Marketing management presentation on Paan


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Marketing management presentation on Paan

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Marketing management presentation on Paan

  1. 1. Objectives ♠ To Revive the Tradition of Paan ♠ To Launch a Product unfolding the mindset & taste of the Indian Palate ♠ To constantly deliver quality products and make our organization a globally trusted brand ♠ To bring joy in every bite & excitement for different taste
  2. 2. Index ♠ Paan – A Tradition ♠ Betel Leaf- The Amrut ♠ Market analysis ♠ Market Opportunities – Customer Analysis ♠ Marketing Mix ♠ USP ♠ SWOT Analysis ♠ Ansoff’s Matrix ♠ Boston Consulting Group Matrix ♠ Promotional Strategy ♠ Interactive Game on Paan ♠ Back Up Slides
  3. 3. PAAN is a Tradition
  4. 4. Betel Leaf - The Amrut ♠ According to traditional Ayurveda medicine, chewing areca nut and betel leaf is a good remedy against bad breath ♠ Betel leaf juice is credited with diuretic properties. ♠ Betel leaves are beneficial in the treatment of nervous disorders. ♠ The betel leaf has analgesic and cooling properties. ♠ Betel leaves are useful in pulmonary afflictions suffered in childhood and old age. ♠ Local application of the leaves is effective in treating sore throat
  5. 5. The Amrut of Life ♠ PAANAMRUT
  6. 6. What • Premium quality ready-to-eat Paan, hygienically packed Who • Vibrant youth, busy corporates & businessmen, Energetic 21st century women Why • Inculcate healthy habits • Enhance the overall quality of life The Amrut of Life - PAANAMRUT
  7. 7. Market Analysis
  8. 8. Market Opportunities - PESTEL • Government supports tobacco & nicotine free productsPolitical • Supportive pricing strategy • Disposable income not affected Economic • Reviving the tradition of mouth freshener with health benefits • Instead of deforesting we are helping nature Social • Set up of Cancer research institute • R & D on climate and soil Technological • Operations on Biogas & Solar Energy • Rainwater harvesting Environmental • Employment of laborers as per Indian laborLegal
  9. 9. Segmentation & Targeting ♠ Regular Paan Eaters and Paan Masala Gutkha Eaters are the people who will actually buy & use our product ♠ Findings of research & analysis indicates that the group of Occasional Paan Eaters and Non- Paan Eaters will strongly influences the purchase process Market Opportunities – Customer Analysis
  10. 10. Positioning 100% tobacco free & nicotine free Benefits from organically grown Betel leaves Segmentation & Targeting Paan Masala & Gutkha Regular Paan Eaters Occasional Paan Eaters Non-Paan Eaters (includes non drinkers & smokers) Market Opportunities – Customer Analysis
  11. 11. Marketing Mix (4 P’s) at the right time. at the right price, Right product in the right place,
  12. 12. ♠ Banarasi Meetha Paan ♠ Paan Pillets ♠ Paan Shots ♠ Banarasi Sada Paan ♠ Chocolate Flavoured Pillets ♠ Paan Kulfi ♠ Calcutta Meetha Paan ♠ Mint Flavoured Pillets ♠ Paan Chewing Gum ♠ Calcutta Sada Paan ♠ Rose Flavoured Pillets ♠ Maghai Meetha Paan ♠ Vanilla Flavoured Pillets ♠ Maghai Sada Paan ♠ Strawberry Flavoured Pillets ♠ Chhote Nawab Paan ♠ Paan Thandai ♠ Cocktail Paan ♠ Dry Fruit Paan Product All Paan’s comes with & without Areca nut (supari)
  13. 13. Core Basic Augmented Potential P R O D U C T ♠ Aids Digestion and Freshness element ♠ Hygienic Packaged Paan ♠ Health Benefits ♠ Tobacco Free ♠ Variety of Flavours ♠ Diversification of the product ♠ Product Mix & Innovation Product Levels
  14. 14. USP ♠ Refreshing Taste ♠ Safe & Hygienic ♠ Addictive Flavor ♠ 100% tobacco free & nicotine free ♠ For All age groups (Youthful) ♠ Digestive Aid ♠ FDA Certified ♠ 100% vegetarian ♠ Beatle leaves are grown organically
  15. 15. Future Product Innovation & Product Mix ♠ Non-Alcoholic Organic Paan Flavored Drink ♠ Organic Paan Drink
