Final photostability deep freezer


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Final photostability deep freezer

  1. 1. Deep Freezer Photostability Chamber Technical Specification Technical Specification Temperature Range: UPTO - 60 °C Temperature Range: 20° C - 50 °C Accuracy: +0.2 °C Accuracy: +3 °C Uniformity: +1.0 °C Uniformity: +3 °C For confirmatory studies, samples should be exposed to light providing an overall illumination of not less than 1.2 million lux hours and an integrated near ultraviolet Optional Features energy of not less than 200 watt hours / square meter to allow direct comparison to be made between drug substance & drug product. GSM TECHNOLOGY HOOTER SYSTEM MACK PHARMATECH’s Photostability Chambers are designed specifically to meet EXTRA TRAY ICH & FDA requirements for Photostability testing. Near UV & visible light testing is Approved Approved performed simultaneously according to ICH Q1B option 2.Features Sizes: Features Sizes:Eco Friendly PUF Insulation has thickness of 80mm. Models MK*-27DF MK*-57DF UV lights get switched off automatically once the door is For BOD For Humidity Features 275 Ltrs 575 Ltrs opened. Models MK*-20PH MK*-40PH MK*-20PH MK*-40PH Interior Dimension Features 200 Ltrs 400 Ltrs 200 Ltrs 400 LtrsProjected door prevents condensation & allows Width in mm 650 800 You can test the samples on Fluorescent light or Interior Dimensionproduct view. Inner & outer doors are sealed around the Depth in mm 400 600 U .V lights separately as well as simultaneously. Width in mm 800 800 800 800entire perimeter by silicone sponge rubber gasket. Height in mm 1100 1200 Depth in mm 500 700 500 700 Exterior Dimension Height in mm 600 700 600 700 Uniform light distribution & high intensity levels allowBullet feet with in-built screwing adjustment are Width in mm 845 995 Exterior Dimension quick response for forced degradation testing andspecially designed for long life under heavy load. Depth in mm 990 1190 confirmatory studies. Width in mm 940 940 940 940 Height in mm 1755 1955 Depth in mm 960 1160 1150 1350 Trays Height in mm 1175 1325 1175 1325Heavy Duty refrigeration system, maintenance free, Lights automatically shut off after a specified exposure No of Trays 2 3 Trayswith hermetically sealed refrigeration compressors and Type Wiremesh Type level or time duration. No of Trays Zone 1 2 1 2reliable refrigeration to minimize noise and vibration. Tray Spacing Every ½” Adjustable Type Tray Perforated Type Perforated Type Power Supply 21 CFR PART-11 Compliance Power Supply21 CFR PART-11 Compliance Power Supply Single Phase, 230V 50Hz Log data, Event data, Audit Trail data, E-Records & Power Supply Single Phase, 230V 50Hz Single Phase, 230V 50Hz Power Rating 1.5KW 2KWLog data, Event data, Audit Trail data, E-Records & E-signatures, Graphical analysis & Data acquisition. Power Rating 2KW 3KW 3KW 4KW Warranty 12 Months Warranty 12 Months 12 MonthsE-signatures, Graphical analysis & Data acquisition. Other sizes also available as on requirement. Other sizes also available as on requirement. Material of Construction Optional Features Models Interior Exterior GSM TECHNOLOGY Material of Construction Models Tray Spacing MK1 S.S.304 Dull Finish G.I. Powder Coated Interior Exterior HOOTER SYSTEM MK2 S.S.304 Dull Finish S.S.304 Dull Finish MK1 S.S.304 Mirror Finish G.I. Powder Coated MK3 S.S.316 Dull Finish S.S.304 Dull Finish MK2 S.S.304 Mirror Finish S.S.304 Dull Finish MK3 S.S.316 Mirror Finish S.S.304 Dull Finish NOTE: MK* :- MK1 / MK2 / MK3 Accuracy & uniformity +3 °C applicable only with load For information log on: For information log on: