who will come back to you with more work, without the need to go through the marketplace (though best to use it at first just to keep everyone honest) • You can develop an online portfolio • You can build a portfolio and profile of work in a new career, to help you make the transition from one industry or job to another 13
  14. 14. Top Freelancing Sites • Elance • Odesk • The latter 2 have a lot of computer and tech related tasks. Others you can try include: • Guru.con • • the name suggests, low paying, but a chance to gain experience and build a portfolio 14
  15. 15. Work at Home Jobs (WAH) • Work at home jobs, or telecommute jobs, are ideal if you are between jobs or if you have a family and want to spend more time and home or wish to have a good work-life balance • Some will pay salary, others commission, and some may offer both • You can work the hours that suit in most cases, so you can drop off and pick up the kids and still earn money • In some cases, you can even keep the kids with you and work flex hours 15
  16. 16. WAH Jobs They offer a great deal of flexibility BUT • You need to have self-discipline • The family needs to understand when you are working and when you are available • Others do not always view telecommuting or WAH as a ‘proper job’ and they can end up wasting your time or biting into your day asking you to do things for them because you are ‘at home’ 16
  17. 17. Affiliate Marketing 1 • Earn commission from top companies like Amazon and eBay by registering as an affiliate and creating links with your special code • Every time someone buys, you get a commission • You can sell tangible or digital goods • Regular payments into your bank account • See it as an instant discount on all the things you buy 17
  18. 18. Affiliate Marketing 2 • The links you make keep working for you even when you are not online • If you have a website or blog, this is a great way to have it pay for itself There are also affiliate marketplaces that will allow you to earn commission from a range of companies: • (Commission Junction), now called Affiliates • Clickbank • are 3 sites that can help you get started 18
  19. 19. Your job hunt can be intense. Being unemployed can lead to feelings of isolation. Volunteering gets you out of the house and feeling good about helping others. It is also a great way to network with all sorts of people. Volunteer in Order to Find a Job19 Your success depends on what you do yourself, with your own means. - P. T. Barnum
  20. 20. • Volunteering can open up employment doors for you. • You will meet new professional contacts when you volunteer and be able to network more widely. • Volunteering will literally show people what you are capable of. • Non-profits might be higher paying that you think if you get a chance for a full time job • Helping others feels great! 20 Consider Volunteering
  21. 21. Where to Volunteer • Social service agencies • Healthcare organizations, hospitals and clinics • Churches, community groups, soup kitchens, charities also often need volunteers. • Animal rescue groups Political and Social Activism • Make contacts while learning valuable skills. • Get active in a cause that you believe in. • Put your effort into doing something with personal value. • Be aware that this may be a ‘red flag’ on some resumes depending on the cause/s you support.
  22. 22. Learn New Things by Volunteering • Expand what you know to prepare yourself for your next job. • Volunteering provides you with free on-the-job training. Show Others What You Can Do • Show off your capabilities. • Demonstrate that you are a smart and effective worker through volunteering. • Increase your chances of finding work. • Networking with others can open all sorts of new opportunities and create lasting friendships • Networking helps avoid isolation when you are unemployed. • Get great satisfaction from doing something meaningful.
  23. 23. Volunteer Work Online • Many charities do fundraising and awareness raising online • You can also help with social media, spreading the word about the organization, finding foster homes, and so on • Ideal because it helps them, but you can still be at home ready to do phone interviews and so on • Helps expand your professional profile online 23
  24. 24. The hidden job market means many jobs are NEVER advertised. Estimates put the jobs in the hidden market at up to 70% of hires these days. Network in the real world and online to find great opportunities. Networking Online24
  25. 25. Online Social Networking Social networking is necessary when job seeking. LinkedIn and Facebook can expand your field of contacts. Advertise that you are looking for work on your profile. Ask contacts to help you find a job. The potential is great to reach hundreds of people in your job search quickly 25
  26. 26. Online Professional Networking Utilize professional networking such as LinkedIn to expand your horizons during your job search. • At LinkedIn, vacant positions will appear on the dashboard that match the keywords in your profile. Thousands of jobs are shown, with new ones added all the time. • Use networking sites to access professionals in your field for advice and strategies to further your career. • Find coaching and consulting clients • Find a mentor 26
  27. 27. Other Networks to Try Networkingfor Career Builder Sunzu 27
  28. 28. It all starts with a great profile • Take time crafting your LinkedIn profile • Make it as detailed as possible using all of the prompts provided • Draft it in a Word document first so you can copy and paste it to multiple sites, which will each have their own formats • Post your profile on your site or at a free blogging site like or Blogger • Have a separate email address in case you get flooded with spam-a free gmail one is handy • Create an online portfolio of your most recent projects and post the URL 28
  29. 29. Don’t ignore other sites • LinkedIn is the #1 social network for professional, but you should not neglect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. • People may be there just to socialize, but they will still pay attention to people or businesses that offer real solutions to their most pressing problems • Post comments on your favorite blogs. The owners will start to take notice and perhaps want to do business with you because you are smart and helpful. 29
  30. 30. Further Reading and Credits To learn more about landing your dream job, of the items covered in this checklist, see “Questions You Need to Ask on Your Next Job Interview,” at: To learn more about the money-making opportunities we have outlined in this deck, visit: Thank you to Evelyn Trimborn and Carolyn Stone for the content and Joan Mullally for creating this deck and series. 30
  31. 31. How to Find a Job in the New Economy  End of Part 3.  In this part, we discussed job hunting online, working online, volunteering, and social networking  In Part 4, we will discuss more about networking, and how to create a winning online presence 31