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Memory Building Memory Building Presentation Transcript

  • Memory Building  Memory Building ( (Brain Exercises) )
  • Easy Genius  Awakening Your Whole Brain to Awakening Your Whole Brain to Build a More Powerful Memory A book from  A book from Chance Massaro, M.A.  and  Steve Wallis, M.A. Steve Wallis, M.A.
  • Your brain is very like  the rest of your body in  that the more it is used  the stronger it remains. View slide
  • We exercise our bodies  W i b di by walking, by walking,  stretching and putting  stretching and putting mild strain on our bones  and muscles.  View slide
  • We know this to be a  great influence on our  brains as well.  bi ll
  • We exercise our  brains by thinking  y g in lots of different  ways. y
  • Here, then is a little  fun set of exercises  which will keep your  hi h ill k brain elastic and plastic  and ready to serve you  and ready to serve you for years to come.
  • 1. Move your eyes from extreme y y left to extreme right, from extreme up to extreme down p and roll them around. 30 seconds a day will make a noticeable difference in just one j month.
  • 2.  Move your arms and legs across the midline of your body. Wiggle the toes of your left foot while wiggling the fingers of your right hand.
  • 3.  Sing! Sing, sing Row row, just sing!  g g, g ,j g
  • 4.  Add, subtract, multiply and divide.  Add, subtract, multiply and divide. Any simple math will activate and  p ese e you e t b a preserve your left brain.
  • 5.  Imagine general to specific. Think “car” then think “hybrid”, think “cat” and think “lion” etc. cat lion Now do it backwards: think “Empire State Building” and then Empire Building “skyscraper or “Dubai” then “Middle East country”. Middle ast country .
  • 6.  Wash your hands (shave, dress) differently each day. Trade clothes with someone your size! t so eo e you s e
  • 7.  Take your brain for a trip around the world: imagine New York (picture it in you mind), then London, then Paris, then Bonn, then Milan then Teheran etc until you get to Hawaii.
  • 8.  Picture people. Think of the people you know and recreate their face in your imagination. Recreate their voice, gestures too.
  • 9.  When you watch TV or other people in your environment imagine moving like they move. ag e o g e t ey o e
  • 10.  Imagine yourself as something non‐human: be a tree, a car, a flower, a bird etc. Imagine how the world seems to that entity.
  • 11.  Breathe easily and deeply and really experience your breath. How many places in your body can you feel yourself breathe?
  • 12.  Become compulsively curious. Constantly ask yourself and others “Why?” and “How?” and Why? How? “What color?” and “How fast?” and “Where?” etc. Where?
  • 13.  Learn a new game, a new language, a new route to the bathroom.
  • 14.  Play with associations; wherever you are ask yourself “What does this remind me of?” This can be of? very entertaining.
  • 15.  Write poetry. Learn poems by te poet y. ea poe s heart. Read poems aloud or your favorite subject book, article etc a o te boo , a t c e
  • 16.  Collect jokes in a notebook or journal. Share jokes every day, ask people for the joke of the day. Remember the humor formulation poem: magnify, minify, slapstick, pun…rearrange context, opposite fun.
  • Thank you,