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why-tdd why-tdd Presentation Transcript

  • AMIR BARYLKO WHY TDD? WPG RUBY UG 2011Amir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • INTRO Why projects fail? Reality Check No more excuses Why TDD?Amir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • WHY PROJECTS FAIL? • Delivering late or over budget • Delivering the wrong thing • Unstable in production • Costly to maintainAmir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • REALITY CHECK • It is impossible to gather all the requirements at the beginning of a project. • Whatever requirements you do gather are guaranteed to change. • There will always be more to do than time and money will allow.Amir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • NO MORE EXCUSES • It works on my computer! • We need a satellite connection in order to • Itwas like that when I got run it! here! • We can’t reproduce the • The previous developer error! didn’t know XXXX! • We can’t test that!Amir Barylko - TDD Workshop PRDC 2011 MavenThought Inc.
  • WHY TDD? • Prove that your code • Regression tests as works byproduct • Avoid waste • Makechanges with (debugging) confidence • Increment code quality • Bring back the joy of coding! • Better designAmir Barylko - TDD Workshop PRDC 2011 MavenThought Inc.
  • APPLYING TDD Iteration 0 .. N Quality as a Driver Red - Green - RefactorAmir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • ITERATION 0 • Flush out architecture. • Setup Testing harness for TDD and BDD. • Setup continuous integration. • Setup scripts to build, deploy, etc. • Setup visual communication tools.Amir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • ITERATION 1.. N • Start by Story Planning • Pair programming (switching often) Every day! • Daily Scrum • End with RetrospectiveAmir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • QUALITY AS A DRIVER Red BDD Red Refactor Refactor TDD Green GreenAmir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • RED •Write a test that fails •Relax, is ok if it compilesAmir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • GREEN • Try to make the test pass • Do a simple solution • Use default values (not throwing exceptions) • Don’t worry if the code “smells”Amir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • REFACTOR • Avoid repeating code • Avoid hardcoding dependencies • Avoid “write only” code • Refactor with confidence! • Run all tests if possibleAmir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • DEMO MediaLibrary Add Top10Amir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • SUMMARY Limits Benefits Challenges AdoptionAmir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • LIMITS OF TDD • Unit test • Integration test • Acceptance testAmir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • BENEFITS • Let the methodology drive • It will save your bacon! • High quality the whole way! • Very few bugs! • Do your duty as developer!Amir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • CHALLENGES • Very different from conventional testing • Many developers find it complex to learn at first • Hard to start without a Mentor • Management buy in • Difficult to keep under deadline pressure • Beware of code coverage!Amir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • ADOPTION • Find Mentor/Couch/Trainer • Small iterations • Have metrics ready (velocity, etc) • Do whatever works for you • Find out which tools will benefit you • Automate, automate, automate!Amir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.
  • QUESTIONS?Amir Barylko - TDD MavenThought Inc.