Cna written test


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CNA exam is conducted in order to test the skills and knowledge of the certified nursing assistant. The pattern of the question is almost same throughout the USA.

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Cna written test

  1. 1. Different Types of Questions in CNA ExamFor building career as a certified nursing assistant, it is mandatory to pass the CNA certification exam and get the license from the license authority of that stateThe basic thing that the examiner checks for is if you have acquired the qualities to be a CNAHere, we will have a look at the type of questions that are asked in the written exam along with example of each type. These questions will judge you on different parameters.
  2. 2. Questions regarding daily routineA nurse aide is required to assist a client to a wheelchair. The patient is heavy and the CNA is unsure if she could do the task alone, she should:• ask his family to do the task• ask for help from another aide• skip the task and move ahead• try to do it aloneAnswer: b
  3. 3. Handling Emergency SituationsWhen taking your regular round you find a patient has fallen from bed, what should be your first response• Rush to call your RN• Perform CPR• Assess the clients pulse and respirations• Call 911Answer: c
  4. 4. Recording/MeasuringTo convert four ounces of juice to milliliters (ml), the nurse aide should multiply:• 4 x 5 ml• 4 x 10 ml• 4 x 15 ml• 4 x 30 mlAnswer: d
  5. 5. Psychosocial Care SkillsA patient is crying over sudden death of a relative, a CNA should:• Ignore her• Sit beside her and let her talk about her feelings• Try to divert her attention• Tell her not to cry, as it is disturbing to other patientsAnswer: b
  6. 6. Infection ControlHow to prevent spread of germs between patients• wear gloves when in contact with patient.• Wash hands after contact with any patient• hold supplies and linens away from their uniforms.• Ask patients to stay away from each otherAnswer: c
  7. 7. Therapeutic/Technical ProceduresWhen giving a backrub, the nurse aide should• apply lotion to the back directly from the bottle.• let there be some extra lotion on the back after completing the backrub• ask the patient to lie on his stomach• keep the patient covered as much as possibleAnswer: d
  8. 8. CNA VocabularyA safety device used to transfer a dependent patient from a bed to a chair is called a:• transfer/gait belt• Hand roll• Foot board• Posey vestAnswer: a
  9. 9. Client RightsWhich of the following is a clients right?• Hire private staff for himself• walking freely in the hospital corridor• Ask not to share his health condition• Smoke wherever he wantsAnswer: c
  10. 10. There are plenty of free resources for sample questions out there, so why go for paid ones. Check here••­Practice­Test