Lets have a deep sleep

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As part of the course , our team has created some solutions for sleep problem

As part of the course , our team has created some solutions for sleep problem

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  • 1. A crash course on CreativitySOLUTIONS TO SLEEP PROBLEM
  • 2. The world is now a village All presentation photograph credit- Google image search
  • 3. Can I ever have a sleep like this
  • 4. Lets see
  • 5. How about usingthis application-Bedtime Calculator
  • 6. How about usingthis Sleep Alarm asyou use wake upalarm
  • 7. How nice If it is onyour blackberry also
  • 8. My sleep friendpillow-Can you havesomething to avoidsounds
  • 9. May be if not pillow,this can help
  • 10. Covering Eyeswould add to thebenefit
  • 11. Assistant to notifyfor sleep can help
  • 12. Family can be of abetter optionProcrastination iswhat kills us andsleep is no different
  • 13. Trouble with roommate snoringWell an itching bedcan help
  • 14. Slight alcohol tomake you dizzy
  • 15. Avoid Tea andcoffee before sleep
  • 16. Or anything whichproduces oxygenand keeps youawake at night
  • 17. Do not make evennights day with highlightingBrain gets confused
  • 18. Meditation beforesleep can help
  • 19. Or even some softmusic
  • 20. Get bored bywatching the idiotbox and have asound sleep
  • 21. Read a book andhave a sound sleepwith dreams withbook characters
  • 22. Storytelling is goodso may besomebody tell me astory so I could goto sleep
  • 23. Make love beforesleepGet tired and bettersleep
  • 24. Candles in room can also helpin creating at atmosphere forsleep
  • 25. An Apple a daykeeps Doctor awayBut apple beforesleep also keepssleep away
  • 26. Whats getsmeasured getmanaged-So get a chip tomeasure your sleep
  • 27. 10:00 pm- Internetgoes off
  • 28. Blackberry appmakes it sleep for 8hoursSo no mails andthus go to sleep
  • 29. I want to earn badges, pleasegamify the sleep also
  • 30. Office emailaccounts do notwork after 10 pmlocal time so nochecking mail
  • 31. It also does notwork on weekendComplete backlogof sleep
  • 32. Even your callduration for the dayis overNo phone calls atnight
  • 33. No videoconferencing post10 pm
  • 34. If working in anoutsourcedenvironment- USwork in India- followtheir timingsSLEEP IS MUST
  • 35. TravellinginternationalGet your sleep doneIf you wantimmigrationclearence
  • 36. Checkup can also bedone and you canbe deported
  • 37. Night watchmanalso ensure that yousleep on time
  • 38. If you want toremain awake atnight, please getpermission from thesecretary of thecolony
  • 39. How about a positionin organizationCHIEF SLEEP OFFICERProviding you trainingon importance ofsleep
  • 40. Or rather a 10day sleep retreat
  • 41. Power nap afterevery four hoursmay make yourefresh
  • 42. Caught the firsttime is OK with Boss
  • 43. Sleep room afterLunch in eachoffices
  • 44. In case of anemergency you needto work late anddisturb sleep, get asleep coupon at thesleep room ofcompany for specifiedhours
  • 45. Lets exercise at home and atoffice
  • 46. Even Healthy foodat office can help
  • 47. A walk from officeto home may helpyou in organizing aswell as tiredness toget a sound sleep
  • 48. How about sleeprooms at busstations and railwayplatforms
  • 49. Sleep zones in localand metro trains
  • 50. And even in Bus
  • 51. How about the ideaof a sleep parlour
  • 52. Even at homesleeping area withright temperaturecould help
  • 53. If tired at office-may be a showerbefore sleep
  • 54. A recycle bin needsto be created toburry all worriesbefore sleep