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Read Renew Recycle is the initiative taken by HT Media Ltd.
This project is all about paper recycling and going green.

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Hindustan Times Read Renew Recycle

  1. 1. AMIT KUMAR 00211809912 MBA (SEM) GUIDE Mr. VIVEK ARYA
  2. 2. HT Media Ltd 1. HT Media Limited (BSE: 532662, NSE: HTMEDIA) is an Indian mass media company based in Delhi, India. 2. It has holdings in print, electronic and digital media. 3. The Hindustan Times newspaper was formally inaugurated in 1924 by Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the nation. In 1927, it was reborn as Hindustan Times Ltd., a limited liability company. 4. The newspaper has a pro-congress leaning and it is edited and managed by Congress Rajya Sabha M.P., Shobhana Bhartia. 5. The Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2012 revealed that HT has a readership of (37.67 lakhs), placing it as the second most widely read English newspaper in India after The Times of India 6. Other sister publications of Hindustan Times are Mint (English business daily), Hindustan (Hindi Daily), Nandan (monthly children's magazine) and Kadambani (monthly literary magazine). The media group also owns a radio channel, Fever. 7. Hindustan Times is owned by the KK Birla branch of the Birla family.
  3. 3. Mission •Courage To encourage the ability that meets opposition with skill, competence and fortitude. •Responsibility Be accountable for results in line with the company’s objectives, strategies and values. •Empowerment Support our people and give them the freedom to perform and to provide our readers with information to influence their environment. •Continuous Self Renewal Determination to constantly re-examine and re-invent ourselves for further innovation and creativity. •People Centric People are our greatest asset. We invest in them expect a lot and know that the rest will follow
  4. 4. VISION HT Media strives to be a visionary organization and not an organization with a vision. In our endeavor to have a shared understanding, alignment and commitment, we have derived our company’s vision that sets the course and empowers people to take action
  5. 5. HT Media www.Hindustantimes.com
  6. 6. HT Businesses Print - English Print Hindi Internet Radio Education Event and Marketing Solution Partnerships
  7. 7. Print- English HT Next HT HT Supplement Mint supplement Mint Brunch
  8. 8. Print Hindi Nandan Hindustan Hindustan Jobs Hindustan Supplements Kadambani
  9. 9. HT Internet Desimartini.com
  10. 10. Radio Fever 104 FM is available in Delhi (October ‘06), Mumbai (January ’07), Bangalore (March ‘07) and Kolkata (January ‘08) with vibrant, youthful, creative and interactive programming! Fever 104 FM has lived up to the promise of ‘Its all about the music’ in the true sense of the term.
  11. 11. Education •HT Media has believed in strengthening and empowering future generations through various mediums, • The organization has forayed into Education, a new vertical, as a part of strategic expansion and social support plans – aiming to provide quality education to India’s youth. •Products from Hindustan Times English portfolio like HT Edge, HT Next, HT Education, which are targeted at the youth, have been well received. •HT Campus.com focuses on the guiding students towards their preferred careers; •HT Pace, an initiative to bring the newspaper to classrooms across the country, events such as Campus Calling, Hum se Poocho, HT Horizons mission MBA, Hindustan Times Aspirations etc. have been very successful in helping students make sound education and career choices.
  12. 12. Event and Marketing Solutions HT Event The primary focus of HT Events is to create IPRs that will grow in size and scale over time - a primary example being the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. In a short time, HT Events has mounted some large scale events like HT City Delhi Shopping Fest, Miss India Worldwide, HT Polo, HT I Love Delhi and Mint HT Luxury Conference HT Marketing Solutions HT Marketing Solutions has been formed to offer holistic solutions to clients aiming for a complete and effective connect with the target consumers.
  13. 13. Partnerships
  14. 14. Organizational Structure
  15. 15. Annual Reports of previous years Particulars Denomination 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 Revenue Rs Lac 145,380 181,017 207,647 214,222 EBITDA Rs Lac 28,933 36,595 36,188 37,639 Net Profit Rs Lac 13,591 18,091 16,549 16,765 Net Worth Rs Lac 96,892 130,221 144,702 159,603
  16. 16. Paper Recycling Paper recycling is the process of turning waste paper into new paper products. There are three categories of paper that can be used as feedstock for making recycled paper. Mill broke Pre-consumer waste Post-consumer
  17. 17. Benefits of Paper Recycling Reduces greenhouse gas emissions that can contribute to climate change by avoiding methane emissions and reducing energy required for a number of paper products. Extends the fibre supply and contributes to carbon sequestration. Saves considerable landfill space. Reduces energy and water consumption. Decreases the need for disposal (i.e., landfill or incineration which decreases the amount of CO2 produced).
  18. 18. Objective of the Project The objective of this project to study “Read.Renew.Recycle” an initiative taken HT Media ltd.
  19. 19. Marketing Research Tools QUALITATIVE Generalized discussion with company Mentor. Validating Questionnaire through Pilot Testing QUANTITATIVE Survey Method (primary data) Internet (secondary data)
  20. 20. SCOPE SCOPE OF WORK: •To do the market research and pin down the relevant targets. •To target the relevant subjects which comes under the scope of this project such as RWA’s, Offices, Schools, Institutions. •Designing the area map of each region, for a procedural approach towards the targets. •To fix official meetings with the targets to explain them the purpose of the project and gain their support towards it. •Organizing events in schools with the purpose of spreading awareness towards recycling of the papers. •Preparing the paper consumption database of each area
  21. 21. Strategy Cold calling on the numbers of RWA Presidents found on Internet. Visits to each society and try to meet presidents. Brief introduction about the project and convince them to support us. Organizing cultural events in their respective society so that we can reach the masses.
  22. 22. DATA
  23. 23. Awareness Among People Little bit Enough Everything Nothing
  24. 24. Targeted Customers Customers Schools RWAs Hospitals Institutions Offices
  26. 26. CONCLUSION •The environmental initiative taken by Hindustan times is successful to a great extent. •Schools, colleges, organizations, and hospitals, all are ready to support this noble cause. •The main agenda of this project is to make HT a no.1 company to recycle paper and take India to the top in paper recycling. •40% of institutions (schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals and offices) are ready for future pickup i.e. ready to give their paper scrap to the HT scrap vendors instead of local scrap vendors •70% are ready for supporting this initiative. •30% showed no interest in the project as they did not like the deal ( what benefits they will get by associating with the project). This was because of less awareness among people about the cause.
  27. 27. RECOMMENDATIONS •Emotional approach for the environment. •Should treat them like a family member of the Hindustan times.(Customer Relationship Management) • •Providing new schemes to the household.(Gift voucher like food coupons). •We can maintain their parks, and put the logo in some trees of this intiative. •Giving education to the students, that how to save the environment. •It should be more students focused, because students are those who can spread the maximum of information. •Providing Goodies (Calander, Penstand, Cap) to the student with the logo of “GO GREEN INITIATIVE BY HT”.
  28. 28. REFERENCES Books Marketing Management – Philip Kotler Marketing.Com Magazines Business Today INTERNET REFERENCES http://www.google.com http://www.hindustantimes.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_recycling http://www.devalt.org/newsletter/jun04/of_5.htm
  29. 29. Thank You