China Sketches by PSP Vol. 1 Shanghai


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China Sketches by PSP Vol. 1 Shanghai

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China Sketches by PSP Vol. 1 Shanghai

  1. 1. C  H  I  N  A      S  K  E  T  C  H  E  S  
  2. 2. A  High  Rise  Planning  Study    Shanghai    In June of 2011, I traveled to Shanghai to meet with theGuang Group project team to kickoff the planning anddesign of a major mixed-use project in the suburbs.The following probe / sketch book begins to test some ofthe client presumptions and opportunity.The program, density, F.A.R. and massing wasoriginally approved from the initial master plan and thenever completed project has footings in place for the firstphase high rise and hotel.The sketches and comments are onsite observations andare meant only for information rather than design direction.That being said, the client group and their partner do have aquality / character in mind that will help to establish aGuang Group in Shanghai.This project is the first entry into the Shanghaimarket and will be followed by others that are currentlyunder development. The significance of the project isunderscored by the fact that its project manager is Guang President, Larry Zhang. Lewis T. May, FASLA
  3. 3. W Gakuen Cocoon Tower     The Guang Group wants to make a statement with anS N iconic building and this image generated lots of discussion. The site is in the Shanghai suburbs and is partially developed. Vehicular access is from the east, primarily with partial southern and northern connectors. A subway stop is being created along the southern edge affording a pedestrian link to the site. A creek parallels the southern edge to the property and will require remediation to accommodate pedestrian access to the subway station. The high speed rail linking Beijing and Shanghai lies west of the site about a mile away. Major roadways are E parallel to the east and south property edges.
  4. 4. Al Dana at Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi, UAEAs part of the work sessions Lewis presented numeroustower scenarios and the high rise on the right side of the AlDana image was of interest to them.The site is featureless and very low / flood prone.It is approximately 40 acres in size, rectilinear andbarren of trees and vegetation. Structural foundationsare in place for the 24 story tower and 9 story hotel.Drawings do exist for what was proposed initially butwas not completed. These footprints and F.A.R. arealready established for Phase One. First task is to re-think the original project and create a much more -skin, but a lot more.Phase Two is up to us but as originally planned, it iscomprised of four 19 story commercial / office towers.
  5. 5. The mix of uses lends itself to a lively destination of residential,is to be removed and the site re-developed.The long narrow site is configured with a mix of usesalready approved by the local authorities though thelayout is flexible the F.A.R. is set.An unusual discussion was to design the office towerswith a floor to floor height of 5.2 meters to be clientconverted to two floors in future phases.
  6. 6. Gakuen Spiral Tower Though the Gakuen Tower was one of the preferred images presented to the client group, Lewis reminded the team that variance from a simple form could be a serious cost issue.The project must be respondent to modest budget andproforma. However the adjacent sketch was done for Larryon one of several attempts to communicate the perimeterwall complexity as a driver of project costs.Therents of downtown Shanghai respondent to a costly orluxurious façade. Simple yet unique will be an appropriateaesthetic.
  7. 7. Ocean Heightsselected by the client as possibly representative of the characterthey liked for the towers in Shanghai.TheShanghai that reflects the suburban nature of thedevelopment. The obvious nod to downtown and its iconicinterested in mimicking for their project.Two towers adjacent to our site were less than what theyexpected as well. The existing towers, though new and 90%
  8. 8. A well designed streetscape/access can create a significantsite amenity for the development. The entry way gets theThe entry drive, an east / west connector, is a possiblesite form giver. Access from the north and south is limitedand does little to evoke a positive entry statement. A well designed cross-section and a significantlandscape scheme can create a dramatic approach to thedevelopment. The north edge is built-out with high risessubway constraining access.
  9. 9. The high rise image entryway phase #1 should be designed as adestination and gathering space. It should be inviting and lively.34 story high rise above a podium base retail / commercialcenter.A parking garage will serve both the signature office towerlike development is to be phase #1 of the project.
  10. 10. character described by the client on site in Shanghai. Asimplified skin and floor plate would also better reflect theproject budget and construction costs.An idea discussed was to have the four buildings in therear of the site act as a single or standalone element. Themassing is peculiar and the constructability complicatedand costly.To best reflect the modest budget requirements, a muchmore straight-forward design response is required..
  11. 11. Agato Asymmetrical Asymmetrical Cut OutOrnamental Top Setbacks Tapered Top Wedge Cuts
  12. 12. C  H  I  N  A      S  K  E  T  C  H  E  S  C  H  I  N  A      S  K  E  T  C  H  E  S   Ken  Bailey,  Studio  Director,  receives  direction  from  Lewis.