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Social Media and Global Social Trends

Social Media and Global Social Trends






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    Social Media and Global Social Trends Social Media and Global Social Trends Presentation Transcript

    • Dr Amit NagpalPersonal Branding ConsultantNew Delhi, India
    • • If your content goes viral on internet, you can transform overnight from a local company to a multinational by spending $50 on a Youtube video.• Blentec based in Utah, USA has demonstrated this many years back as their Youtube videos with spontaneity and a unique theme caught the attention of the netizens across the world.• A local personal brand can become a global personal brand, if your content goes viral.• Only great content will go viral. It is unusual and may have elements like emotional connect, spontaneity, humour and so on
    •  Creativity does not mean writing. It can be cartooning, making video/images, audio talks and so on. The content has to be great to go global. So practice, practice and practice. It should transcend cultures and languages and make an emotional connect with the audience (for eg stories on Blogs)
    • • Social Media is a glasshouse and your persona is visible to your network. You can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing for sometime but you cannot fool all the people all the time.• Personal growth means an attitude of looking for win-win situation and developing higher levels of emotional intelligence.• The higher EQ you have, the more empathetic you will be to your network resulting in better connect in relationships and better support from your network.
    • Sl. Characteristics of Examples Why personal growth isNo Social Media a must?1 Living in the Eg Twitter followers, Grammar High standards of ethics glasshouse/ mistakes on FB updates and Good written Transparency to See friendship on Facebook communication, friends Unfriend/report/block on FB and Anger/emotional remove connection on LI instability can be visible to people2 Open to general public Eg Tweets (searchable), Preserve our reputation Linkedin profile and handle negative Optional for Facebook public content with wisdom updates, Linkedin public status3 Network visibility Common connections on Scope for badmouthing Linkedin
    •  Slowly get out of the ‘I’ mode Try thinking of win-win situations Do not post when angry Promote others and not self Come out as a ‘caring and sharing’ person Appreciate and encourage others
    •  Social Media makes it easy to connect with like-minded people across the world (the transaction costs for finding and connecting with others who may share one interest or concern is lower). Easy to stay in touch with new (and old) connections Borders do not matter anymore.
    •  Connect and converse/engage Building relationships across borders Look for opportunities for give and take or collaboration. Stay in touch. Keep a bare minimum contact and build a close relationship when mutually beneficial. Filter contacts into groups which are of short term and long term use (Strength respects strength)
    • Social network sites provide simple, inexpensive ways to organize members, arrange meetings, spread information, and gauge opinion
    • Building Bridges through social media Removing misconceptions and stereotypes Lack of interaction increases misconceptions Differing viewpoints can be discussed and even increase tolerance among those with opposing ideas.
    •  Competition and aggression have helped people become successful for ages. Social media is making collaboration a better tool for success than competition. In future, the great personal brands will be the people who are great collaborators.
    • Online Opportunities for Collaboration Joint Blogs Ebooks & books Mutual promotion of websites Offline Opportunities for Collaboration International trade (Export-import) Joint ventures Licensing Technology transfer
    • Opportunities galore The language advantage Challenges to be Indians living in UK as overcome bridges  Distance Anglo-Indians in India  Cultural differences Well-connected by air  Recession in Europe Traditional ties and British  Slowdown in India MNCs in India
    •  Using Facebook for professional purposes How Edge Rank works Three Factors Interactivity/Engagement (Likes, comments and shares) Past engagement (whether person has liked, commented, shared your content in the past) Recency of the content (weekends, timings)
    •  19 Thought Leaders 6 countries spanning 4 continents. How did they come together to co-create a book on personal growth and joy without ever meeting each other and building trust only through online relationships? A case study on this has been included in well known Canadian author Larry Easto’s upcoming book on Professional Services Marketing
    •  Building trust in relationships requires time and efforts. No wonder, it was only after two years of interaction and inspiring trust that this project became a reality The book is an excellent example of inspiring trust online, using social media for international collaboration and the power of social media to build relationships and bridges.
    •  Goodnews Cadogan-Executive Leadership Coach, South Africa Annie Cap, Breakthrough Coach, UK (interviewed on BBC, 2 books on Amazon) Dr Ferda K.-Professor of Medicine, Cyprus Dr Linda J. Ferguson, Executive Coach, USA (has received American woman of the year award) Meredith Kimbell-Founder-Corporate Adventure, USA (has another book on Amazon) Michael Thallium, Global and Greatness Coach, Spain Retta Blaney, Visiting faculty, World Journalism Institute, New York John Murphy, Management Consultant, New York, USA (author of 13 books) Dr Janet Smith warfield (Wisdom Coach, Publisher & Author with books on Amazon) Jennifer Sertl, Agility 3R, New York
    • What is Thought Leadership? Paradigm shifts in society Money is not the only source of joy Personal Growth can be a source of joy Primary reason for meditation should not be to reduce stress but to add joy Meditation is not as difficult as it appears to be Pampering oneself need not be accompanied by guilt
    •  The intensity and positivity reflected in our comments on social media are a good measure of our sincerity in the relationship. Building trust takes time and a genuine desire to help and encourage people. Social media is for caring and sharing and if you do it with patience, the monetary rewards also come in the form of collaborations, clients and referrals.
    • • Secrets are out (Everything becomes open secret)• Storytelling on social media• Becoming Global is easy, provided you have the mindset Influenced by social media• Scanning and Aggregation skills (content)• Meditation and Creativity• Discover your deepest passion