Cash Saving Strategy


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Cash Saving Strategy

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  • Very useful to share at this time, Amir. There is a 13 Week cash flow model that you can download:

    This is for 12 months

    If you can't view them at links provided, try googling:

    'cash flow forecast template'
    '13 Week cash flow template'
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  • Thank u very much for your comments, Amir
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  • well- done and very helpful slide. thank you for making it!
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Cash Saving Strategy

  1. 1. Cash saving strategy Amir Saif
  2. 2. Management series Amir Saif
  3. 3. Inspiration from Management Article Amir Saif
  4. 4. Cash is a King Amir Saif
  5. 5. We will walk through the tools and strategies we need to survive the current downturn and to improve our competitive position Amir Saif
  6. 6. How to save cash? Amir Saif
  7. 7. What is latest Survival strategy? Amir Saif
  8. 8. What to do? Amir Saif
  9. 9. Understand and realize Amir Saif
  10. 10. Cash is King Amir Saif
  11. 11. Why cash is everything? Amir Saif
  12. 12. Until recently, most senior executives regarded managing cash flow and liquidity as tactical functions, a mundane set of activities left to administrative managers. Amir Saif
  13. 13. No more. Amir Saif
  14. 14. As the global financial crisis has choked off credit, cash management has become strategic. Amir Saif
  15. 15. Companies with weak operating cash flows are finding it more difficult to secure outside funding, just when flows are harder than ever to generate. Amir Saif
  16. 16. The resulting cash pinch can threaten the largest global players. Amir Saif
  17. 17. A critical first step in such cash-flow discipline is adopting a 13-week tool that shows what's flowing into and out of each business segment on a weekly and monthly basis. Amir Saif
  18. 18. The idea is to capture real-time information on flows and compare them with budgeted amounts. Amir Saif
  19. 19. Persistent variances signal fast- emerging problems in product lines, customer channels and vendor relations problems that can be addressed before it is too late. Amir Saif
  20. 20. Cash flow Plan • 13 Week cash flow • It also provides a tool builds a short foundation for long- term view of how term downside cash flows through scenarios that the business trigger action Amir Saif
  21. 21. Cash flow Plan It also provides a foundation for long 13 Week cash flow tool builds a short Term downside scenarios that trigger Term view of how cash flows through action the business • Reveals how much cash is • Give cash position on a weekly necessary to preserve and protect basis the business under different • Tracks cash inflows and outflows conditions directly through bottom-up • Identifies choke points and construction opportunities to improve processes • Provides the ability to report actual • Highlights differences in efficiency vs budget variances each week between product lines, customer • Permits situation specific channels and vendor relationships forecasting, including store, selling • Provides a powerful understanding lines of business and reducing of which rivals are vulnerable, which headcount. customers are strongest and which vendors might not survive. Amir Saif
  22. 22. This plan can show how much cash need to protect the business under different conditions. Amir Saif
  23. 23. Many senior executives have also begun to model downside scenarios informed by cash flow and liquidity measures. Amir Saif
  24. 24. The value of this approach builds with time. Amir Saif
  25. 25. From marketing standpoint, the desk was a big win. But from a cash flow perspective, it was a nightmare. Amir Saif
  26. 26. Thank you for viewing my slide Amir Saif