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E logistics



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Please verify the copyrights before reusing this presentation.It was prepared for personal use.
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E logistics E logistics Presentation Transcript

  • AGENDA Definition  Logistics  E-logistics Evolution of IT in the Field of Supply Chain  Communication Improvement  Data Integration Process involved in E-Logistics (B2C Example) Case Study Haier Corp.  E-Logistic system Implementation
  • SUPPLY CHAIN SYSTEMS Ocean Customs Agent linerSupplier Plant Port Roadways Roadways Airways Road + Rail Home Consumer Customer Customer’s RDC (Retailer) Warehouse Roadways
  • LOGISTICS Council of Logistics Management (CLM) definition:“Logistics is that part of the supply chain process that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point-of-origin to the point-of-consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements”
  • E-LOGISTICS E-Logistics is a Dynamic set of communication computing and collaborative technologies that transform key logistical processes to be customer centric by sharing data , Knowledge and information with Supply chain partners . Ultimate objective of E-Logistics is to deliver right products in right quantities at right place and time to the right Customer.
  • TRADITIONAL APPROACHMATERIAL AND INFORMATION FLOW Raw Key Outlet Manufacturer Distributor ConsumerMaterials Supplier Retail Material flow Information flow
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EVOLUTIONPART-1 Communication Plays important role in information flow Key Raw Materials Supplier Manufacturer Consumer Distributor Outlet Retail Material flow Information flow
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EVOLUTIONPART-2 Information Integration Key Raw Materials Supplier Manufacturer Consumer Outlet Distributor Retail Material flow Information repository
  • COMMUNICATION + INFORMATION INTEGRATION Banks CustomsManufacturer WarehousingDistributor Retailer Courier Salesman Supplier INTEGRATED BUSINESS APPLICATION SYSTEM e-Logistics Data feeds to internal applications system E-mail Performance Order tracking Interactive alerts and reports notification
  • FASTER ORDER FULFILLMENT PROCESS seconds or minutes Public E-Commerce Internet Integration Software E-Catalogs, Consumer E-Procurement, Messaging, EDI, ERP Packaged E-Payments, Application Interactive Apps. Changes in technology drive the fulfillment processes faster Retailer Warehouse Courier Manufacturer E-Logistic Available to promise E - file transfer / EDI days or weeks
  • PROCESSES INVOLVED E-LOGISTICS(B2C) 1 – Method of payment 2 – Check product availability 3 – Arrange shipments 4 – Insurance 5 – Replenishment 6 – Contact with customers 7 – Returns
  • ARRANGE A METHOD OF PAYMENT. Possible payment methods:  At the time of order: e-payment (e.g. PayPal), credit card  At the time of delivery: COD For electronic payments, a system of verification of payment is needed before shipping
  • CHECK PRODUCT AVAILABILITY  If possible, inform customer of availability before order is placed.  If out of stock or the product will take time to manufacture, inform customer of the delay.
  • ARRANGE SHIPMENTS Electronic shipping – quick and immediate Physical product – determine best shipping method for level of service It is the biggest activity (labor, energy, money, etc.) for E-Logistics
  • INSURANCE This option needs to be available for customers since product can be lost or damaged in the shipping process.
  • REPLENISHMENT This is an overview step. It should be examining all aspects of physical inventory at a location and reordering as needed:  Product – product sitting on shelves or material to manufacture product  Non-product – shipping materials, parts for machines in process, items that are part of the shipping process (scanners, totes, carts, etc.)
  • CONTACT WITH CUSTOMER With an invisible process (back-door operations), the customer needs to be informed as much as possible. Most common types of communication:  Order confirmation  Payment success  Shipping confirmation  Tracking information  Any problems in the process
  • RETURNS The flow of product from customer back to the vendor is called reverse logistics. Possible reasons for customers to return or exchange product:  Damaged  Doesn’t work  Don’t like it  Wrong product/type/color
  • CASE STUDYE-LOGISTIC SYSTEM FOR HAIER LOGISTIC CORPORATION Step1:Framework Construction  As is Analysis and Pros and Cons of E-logistic system are discussed Step2:Function Integration  Moving to a MRP tool Step3:Internal supply chain Integration  SCP and ERP Implementation and Introduction of EDI Step4:External supply chain Integration  Using processes like VMI Step5:Dynamic Alliance of integrated supply chain(Intranet/Internet)
  • ADVANTAGES OF E-LOGISTICS Real-Time Shipper/Receiver/ Fulfillment Decision Support Provider Connections Performance Monitoring Capacity and Load MatchingException-BasedStatus Alerts e-Logistics Transportation Track and Trace Optimization Wireless Updates Transportation Documentation
  • SUMMARY Use of Technology in the Traditional Methods of Business has given birth to E-Logistics Consumer Fulfillment rate has increased because of E logistics. Transparency in the Business has improved Need to analyze and also the ability to analyze the Business has improved because of use of technology.
  • REFERENCES Utilizing e-logistics Paper Lulea University of Technology en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logistics r0.unctad.org/ecommerce/event_docs/curacao/bayles.pdf portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1089626 www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm