Profile Info S3 ( Shering Santai Sore ) With Lita Mucharom
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  • Participants Profile Common Interest : Using Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Internet Hang-out with friends Explore New Things Reading Magz & Blog Others should be considered Closely attached to social group Unstable to choose the establish career Not Independently make decision Least priority in family future plan


  • 1. Program BackgroundProgram Background
  • 2. LESS than 0,2% Entrepreneur
  • 3. 49,5% from total workers are ELEMENTARY school graduation
  • 4. 8.59 million
  • 5. Youngsters dreams on Financial independency
  • 6. Limited access & Updated Information - Network
  • 7. Vission : To Share Our Knowledge & Experience for the Advantage of Society by Inspiring and Developing the Young Entrepreneur for a Better Life
  • 8. To deliver the positive contribution to society empowerment for a better economical status To shifting the paradigm on Indonesian society that Human Capital Management is the core competence needs by SME’s To reach as much as possible the number of young Entrepreneur to participate to grow some of them (selective smaller number) of participant to be Young business leader of Indonesia
  • 9. Reach senior high school and college student to become entrepreneur To establish a structured lesson plan to develop the skill and knowledge regarding the business system & process To provide structured mentoring program from long- experienced Entrepreneur to next generation of Entrepreneurs
  • 10. To propose & capitalize SELARAS Group & other Participated Contributors as the ROLE MODEL of ENTREPRENEURSHIP & LEADERSHIP
  • 11. Trialiati G (Lita) Mucharom Advisor Andhes Public Relation Coordinator Achy Program Coordinator The Team
  • 12. Mas Bro Creative Editing Coordinator Ayu Social Media Coordinator Ega Assesment Coordinator The Team
  • 13. Buby Sponsorship Coordinator Icha Workshop Coordinator Amir Hamzah Mentoring Coordinator The Team
  • 14. Target Participants :  Start Up, 17-25 years old  Medium social segment (SES-BC)  Interest in Human Capital Management  Potential to develop as leader  Indonesia area ASEAN countries
  • 15. Participants Profile
  • 16. Common Interest : Familiar with Social Media & Internet Hanging-out with friends Like Explore New Things Reading Magz & Blog
  • 17. Others should be considered • Closely attached to social group • Unstable to choose the establish career • Not Independently make decision • Limited access to establish entrepreneur networking
  • 18. 1. Light Sharing for public (1/2 day)  Entrepreneur Mind set, Motivation & Attitude  Caracter building and competency  Business introduction & overview 2. Assesment (personal character/profile, Interest) - talent searching 3. In-Depth Program • Hard skill & soft skill development • Group Coaching/mentoring • Business Start Up • Train the Leader Sharing Santai Sore (S3) Programs
  • 19. • Sharing Santai Sore (S3) is the brand who has been given by Achy and his friends (Mentee) in September 2011, First session initiated by Trialita (Mentor) • Result : – defining the program rules, objective and contents, – establishing organization structure and role of each team member – Strengthening the chemistry between each members – Establishing funds for the next session ESTABLISHMENT
  • 20. implementation mentoring/coaching system only for selected Talented Young Entrepreneur to monitor and advice their business progression Proposed Mentor : Each talent can select their mentor (max. 3 person) in a specific area of competency Mentor circle : depend on their time availability •developmental needs identification •Setting development goals •Analyze present abilities & experience voids •possesses the knowledge, experience, or perspective •Provide feedback, advice & support/guidance •Commit time & attention •Observe, affirm & correct •Framing protege thinking •Focus on protege long term capability & career aspiration •It has personal and professional dimensions, a partnership in which both members contribute equally •Relationship focus on development •Comfortable, natural, honesty, openness, commitment & effort MENTORING SYSTEM
  • 21. OUR MENTORS Yanty Isa PT. Amazy Foods (186 outlets) Denni & Selvi Kekpisang VILLA, Batam Hengky Bakso CAK EKO, - RKSE Nilam Baba Rafi Ning Hermanto Indira Abidin Monica Kumala
  • 22. OUR MENTORS Ali Akbar Pakar SEO Laila Asri POURVOUS Natural Body care Jaya Setiabudhi Young Entrepreneur Academy Nadia Alatas Iwan S Rizal Lianna Gunawan Subiakto
  • 24. www.sdm4UKm.COm Campaign through Lita Mucharom website and social media. Lta has a passion in Human Capital Management and succeed to transform a small business into a large scale Enterprise. Recipient of Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2010, Enterprise Asia - The Most promising Entrepreneurship Award 2011 and Anugrah Perempuan Indonesia 2012 Young at hearth, traveler but not backpackers, swim when get bored, cat lover, lady golfer, love to help others, concern on next generation future….. Follow @LItaMucharom Campaign
  • 25. Short Term Goals
  • 26. 28 DATE / MONTH ACTIVITIES TARGETS / RESULTS 1st October 2011 Launching the Program Developing the Lesson Plan Agreed flow of lesson October – July 2012 •Finalization of Workshop material, •Developing Audio Video Presentation •Producing Flyers, stationeries •Setting KPI to measure the success of the Program A full set of program design Schedule of workshops to Institution and community August 2012 •Advertisement at Social Media •Collaboration activities with relevant community •Designing Assessment Center : Pre-screening Form, Test tool set Branding & Campaign the Program Searching the best Talent for the next Generation of Entrepreneur September – December 2012 •Conducting Workshop for Public as scheduled •Selection process Reach 1000 participants At least 20 session per 4 months At least 100 participants per session
  • 27. Long Term Goal
  • 28. DATE / MONTH ACTIVITIES TARGETS / RESULTS January 2012 The result of the Selection The best 100 is selected based on Pre- Screening application form The Best 50 out of 100 who can pass the Field Test The best 30 out of 50 who can pass a depth of assessment (Focused Interview) Feb – Nov 2012 Group Mentoring Program Business Start Up by each Mentee / Protégé Jan 2013 Train the Leader To enable the Leader to nurture the next generation of group 2012 Formalize the organization structure & Get property right for the name of “Sharing Santai Sore” 2013 Fund Raising / Sponsorship The best business start Up will get access to financial Institution
  • 29. DATE / MONTH ACTIVITIES TARGETS / RESULTS 2013 Fund Raising / Sponsorship The best business start Up will get access to financial Institution 2013 Establishing network with some Industries Giving some access to all protégé generate the footprint and market their products / services 2014 Developing Webminar (online seminar) for the next development phase Distance Learning to reduce cost 2014 Developing Computerized Based Training on CD to be distributed to communities and schools Reach more participants outside Indonesia, preferable from ASEAN 2014 Arranging Exhibition bring Young Entrepreneur to built the nework
  • 30. Key Performance IndicatorKey Performance Indicator
  • 31. • PUBLIC RELATION – Effectiveness of media reach : Brand Awareness – The number of participation – The amount of Funds – The number of Supporters – The effectiveness of Sponsorship – The effectiveness of Partnership – The number of Joining Program • PROGRAM – The quality of content – Effectiveness of program – Effectiveness of program – The involvement of Long-Experienced Entrepreneur – Support from external parties
  • 32. • PARTICIPANT - Quality of participants - Effectiveness of assessment tools - Success level of participants • ORGANIZATION – The effectiveness of organization – Sustainability of program
  • 34. WORD OF WISDOM ““Organizing your thoughts on whatOrganizing your thoughts on what needs to be done is a powerfulneeds to be done is a powerful way to prepare your organizationway to prepare your organization to grow…. ‘to grow…. ‘ Lita Mucharom, Human Capital CoachLita Mucharom, Human Capital Coach