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  1. 1. Hi- tech ComputersServices (N) Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Networking (LAN, WAN, Wireless) HI-TECH is a Brand neutral Company i.e. we can provide all Brands like, D’Link, 3Com, Cisco, HP etc., for active Components and for passive components again we have options like, D’Link, Systimax, Molex, Amp etc. We can provide you with all types of Networks, like Basic (Unstructured), Structured with un-managed, structured with managed, Cat 5, Cat 6, Fibre, Wireless. Etc. HI-TECH has a team of specialists for Server Room Designing. We also specialize in WAN & VPN Solution based on all mediums like, leased lines, MPLS, ISDN, VSAT’s etc., HI-TECH has a large number of highly Satisfied clients for all above Networking Solutions. A list can be provided anytime for your reference check up.Here comes your footer  Page 2
  3. 3. Data BackupA wide range of Backup Solution available for all types of clientsFully Automatic Data Recovery SolutionOur Data backup experts will completely customize & configure it as per your individual needs.A)SMB Clients (Small & Medium Business):The ideal Solution for all Business having any where between 5 to 75 PC’s & 1 to 10 Servers isthe data backup box.B) SME (Small & Medium Enterprises):Complete range of data backup & disaster recovery Solution available from the world’s leadingspecialist like EMC, VERITAS, HP, IBM etc., Right from DAT Drive & TAPE Loaders to NAS Boxes && even Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions are available with HI-TECH for all organization havingany where between 75 to 1000 Computers. Here comes your footer  Page 3
  4. 4. FirewallUTM appliances the next generation Threat patterns have changed over a period of time; attackshave become blended in nature and change their patterns rapidly. .The new evolving threats are distributed through viruses, malware, spasm, phising, pharming, P2P,Web,Email, FTP Chat and inflict a network to leak information, reduce application & system performance andgrind them to a halt.UTM appliance is a veritable Swiss Army knife of Threat Management and Performance Managementfeatures rolled into a single appliance.Here comes your footer  Page 4
  5. 5. Servers 1)HI-TECH deals in all types of Servers i.e. Rack Mount, Pedestal, Blade Servers, Multiplex Servers, etc., 2) We have Servers with all technical options & Flavours like RAID Controllers, SCSI or SAS Hard Disks, Hot Plugging in HDD, Power Supply System Fan etc ., We can also provide Reduncy in SMPS (Power Supply),, System Fan etc. 3)HI-TECH also provides Servers with all types of operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix etc. 4) HI-TECH is a Brand Neutral Co. i.e. we deal in all major Brands like, HP, IBM, Acer, HI-TECH (i.e. our own brand of Servers, completely based on Intel Components & Intel Architecture) 5) HI-TECH is also a Preferred Partner for DELL.Here comes your footer  Page 5
  6. 6. Computer viruses andtheir effectsViruses, worms and Trojans are software programs that have been written by individuals to disrupt or interferewith your computer files.Viruses – Programs that can corrupt your software programs, disrupting the way they work—even howyour computer functionsWorms – Specific types of viruses that spread copies of themselves to other computer systems(usually via network connections). Unlike “typical” viruses, worms do not generally infest your programs oroperating systems, but greatly increase network or web traffic as they spread.Trojans – Specific types of viruses that seem harmless but can damage your computer files(like the mythical Trojan Horse). Unlike a “true” virus, Trojans cant reproduce themselves, nor can theyinfect your programs.Here comes your footer  Page 6
  7. 7. The HI-TECH Computers provide Internet Security Manager Anti-Virus feature protects yourcomputer against viruses, worms and Trojans in the following ways: Automatic updates every three hours. The ability to scan a specific file, folder or drive with a simple right-click Scheduled scans. Automatic email attachment scans. Automatic scans of the files you download online.Here comes your footer  Page 7
  8. 8. HOTELS NETWORKSHI-TECH’s Hotel network solutions deliver sophisticated services that differentiate yourbrandcreate a personalized experience for each guest.It is a comprehensive suite of solutions that addresses common industry concerns about employee productivity,complicated and outdated communications systems, energy costs, and lost revenue streams. By consolidating hotel management systems onto a converged network with wirelessaccess, you can: Amplify efficiency and economies of scale Increase staff productivity Reduce network complexity and expenses such as energy costsIncrease guest loyalty, deliver customized services, and optimize operations.Here comes your footer  Page 8
  9. 9. OFFICE NETWORK (Small Office)Small business network solution technologies can offer big benefits.With a secure, flexible network foundation, your business can keep employees productive whetherthey’rein the office or on the road.A small business network solution can also help you lower costs,improve security, enhance customer service,and be more agile.Best of all, a small business network solution from HI-TECH is built especially for the budgets and needsof growing companies.Here comes your footer  Page 9
