Why Employer Hire You?


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Why Employer Hire You?

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Why Employer Hire You?

  1. 1. Why employer Hire you?
  2. 2. Career Series
  3. 3. Inspiration from Article
  4. 4. Do you want to be hired instantly, too?
  5. 5. Here are some standard and creative tactics that will say, "Hire me!" to employers during your next job search
  6. 6. Here are some standard and creative tactics that will say, "Hire me!" to employers during your next job search
  7. 7. What you do?
  8. 8. Throughout the job search
  9. 9. "Read the business pages to find out what businesses are growing,"   Apply at companies that aren't seeking candidates
  10. 10. "What gets my attention is a phone call and real live voice. Most communication is done via e-mail and you don't get the total picture of a person without that verbal communication,"   Pick up the phone
  11. 11. On your résumé
  12. 12. "Don't try to sell what you are selling; sell what the employer is buying. It's never one-size-fits-all
  13. 13. "Envision a HR manager looking at a résumé like a driver going by a billboard. Try to make it absorbable at high speeds” Make it easy on the eyes
  14. 14. “Write down several career achievements of which you are most proud” Include success stories. 
  15. 15. "Develop a list of keywords from those postings that you incorporate into the résumé under a subheading entitled 'core competencies.' Employers search their database of résumés by keyword” Analyze keywords
  16. 16. In the cover letter
  17. 17. "Try to get the person's name. If not, simply say 'Greetings' or 'Hello.'" Lose the "To Whom It May Con
  18. 18. "People reading these letters are already bored with the reams of pabulum they have to read. Forget the "This letter is in regards to your ad..."  
  19. 19. "Share a good story about what you've accomplished. Stories show   why you're the best candidate. Show, don't tell
  20. 20. During the interview
  21. 21. “ Until you can determine why you and the company are a good match, you can't sell yourself." Identify why you are a good fit.  
  22. 22. "Job seekers give a personal response instead of a professional response. Your response will say, 'Hire me,' if you tailor your responses to the position you are applying for. Review that job announcement the night before the interview and write out some bullet points for yourself to speak to the employer's needs." Keep your responses job-related
  23. 23. Decide now and be prepared that employer can “ Hire you”
  24. 24. Thank you for viewing my slide
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