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All details about samurais, I encourage you to check this out before you start working on something related to samurais.

All details about samurais, I encourage you to check this out before you start working on something related to samurais.



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Samurai Samurai Presentation Transcript

  • Samurai 古武士 By Ashish John M.
  • History of Samurai
    • The samurai, a class of highly skilled warriors, gradually developed in Japan after the tax reforms of 646 A.D in Japan.
    • Some samurai were relatives of the rich landlords, while others were simply hired swords.
    • The Samurai were used to protect the landlords and their wealth.
  • 7 Samurais in a field Samurais with Armor Pictures of Real Samurais in Japan
  • Samurai Culture
    •   B ushido  - "the way of the warrior.“
    • The central tenets of bushido are honor and freedom from the fear of death.
    • The Samurais were legally entitled to cut down any commoner who failed to honor them properly.
    • They would fight fearlessly for their master, and die honorably rather than surrender in defeat.
    • They suicide if they are defeated. It is called seppuku .
  • Samurai Fight & Suicide Pictures Samurai Fight (Modern Day Japan ) Seppuku Suicide by using a sword and beheading by another samurai.
  • Samurai Weapon
    • Early samurai were archers, fighting on foot or horseback with extremely long bows ( yumi ). They used swords mainly for finishing off wounded enemies.
    • After the Mongol invasions of 1272 and 1281, the samurai began to make more use of swords, as well as poles topped by curved blades called  naginata (Na-he-na-ta) , and spears.
  • Samurai Weapon
    • Samurai warriors wore two swords, together called  daisho  - "long and short.“
    • The  katana - a curved blade over 24 inches long, was suitable for slashing, while the  wakizashi word , at 12-24 inches, was used for stabbing.
    • In the late 16th century, non-samurai were forbidden to wear the daisho.
    • Samurai wore full body-armor in battle, often including a horned helmet.
  • Samurai Horned–Helmet, used in battle Samurai Clothing and Armor Samurai Clothing  (kimono).
  • Samurai Sword Daishos - Long and Short swords. Katanas – 24 inches long Used for slashing.
  • Samurai in movies
    • The samurai movies are more action-based, with darker and more violent characters.
    • A samurai film must include samurai warriors, sword fighting, and historical setting.
    • A number of western movies have re-told the samurai movie in a Western context.
    • Examples are : Goyokin(1969), The last Samurai(2003).
  • Samurai Movies