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Be Like Water
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Be Like Water


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Be Like Water

Be Like Water

Published in: Technology, Business, Spiritual
  • Thanks for all of you for the lovable comments. Amir
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  • are beautiful and your words came at a time when I was burning like lava...thank you my frined for the right grounding and the perspective to sail through these troubled times .. beautifully most favorite learning resource
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  • For a Chinese who can't read Mandarin, I would have missed it. Great work sharing this translation, Amir. Thanks.
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  • great work! and so helpful in teaching me about Lao zi's philosophy. i'm studying Confucianism now. and surely Lao zi will be the next one. thank you!
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  • 1. Be like water Amir Saif
  • 2. Spiritual Series from Article Amir Saif
  • 3. Change Human psychology Amir Saif
  • 4. Transforming Phase Amir Saif
  • 5. Quote, No matter how old you are, there's always something good to look forward to. - Lynn Johnston Amir Saif
  • 6. There is a theme that runs throughout the Tao Te Ching and it is to Be Like Water. Amir Saif
  • 7. The qualities of water Amir Saif
  • 8. That's right Amir Saif
  • 9. you can freeze it, boil it, or vaporize it, and it still perfectly fine. It's still water. Amir Saif
  • 10. There are many incredible attributes of water for helping you live a peaceful and joyous life. Amir Saif
  • 11. It really doesn't matter what happens to it. Amir Saif
  • 12. • Water cannot be grasped • it cannot be held. • It cannot be hurt by the environment because it simply shapes itself accordingly and continues on its wondrous journey. Amir Saif
  • 13. Water shapes itself to its environment, but it always gets to where it is going. Amir Saif
  • 14. Water always gets to where it is going. Amir Saif
  • 15. Water is present in the ocean. Amir Saif
  • 16. It then gets absorbed into the clouds as moisture. Amir Saif
  • 17. The clouds then move over the land and it rains or snows Amir Saif
  • 18. The water then eventually makes its way back to the ocean. Amir Saif
  • 19. Sounds simple, right? Amir Saif
  • 20. Well, as you know, water can take an infinite number of detours as it makes its way back to the ocean. It can remain frozen in a glacier for eons. It can end up in a dam. Amir Saif
  • 21. It can flow its way through endless streams and tributaries. It can end up buried in the ground. But eventually it always makes its way back to the ocean. And then it always makes its way back to the clouds and falls down as rain. Amir Saif
  • 22. Can you let yourself be like water? Amir Saif
  • 23. Instead of holding yourself in opposition to the world, your life, and what is happening, can you think of this metaphor of water? Amir Saif
  • 24. Can you let yourself flow with what is, knowing that you will always end up where you want to go? Amir Saif
  • 25. If you are experiencing turbulent times. Amir Saif
  • 26. Trust that the greater part of you has the power to heal Amir Saif
  • 27. To nourish, and to sustain you. Amir Saif
  • 28. Trust that this same part of you will keep you on track. Amir Saif
  • 29. No matter how many detours you seem to be taking. Amir Saif
  • 30. The spiritual part of ourselves is always on purpose, gently helping you become the greatness that you are. Amir Saif
  • 31. Be like water and become attuned to the endless flow of wisdom and insight within yourself. Amir Saif
  • 32. When you do, all of life will take on a whole new meaning. Amir Saif
  • 33. Thank you, Amir Saif