A2 Media Evaluation - Question 2


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A2 Media Evaluation - Question 2

  1. 1. How effective is thecombination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. In order for me to create a successful ancillary text, I had to use mytime researching and planning into real CD covers, booklets andmagazine adverts. The only problem I came across when researchingwas finding booklets/inserts available on the internet. I had severalCD’s at home but none of them fit into my genre. However I still lookedat the inserts to these CD’s so give me an idea of what is put in there. Isaw that they mostly had pictures and lyrics of their songs so I decidedthat in my booklet, I was going to have the lyrics to Leyton’s song‘Growing Up’ along with a bit about him and his contact details as thiswas his first album. And these idea were good to put in for anupcoming artist.I looked at several different CD front/back covers within the samegenre of Leyton before actually creating my own. After analysing Jojoand Justin Bieber’s CD covers, I was able to have a clear view andthey gave me a starting point on how to create a CD cover of my own.
  3. 3. In order for everything to link together and create synergy, I decidedthat it was a good idea to take photos on the day we had filmed ourperformance element. This mainly happens in real music videoswhere the photos for their album cover are usually from one of theirmusic videos. I thought this idea would be effective and link well withthe ancillary texts. As this follows the codes and conventions ofmusic within the pop genre, I feel it would be easier to market theproduct.The best location to take pictures was at the skate park rather than athis house as there was a lot of graffiti walls and these images wouldfit in quite nicely to create synergy and in the genre of music. Thescenery is also very colourful suggesting how Leyton’s life was oncedull but is now full of success and bright colours as he is movingtowards the light. For my back cover I chose an image of the Big Benas Leyton was proud to be a Londoner and this can be portrayedthrough the montage on the back of his CD.
  4. 4. Here are my final products that I created aimed at a target audience of 12-15. I wasable to get feedback from when constructing my product, this was mainly positive anda few negative points. I then undertook these points and created a slightly differentCD cover and booklet. However as I got told my work was too plain and needed a feweffects added, I created the magazine advert with more effects to make it eye catchingand got a lot of positive feedback from it. As the young audience want colour andattention grabbing images, I felt this is what I should have undertook when creatingmy product, although I think my work was generally good.
  5. 5. As a group we had all created our own digi-pack, however wedecided that the best one was Kavitha’s as it best created synergy.The use of her editing techniques that she used made it so eyecatching and would easily grab the audience’s attention.