Egypt culture
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Egypt culture






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Egypt culture Presentation Transcript

  • 1. By:Amit Das
  • 2. Location To the north is the MediterraneanSea, and To the east the Red Sea. Egypt is separated from Libya andNorth Africa by the westerndesert, From Palestine and Israel by thedesert of the Sinai Peninsula.
  • 3. Class based society• The Royal Family• Nobles• Upper Class• Lower Class
  • 4. Gender Roles andStatuses• Division of Labor by Gender• The Relative Status of Women and Men
  • 6. The Egyptian language was among the first written languagesHieroglyphsHieratic Demotic Coptic
  • 7. Book of GatesBook of DeadBook of Caverns
  • 9. Great SPHINX Egyptian LUXOR3 Pyramids of GIZA The Temple Complex of KARNAK
  • 10. Music&Dance
  • 11. Types of Dance• Funeral Dances• Festive Dances• Dramatic Dances
  • 12. Belly Dance
  • 13. MusicInstruments Found in Egypt:Clappers - mostly made of bone or woodCymbalsBellsEnd-Blown FlutesPipes - both single or double reedsLyresThe LuteThe Harp - the angle, shoulder, and bowDouble ClarinetTrumpetHydraulicSistrumCrotals
  • 14. Festivals
  • 15. Ramadan Moulid an-Nabi Sham al-Naseem
  • 16. Egypt host to a number offestivals
  • 17. Sports• Football is the most popular sport in Egypt• The Egyptian national football team won the AfricanCup of Nations seven times setting a new record inAfrica• Other popular sports in Egyptare basketball, handball, squash, and tennis
  • 18. CuisineFul Medames Fried Falafel Basbousa
  • 19. Beverages• Tea is the national drink in EgyptKoshary teaSaiidi teaGreen teaTisanes (herbal teas)• Sugar cane juice is called "aseerasab“• A sour, chilled drink made from tamarind
  • 20. Food Customs atCeremonial Occasions• The Id al-Fitr• The Prophets Birthday• Fasting is seen as a spiritual exercise by both Muslims
  • 21. DRESS
  • 22. Ancient Egyptian WearPharaoh Priest Man Women
  • 23. Modern Men & Women Wear
  • 24. HeadwearSkullcap(taqiyah) Fez(Tarbush) Turban Kufiya
  • 25. Marriage&Family
  • 26. • One of the critical decisions a woman can make is thechoice of marriage partner• Marriage to cousins, however, remains frequent,accounting for 39 percent of marriages in a 1995 sample• Egyptians frequently do not have "family" names e.g.,Hassan Ali Abdullah
  • 27. Religion
  • 28. • Egypt is a country of "everyday piety”• 5 PillarsThe statement of this basic professionThe Ramadan fastThe pilgrimage to MeccaThe five daily prayers &The giving of alms.
  • 29. Ra God Sobek• Ra, the sun-god• Isis was worshiped as the mother goddess.• Animal worship is another important aspectof the Egyptian religionThe cat-headed goddess BastetLion-headed war god MaahesThe crocodile-headed god Sobek &The frog-goddess Heqit were idolized
  • 30. Life after death&Mummification
  • 31. MummificationEmbalming Wrapping
  • 32. Tutankhamuns mummy