  16. 16. Paan Type Price Size ♠ Banarasi Sada Paan 20 15gms ♠ Banarasi Meetha Paan 30 20gms ♠ Calcutta Sada Paan 30 15gms ♠ Calcutta Meetha Paan 35 30gms ♠ Maghai Sada Paan 35 15gms ♠ Maghai Meetha Paan 45 30gms ♠ Chhote Nawab Paan 30 15gms ♠ Paan Thandai 30 25gms ♠ Cocktail Paan 30 30gms ♠ Dry Fruit Paan 50 40gms ♠ Hum Tum Paan 50 40gms ♠ Paan Pellets 25 1 Box - 10 Pillets, 20 gms ♠ Chocolate Flavored Pellets 30 1 Box - 10 Pillets, 20 gms ♠ Mint Flavored Pellets 30 1 Box - 10 Pillets, 20 gms ♠ Rose Flavored Pellets 30 1 Box - 10 Pillets, 20 gms ♠ Vanilla Flavored Pellets 30 1 Box - 10 Pillets, 20 gms ♠ Strawberry Flavored Pellets 30 1 Box - 10 Pillets, 20 gms ♠ Paan Shots 20 1 Blended shot 50 ml ♠ Paan Kulfi 20 40gms 1 slab ♠ Paan Chewing Gum 5 1 Strip – 6 Chewing Gum’s ♠ Organic Paan Drink 650 750ml Pricing ♠ Premium pricing (also called prestige pricing) is our strategy ♠ Pricing at or near the high end of the possible price range will help attract status-conscious consumers ♠ The high premium pricing will enhance and reinforce our Brand image ♠ Brand and product attributes such as eco- labelling will add value for consumers and also attract premium pricing ♠ The price will be an indication of good quality ♠ Its a sign of self worth - "They are worth it;" it authenticates the buyer's success and status; it is a signal to others that the owner is a member of an exclusive group
  17. 17. ♠ Packaging & Manufacturing unit located at Panvel ♠ Centrally located ♠ Surrounded by greenery ♠ Easy accessibility ♠ Close to Railway ♠ Final product can be easily transported to various parts of Mumbai Place
  18. 18. Promotional Strategy
  19. 19. Promotional Strategy ♠ Active social media pages to interact with our ♠ Also promote our initiatives ♠ All Major Travel, news , entertainment portals to show Launch campaign ♠ Launch PaanAmrut Website: 1st interactive Paan Site with Blogs, CSR Activities, Campaigns, Event Presence, Tradition of Paan Unfolded ♠ Tie up with online partners for offering discount coupons as a visitor registers on the site Tie up with various leading restaurants providing authentic Indian food
  20. 20. Betel Leaves procured from farm in Panvel near processing and packaging unit Paan Ingredients assembled at the factory Assembly line for Production and Packaging of the products Stored in climate controlled rooms under distribution stage Marketing Distribution Product transported within 24 hours Reaches Franchises, Outlets & Distributors in Mumbai Distribution Process
  21. 21. SWOT AnalysisOppurtunity Threats Strengths Weakness
  22. 22. STRENGTHS India’s abundance of natural agricultural resources makes the market attractive to investors from all food sub-sectors Understanding of Indian consumer behavior Effective & attractive packaging Scope for considerable expansion across all formats and across all regions of the country SWOT Analysis Strong R & D leading to innovation Strong and well differentiated brand Wide distribution network Strong marketing team Quantity & variety
  23. 23. WEAKNESSES Agriculture remains inefficient and is vulnerable to climatic changes Infrastructure is notoriously inadequate. A 500km road journey can take as much as 24 hours owing to poor road conditions, congestion and tolls Unable to have world wide operations Low market share Limited financial resources Lack of awareness among prospective customer SWOT Analysis
  24. 24. OPPORTUNITIES Helps in improving people diet & daily lives Changing life style of people Company has advantage of economies of scale in packaging and advertising Government is actively seeking investment in the food processing and agribusiness industries Government deregulation Potential for expansion in smaller town is still available Competitive advantage over local market SWOT Analysis
  25. 25. ! THREATS Introduction of new substitute products Changing customer needs/tastes Increased government regulation Logistical problems, underdeveloped service networks and poor infrastructure hinder development of the industry SWOT Analysis
  26. 26. Market Penetration Product Development Market Development Diversification New NewExisting Existing Market Product Ansoff’s Matrix •Existing market and New product indicated “Product Development” stage •Packaging existing product in new way •Introducing new product into existing market •Research & development and innovation •Detailed insights into customer needs (and how they change) •Being first to market
