7 Habits Of HE Websites
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7 Habits Of HE Websites



PPT slides from a recent webinar I attended on HE websites. Some interesting content...

PPT slides from a recent webinar I attended on HE websites. Some interesting content...



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    7 Habits Of HE Websites 7 Habits Of HE Websites Presentation Transcript

    • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Higher Education Websites
      Jo Bridger, Head of Marketing, Eduserv
      Chris Vezey, Sales Director, Sitecore
    • Some Educational Institutions
      See www.sitecore.net
    • Introduction to the 7 Habits
      • Steven Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (Simon & Schuster, 1989)
      • Apply the same rules to your website
      • Your website is a mechanism to build and grow an online relationship with your audience
    • The Value Gap
      If you had a resource that could…
      Increase student retention
      Deliver more applicants
      Create more loyal and repeat donations
      Lower cost of admission
      Result in more profitable students
      Would you make use of it?
    • Most Higher Education Websites are Untapped Resources
      Higher Education institutions’ websites in the UK have over 30 target markets
      Business Partners
      Research Community
      Prospective students (domestic and overseas)
      Current Students
      Recruiters / Future Employers
    • Audience Poll…
      How long does it currently take to make updates or changes to your public-facing website?
      • Hours
      • Days
      • Weeks
    • Habit #1 Your Visitors are in Charge
      Listen and respond to your visitors’ needs
      Learn how to learn
      Optimisevisitor tasks
      Analytics only tell part of the story
      The visitor is always right
      Become adaptive - Learn and evolve
      CMS to the rescue
      Prioritisehigh value content (that user behavior shows you)
      Creating a visitor-centric website to drive return visits
      This creates:
      Better recruiting intelligence
      Higher conversion rates
      Targeted student recruitment: Geography and talent
    • Audience Poll…
      Do you set and measure goals on your website?
      • Yes
      • No
      • Don’t know
    • Habit #2 Create Goal-Driven Sites
      Not as obvious as you think
      Most websites still behave like single dimensional marketing literature
      Lack focused calls for action
      Leverage the advantages of the web
      Ask yourself…
      What should users achieve on this website?
      What different types of goals do they have?
      Provide focus and direction into every piece of content and functionality
      Higher conversion rates on requested and submitted applications
      Create strong parental involvement
      Reduce fallout rates
    • Habit #3 PrioritiseYour Visitors’ Experiences
      Balance user experiences with website goals
      User experience must be first priority
      Create value
      Provide what visitors need, or what they didn’t even know they needed
      Increased retention
      Lower cost of communication
      Recruit higher quality students
      Increase university/college reputation and perception
    • Habit #4 Drive Value for Your Visitors
      Provide value
      Drive value; understand what they need and deliver it quickly
      Demonstrate utility of the information they provide
      Creates stronger collaboration
      Builds goodwill
      Stronger relationships for increased retention
    • Habit #5 Know where your visitor struggles
      Examine and evaluate what does not work
      Find the holes
      Identify what visitors seek, but can’t find
      Elicit feedback
      Offer expertise
      Help your students and prospects learn how to engage with you
      Lower customer support costs
      Stronger recruiting intelligence
      Competitive parity or advantage
    • Audience Poll…
      Do you collect feedback from your website users?
      • Yes, regularly
      • Yes, occasionally
      • No
      • Don’t know
    • Habit #6 Create the dialogue with your visitor
      Create an ongoing conversation
      Use personalisationto have an ongoing dialogue
      Episodic marketing can expand relationships
      Targeted calls-to-action
      Utilisesegmentation messaging
      Creates value
      Expands the relationship
      Increased student quality
      Higher retention rates
    • The University of Southern Denmark upgraded its Sitecore CMS in just one week. Having ½ million unique items and 800 editors working on content on a daily basis was no problem.
    • Habit #7 OptimiseYour Website with the Power of A/B Split Testing
      Marketers love metrics
      Use test and control mechanisms to analysemarketing effectiveness
      Learn what is working and what is not
      Prototype the customer response to new messaging and imagery
      Actionable knowledge of what is working on your website
      A low-cost channel for measuring marketing effectiveness
      Understand your segments more effectively
    • The Seven Habits
      Your Visitors Are in Charge
      Create Goal-Driven Sites
      PrioritiseYour Visitors’ Experience
      Drive Value for Your Visitors
      Know What Your Visitors Want
      Create a Dialogue with Your Visitors
      OptimiseYour Site with the Power of A/B Split Testing
    • Putting the Habits to Work
      Expect more from your website
      Drive more value by implementing these seven habits
      CMS Technology can support these goals