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Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping



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  • Awesome presentation! Mind Mapping is an extremely effective method of taking notes. I want to learn more about it. Anyways, I am grateful have found this presentation. I've learn so much from this.
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  • Hi Self Creation, I really love the concept of mind mapping. What you presented here is a guide I can use. Thank you for sharing. Mabuhay ka! Al-Vis from the beautiful country of the Philippines......
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  • Hello! I congratulate you for your excellent presentation. It’s really interesting. I add your presentation as a favorite, I hope you visit my presentation, and also add me to your favorites. Thanks, greetings from Venezuela http://www.slideshare.net/jesusd411/microsoft-office-nuestro-estilo-de-vida-3202387 Add me to your Favorites click on the heart that says Favorite. Thanks
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  • Excellent presentation ! I Congratulations ! Hugs Bernard
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Mind Mapping Mind Mapping Presentation Transcript

  • Mind Mapping
  • Do you know?
  • What it is?
  • Mind mapping is a simple but powerful tool.
  • It is a non-linear way of organizinginformation and a technique that allows you to capture the natural flow of your ideas
  • In 8 steps you can learn to handle this tool
  • Exactly Learning by doing
  • Eight Steps
  • Step 1:Centre FirstMind mapping begins with a word or imagethat symbolizes what you want to think about ,placed in the middle of the page.
  • Step 2:Lighten Up!Mind mapping is simply a brain 'dumping'process that helps stimulate new ideas andconnections. Start with an open, playful attitude... you can always get serious later.
  • Step 3:Free AssociateAs ideas emerge, write one or two worddescriptions of the ideas around the centralidea. Allow the ideas to expand outward intobranches and sub-branches. Put down all ideas without judgment or evaluation.
  • Step 4: Think FastBrains work best in 5-7 minute bursts, socapture that explosion of ideas as rapidly aspossible. Key words, symbols and imagesprovide a mental short-hand to help you recordideas as quickly as possible.
  • Step 5:Break BoundariesGet rid of the idea that you always have to workon white, A4-size paper with black ink or pencil. Use A3 or better A2-size paper or cover an entire wall with wall paper ... the bigger the paper, the more ideas you'll have.Use wild colors, fat colored markers, crayons, or skinny felt tipped pens.
  • Step 6: Judge NotPut everything down that comes into your minds, even if it is completely unrelated.If you're brainstorming ideas for a report about renewable energy resources and you suddenly remember there is also a mathematics test toprepare for next week, put down "mathstest next week.“
  • Step 7: Keep MovingKeep your hands moving!If ideas slow down, draw empty spaces and watch your brains automatically find ideas to fill them with.Or change colors to re-energize your minds.Stand up and walk around, talking out loudly to generate even more energy. 
  • Step 8:Allow OrganizationSometimes you see relationships andconnections immediately and you can add sub-branchesto a main idea.Sometimes you do not, then you just connect the ideas to the central idea. Organizationcan always come later; the first requirement is to get the ideas out of your head and onto the paper.
  • Thank you, amirsaiftaz@gmail.comwww.amirsaiftaz.blogspot.com