  27. 27. Boston Consulting Group Matrix Question mark Star Dog Cash cow BCG Matrix Market Share MarketGrowth HighLow HighLow Question marks represent business units having low relative market share and located in a high growth industry. Potential to gain market share and become a star, and eventually a cash cow
  28. 28. Plan to increase market share by 5% by end of 2013 Plan to increase market share up to 12% by end of 2015 Plan to increase market share up to 23% by end of 2020 Strategy to increase Market Share ♠ Plans to introduce Paan Parlor as one of the major step to increase Market Share
  29. 29. Strategy to increase Market Share
  30. 30. Packaging and labeling
  31. 31. Paan ingredients
  32. 32. Packaging and labeling List of ingredients ♠Betel Leaf (Paan Patta) ♠Lime Stone Powder and water (Chuna) ♠Catechu and water (Kattha) ♠Sugar, Powder rose leaves, Menthol & red food color ♠Mix of vegetable and fruit powder (Heera Panna) ♠Diced Betel Nut (Supari) ♠Dates (Khajoor) ♠Grated Saffron Betel Nut (Kesari Supari) ♠Green Leaves (Hara Patta) ♠Gulab Chutni ♠Green Gold Chutney ♠Elaichi (Cardamom)
  33. 33. So Just enjoy your Paan !!!
  34. 34. THANK YOU
  35. 35. Back up
  36. 36. Q. No. Type Questions Options Tick Here 1 when How many time in a week you would like to have Masala Paan 1 2 3 4 5 More then 5 2 where Will you prefer to have Paan from local tapri or from reputed brand Branded Paan Tapri Paan Other then this 3 when How many times you will like to have branded paan if it is safe, tasty and health beneficial 1 2 3 4 5 More then 5 4 Mouth Freshner flavour/type After a meal, what would you like to have as mouth freshner? Paan Mukhwas Fresh Gum 5 Mouth Freshner flavour What flavour of Paan you would prefer if avaliable Chocolate Rose Mint Khus Khus 6 Price How much you can spend on mouth freshner 10 15 20 25 7 Mouth Freshner buy Do you buy your current mouth freshner / mukhwas from market or you prefer home made Market Home made 8 how supari Do you have Paan with Supari or without Supari With Supari Without Supari 9 brand Have you ever had Paan before Yes No 10 when time Time of having Paan After breakfast After lunch After evening breakfast After dinner 11 who Do you allow your spouse/GF/Children to have Branded PAAN? Yes No
  37. 37. 12 brand Do you know any branded PAAN company? or Any specialize PAAN wala ? Yes If Yes, Then specify_____ 13 general As a Paan connoisseur do you feel it is a decider of your personality Not at all A little Somewhat Very Much Yes No 14 brand As a consumer how do you perceive paan? Product for freshness Time pass Value for Money Use and throw Optional 15 brand Overall, what is your reaction to the described product? Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent 16 benefits What is it that element you like about Paan Mouth Freshner Digestive Properties Sweetness Savoury Other: 17 benefits What do you like least about a Paan ? Juicy Strong Flavour Taste Other: 18 benefits What would be your main reason for buying Paan? Mouth Freshner Digestive Acquired Taste Subsitute to Mouth Freshner Flavoured Tastes in Paan Reviving an Indian Tradition Other:
  38. 38. 19 who Overall, how interested are you in buying Paan if it were available? Neutral Not very Interested Not at all Interested 20 who Which of the following best describes your need for Paan? I really need Paan because nothing else can solve this problem. This is a minor improvement over what I currently use. It looks okay but is about the same as what I have now. My current Paan would serve me better. I do not eat Paan I am willing to revive the tradition of Paan in India which has many healthy benefits 21 Price Based on the description, what price would you expect to pay for the product? Rs 10 - Rs 15 Regular Rs 15 - Rs 30 Regular with Flavour Rs 30 - Rs 50 Premium Rs 5 - Rs 10 Mini 22 Price Assuming the new product is priced comparably to other major brands, would you say it is .. Very Good Fairly Good Average Somewhat Poor Very Poor Not Sure / Can't Say 23 brand Other than the product itself, which of the following would most influence you when deciding to buy a Paan? Commentary on the internet/web site Word-of-mouth Sales/service representative Industry publications Advertising Trade shows/events Other:
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