Twitter, Facebook and Social Data Portability
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Twitter, Facebook and Social Data Portability



• Why is Twitter important? ...

• Why is Twitter important?
• Why businesses should engage in Twitter
• Case Studies on Zappos, Iranian Elections plus a few other smaller innovative Examples
• Facebook Fan Page – Why create them, good examples
• Facebook Connect / Open Social / Sign in with Twitter – What are these services, why use them, examples



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Twitter, Facebook and Social Data Portability Twitter, Facebook and Social Data Portability Presentation Transcript

  • Twitter, Facebook and Social Data Portability Amit Klein June ’09
  • Intro – Evolution of Dance Party
  • Intro – Evolution of Dance Party What can we learn from crazy, dancing guy? • Authentic - He’s not trying to start a dance party, dude is just having fun • Transparent – Putting himself out there / not afraid of looking ridiculous / standing out • Viral - Attracts one follower, then another, tipping point…
  • Agenda • Twitter • Why is Twitter important for businesses • Case Studies (Zappos, Iranian Elections, Additional Examples) • The Twitterverse • Facebook • Fan pages (Coke, Victoria Secret, Vitamin Water) • Social Data Portability • Facebook Connect • Google FriendConnect / OpenSocial • Twitter Single Sign (Spymaster)
  • “Twitter is about approach, transparency, and immediacy” - Jack Dorsey, Twitter Co-Founder
  • Reasons for Businesses to use Twitter • Increase transparency / authenticity • Give your company a human face, voice and personality • Brand Management • Create awareness about your products (buzz) • Find out what people are saying about your company/products • Deeper Engagement • Identify your biggest evangelists • Respond to criticism / help • Increase reputation and authority • Identify Sales Opportunities • Share deals • Identify potential customers • Track Trends
  • “It’s pretty easy to spot those that are just joining the network purely to take –not to give. Be a part of the conversation before you need anything from anyone… share knowledge, help others, and become a trusted node and connector, not just an outlier…” - Jeremiah Owyang
  • Case Study - Zappos
  • “Everyone knows why GMblogs and TheHomeDepot have Twitter accounts: To make more money... We'll care about you if you buy our stuff. That's the corporate quid pro quo. Tony Hsieh uses Twitter because he likes Twitter. He writes, ... if you can talk your friends into joining it and you all use it for 2 weeks, it will change your life. You will wonder how you ever lived without it." - Sage Lewis, Search Engine Watch
  • Zappos – Building Relationships Transparent, effective use of Twitter includes: • Intro to Twitter • Employee Tweets & Pics (430+ employees) • CEO most active user • Zappos Public Mentions • Highlight SuperFans • 3000+ links pointing at
  • Zappos – Building Relationships
  • Case Study - #iranelections
  • “News media can’t keep pace with the new world of media consumption and the insatiable appetite for information” - Ann Curry, NBC
  • “News doesn’t break it tweets” - Paul Saffo
  • #iranelection – Breaking News Frustration with lack of mainstream coverage of Iranian elections • Mainstream news is not covering the world fast enough • TV news is episodic (played a retaped show on Sat night of Larry King while Iranians protested in the streets) • Iranian government shut off text messaging and access to most social networks – multiple ways to access Twitter • #iranelection trending topic for the last 2 weeks • Risks: fact checking, causing panic, losing credibility
  • #iranelection – Breaking News
  • Additional Examples Comcast – Customer Support • Outreach • Acknowledge concern / tries to help • Real person / real voice SquareSpace – Twitter Contest • Gave away 1phone a day to random user who uses #squarespace • Reached trending topics in second day • Danger: No idea what they do
  • Additional Examples
  • The Twitterverse
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Facebook Fan Pages • Builds off Facebooks 200m users • Actions are published directly to activity stream • Get a fan once, push content forever • Is a corporate website necessary anymore?
  • Biggest Facebook Fan Pages Rank Facebook Fan Page Name Number of Facebook Fans 1 Barack Obama 6,403,120 2 Vin Diesel 4,896,507 3 I Love Sleep 4,513,144 4 Pizza 4,438,396 5 I need a vacation!!! 4,411,673 6 Dr. House 4,272,060 7 Facebook 3,656,863 8 Will Smith 3,482,480 9 Coca-Cola 3,469,069 10 Adam Sandler 3,267,567 11 Nutella 3,209,214 12 The Beach 3,202,312 13 Lady Gaga 3,186,934 14 Pizza 3,174,780 15 Starbucks Coffee Company 3,121,797 16 South Park 2,822,345 17 The Beach 2,786,970 18 Pringles 2,768,967 19 sleeping 2,729,107 20 Pizza 2,700,071 *
  • Facebook Fan Pages – Coke • Coke Fan page was started by two regular users • In seven months grew to 3.3 million fans • Facebook changed rules and didn’t allow users to create branded pages • Coke teamed up with the creators of the page, flew them to HQ, gave them a tour, brought them into meetings, brainstormed ideas, made them part of the company, let them be real evangelists
  • Facebook Fan Pages – Coke
  • Facebook Fan Pages – Vitamin Water • Is a corporate website necessary anymore? • Major advertisements go directly to Facebook Fan page • Polls, photos, videos, music, events, etc… • Tap into passionate user base, questions like who is better Kobe or Lebron, lots of discussion
  • Facebook Fan Pages – Victoria Secret Blending content and advertising
  • Social Data Portability
  • Facebook Connect • Allows you to create a Facebook Application outside of Facebook • Single sign on (no need to register for the site – bad, can connect ids a la digg) • Use your photo • Publish content to your activity stream • Invite people from Facebook to participate in activity • Send email from Facebook on your behalf
  • Facebook Connect - CNN During Obama Inauguration CNN allowed users to chat using Facebook Connect • 600,000 status updates posted during event • 4,000 status updates per minute • Millions of logins
  • Facebook Connect - Digg
  • Open Social / Google Friend Connect • OpenSocial • Similar to Facebook Connect but for orkut, MySpace, Friendster, Ning, Yahoo! and third party sites • Uses HTML/JS/CSS • Google Friend Connect • Set of plug and play widgets based on Open Social • Approx 10 widgets: sign-in, comments, polls, reviews, events, and recommendations • No coding required
  • OpenSocial – Virgin Global Row
  • Sign-in with Twitter • Same Concept as Facebook Connect / OpenSocial • Publish actions directly to your Twitter Stream • Example - Spymaster: