How to boost your self esteem
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    This group aims to reference all slide shows with or without sound on psychology, positive thinking, creative thinking, human potential, effectiveness, human resources, personal development, motivation, success, success, happiness, etc. ... In short, everything that can contribute to the well-being (in his body, mind, spirit), a healthy mind in a healthy body. to achieve peace, harmony, happiness, etc.. ...But also of course the joy they bring... We would be honored by your support through your membership. You are invited to join us ! I wish you a nice day. Greetings from France. Bernard
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  • 1. How to Boost your  How to Boost your Self Esteem?
  • 2. 10 Ways to Boost Your Self  0 Ways to oost Your Self Esteem
  • 3. "Enthusiasm finds the opportunities,  and energy makes the most of them."  gy ‐ Henry Hoskins ‐
  • 4. 1. Be  Positive 2. Build  10. Relax in  your  a chair confidence 9. Spare  3. Keep a  time for  journal yourself Self  Esteem 8. Kill  4. Be  negativity optimistic. 7. Lighten‐ 5. Establish  up goals 6. Self  Belief
  • 5. 1. Be Positive. 1 Be Positive Encouraging yourself, Repeat them  constantly and your mind will act on  constantly and your mind will act on them. Work at feeling good about  yourself and become more self‐ reliant.  YOU are a capable person YOU bl
  • 6. 2. Build your confidence 2 Build your confidence By picturing yourself accomplishing  lf l h something, you have always wanted to  do. Close your eyes and see every detail  of how you would behave, how you feel  about achieving it and how others  about achieving it and how others respond to it. Now put it into action and  when you achieve it you will feel elated.
  • 7. 3. Keep a journal 3 Keep a journal Write down your feelings and  thoughts about situations and  determine how you could make them  better by looking at them in a  y different way. You will learn more  about yourself and how you react to  certain situations so you can stop and  turn them around.
  • 8. 4. Be optimistic 4 Be optimistic When you catch yourself being a  When you catch yourself being a pessimist STOP! Think about all  the good points that can be made  about the situation and realize  that any situation can be turned  that any situation can be turned around easily to a positive one if  your willing to try. 
  • 9. 5. Establish goals 5 Establish goals What you can realistically  y y achieve? Take it one step at a  time and encounter any  problems as a learning  experience and keep on going  i dk i until you reach it. Perfectionism  is not necessary. Keep trying.
  • 10. 6. Self Belief 6 Self Belief Rely on your own opinions of  y y p yourself and not what others  think. Base your life goals on  your values and not those of  others. You are the only person  th Y th l who can say what is right for  you! 
  • 11. 7 Lighten‐up 7. Lighten‐up Don't take things so seriously  g y or personally. Try to see the  humor in everything. Your  perspective will completely  change if you look at things  h if l k t thi from a serious and humorous  point of view.
  • 12. 8. Kill negativity 8 Kill negativity When you notice you are having  When you notice you are having doubts or judging yourself, STOP! Tell  yourself, I can do it! I am a good  person and I can do anything I put my  mind to. You have the power to control  mind to You have the power to control your inner critic, don't allow it to  control you.
  • 13. 9. Spare time for yourself 9 Spare time for yourself Take at least 30 minutes a day for  y yourself. Use it to read, take a  walk, meditate or pamper  yourself. You will be better  prepared to deal with problems  d t d l ith bl and find solutions from the time  you spend in solitude.
  • 14. 10. Relax in a chair 10 Relax in a chair Close your eyes and remember  Close your eyes and remember the last time you really  laughed. Try to get that same  feeling by imagining that its  happening right now. 
  • 15. "You've got to get up every morning with a  g g p y g smile on your face, and show the world all  y the love in your heart."  ‐‐ Carole King ‐‐
  • 16. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your time. lid h / i if i / i if