  10. 10. Understanding a Small Business NetworkSolutionA small business network solution from HI-TECH provides a secure foundation that consists of switches,routers, and HI-TECH servicesNetwork switches connect multiple devices, including computers and printers, on the same network.The design makes it easy to add applications to your network without major upgrades. They keep yoursmall business computer network accessible and secure.You can also add voice and conferencing technologies to a our small business network solution toenhance collaboration, reduce communications costs, simplify messaging, and more.Here comes your footer  Page 10
  11. 11. CAMPUS NETWORKWhatever their size or security needs, enterprises today can enjoy the benefits of avirtualized campus network with many closed user groups, all on a single physicalnetwork.As the demands placed on campus networks have grown in complexity, so has the needfor scalable solutions to separate groups of network users and resources into logicalpartitionsVirtualization of the network provides multiple solutions for centralizingservices and security policies while preserving the high-availability, manageability,security, and scalability benefits of the existing campus design.To be effective, these solutions must address the three primary aspects of network virtualization; accesscontrol, path isolation, and services edge.Challenge:Varying levels of access privileges within an enterpriseRegulatory complianceNetwork simplification for very large enterprisesNetwork consolidationHere comes your footer  Page 11
  12. 12. VerticalManufacturing:-Production plants (robots, automation of production environment, and so on), administration, sales, videosurveillance.Finance:-Trading floors, administration, mergers.Government :-Shared buildings and facilities supporting different departments. In some countries the law mandatesseparate networks between such departments.Healthcare :-General trend toward hotel service with medical treatment. Separation among medical staff, magneticresonance imaging (MRI) and other technical equipment, Internet access for patients, media services suchas radio and television for patients. and other technical equipment, Internet access for patients, mediaservices such as radio and television for patients.Commercial Real Estate:-Multi-business Campus Some resources are shared among groups. Multiple companies on the samecampus where different buildings belong to different groups, but all rely on the same core and Internetaccess. Building automation is administered by the owner and spans across all buildings.Here comes your footer  Page 12
  13. 13. Retail :-Kiosks, public wireless LAN (PWLAN) in branches, RF identification,WLAN devices (for example, older WLAN barcode readers that do notsupport any WLAN security).Here comes your footer  Page 13
  14. 14. LARGE OFFICEA large office design is one step closer to a campus design.In addition to supporting more users, a large office might also need higher LAN switching capability ifsupporting a server farm (DMZ).Support for some of these services requires the use of appliance devices if higher throughput is required.To meet these requirements, a distribution layeris added to the small office or medium office topology byintroducing a Layer 2/Layer 3 switch to provide the required LAN switching capabilities, port density, andflexibility to support additional appliances.Here comes your footer  Page 14
  15. 15. The Design should also consider.Overview:Voice, data, video network infrastructure cabling. (I.e. Security alerts andsurveillance, CCTV and CATV)Security:Don’t forget security !!Cooling:Network and server equipment create abundant heat and also tend to shutdown when over-heated.Wireless:The wireless standard that you select should depend on whether you’re running a thin or fat client.Fiber Backbone:Fiber backbones can create options for high bandwidth & long cabling distances between office locationsat rates that are quite competitive.Scability& Availability:The design has to be highly Scalable & should also ensure zero down time.Here comes your footer  Page 15
  16. 16. MULTIPLE BRANCH CONNECTIVITYBased on the number of users in the branch, three design models can be used, each ofwhich offers acertain amount of scalability.The choice of models is affected by requirements such as high availability, because some of the interfaceson the edge router do not support Ether Channels.If a server farm must be supported in the branch, the design must support the required port density toconnect the small server farms and to meet the additional DMZ requirements.High availability, scalability, and advanced services add to the cost of the infrastructure. Layer 2 and Layer3 switches do provide some alternatives to which software images can be used to keep the cost low whilestill providing high availability and scalability.Also, the infrastructure can be reused to migrate to advanced services if required without having toredesign.The requirement are different for different-sized branch offices. Based on the discussions above, thefollowing lists the basis for LAN design at the branches:Number of users ,Cost High, availability ,Scalability SecurityHere comes your footer  Page 16
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