Companies remixing social media marketing


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Companies remixing social media marketing

  1. 1. Companies Remixing Social Media Marketing Anyone can pull out a credit card and buy advertising space on Facebook, but truly innovative marketers know how to effectively leverage their social media accounts. Marketing mavens engage and entertain the average consumer while promoting the company’s brand. Mimic how the following companies use social media to build relationships with clients and customers. 1. Kellogg According to Business Insider, Kellogg uses social media platforms to talk with their customers, ask for new ideas and research old concepts. As a result of one Twitter comment, the company even created a new cereal called “Totes Amazeballs”. Stunts like these make consumers feel like they are truly part of the “family”, and the more consumers feel like this, the more they spend. 2. State Farm State Farm has recently made a huge push in the social media realm, according to BrandeMix Blog. On Facebook, the insurer has a dedicated
  2. 2. career page where job seekers both inside and outside the insurance industry can access useful information on finding jobs. Followers can also read supportive and humorous stories from fellow job seekers. The company has dedicated YouTube, Twitter and Flickr pages. By sharing useful content, State Farm engages consumers in entertaining ways while depicting the State Farm brand in a benevolent light. 3. Dell Dell has taken incredible steps to ensure its employees know how to engage with its clients over social media platforms. Rather than just training their employees to answer phones or respond to emails properly, Dell shows them how to handle complaints and compliments artfully over social networking platforms. 4. Capital One Involving consumers is the most critical aspect of an effective social media campaign, and Capital One involves consumers through the company’s sponsorship of the Social Madness Campaign. According to PR NewsWire, this challenge measures the social media marketing efforts of various sized companies in a tournament style challenge. By sponsoring the challenge, Capital One paints itself as a master in the field. 5. Netflix When a power outage caused many Netflix customers to lose access to their online streaming capabilities, the company knew it had to act quickly. Rather than calling in extra staff members to field calls from angry customers, the Netflix staff decided to reach as many people as it could over the social networks. Netflix posted detailed information about how to reconnect to
  3. 3. Netflix over their Twitter account. According to Computerworld, the result was fewer phone calls and happier customers. 6. AT&T With almost 13 billion social media impressions per year, AT&T does three times more social media advertising than any other company in the nation, according to Just three years ago, the company was hit negatively by social media. Any time someone was annoyed by a late technician or a long hold time, they headed to Twitter or Facebook to complain. Instead of hiding, AT&T decided to be proactive by launching a massive social media campaign. The telecommunications company has 11 Twitter accounts, six Facebook pages and three YouTube channels, as well as several blogs and a Google+ profile. By flooding the networks with positive information about their brand, they have made more noise than the complaints ever could. (Photo: source : social-media-marketing/