Report from RDAPlenary 3 to DataCitation Community in Australia


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A report from the Research Data Alliance third plenary to the Data Citation community in Australia

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  • John Perry TD was appointed Minister of State with responsibility for Small Business at the Department of Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation in March 2011.
  • Report from RDAPlenary 3 to DataCitation Community in Australia

    1. 1. RDA Third Plenary Dublin, Ireland March 2014
    2. 2. 477 academics and policymakers from around the globe gathered in Dublin last week for the Research Data Alliance’s Third Plenary Meeting.
    3. 3. 8 Working Groups • Data Citation WG • Data Description Registry Interoperability • Data Foundation and Terminology • Data Type Registries • Metadata Standards Directory • PID Information Type • Practical Policy • Standardisation of Data Categories and Codes • Wheat Data Interoperability 26 Interest Groups • Agricultural Data Interoperability • Big Data Analytics • Biodiversity Data Integration • Brokering • Community Capability Model • Data in Context • Defining Urban Data Exchange for Science • Development of cloud computing capacity and education in developing …. (18 more)
    4. 4. Data Citation WG • aims to bring together a group of experts to discuss the issues, requirements, advantages and shortcomings of existing approaches for efficiently citing subsets of data.
    5. 5. Data Citation WG: Chairs Andreas Rauber: Ari Asmi: Dieter Uytvanck:
    6. 6. Data Citation WG: Work Plan • Requirement Analysis (M1-6) • Defining the reference model (M4-12) • Improving and testing the model (M8-15) • Promoting the model and reference implementation (M12-18)
    7. 7. Data Description Registry Interoperability (WG) co-chairs: Amir Aryani, Adrian Burton
    8. 8. Meeting notes: • • Also posted by • @amir_at_ands • #RDAPlenary
    9. 9. What is the problem? Cross-platform discovery • So many places to search • Research data registries are fragmented across institutions, countries and research domains. • So many search results • Finding a relevant dataset is not a trivial task for many researchers.
    10. 10. shy... {All started here!}
    11. 11. Working software solution • Not aiming to develop new standards or create new protocols, • instead aiming to leverage existing e- infrastructure to build a set of working software solutions.
    12. 12. Participants
    13. 13. Bilateral projects • INSPIRE-HEP (CERN) and Research Data Australia (ANDS) Interoperability Project • Dryad and Research Data Australia Interoperability Project • NARCIS (DANS) & Research Data Australia Interoperability Project • VIVO Data Description Exchange Solutions • DCI (Thomson Reuters) and Research Data Australia Interoperability Project • DataCite Data Description Exchange Solutions • da|ra and Data-PASS Interoperability Project
    14. 14. Data Description Registry Interoperability Cross-Platform Discovery Data Type Registries WG Data in Context IG Publishing Data IG Search Optimisation Persistent identifiers PID Information Types WG PID IG Author Disambiguation Metadata Exchange Metadata Standards Directory WG Linking Grants to Research Data Data Citation Thomson Reuters DCI De-duplication Challenges and Collaborations
    15. 15. RDA WG Assumptions • Activity funded through pre- existing sources • Willingness to share and to contribute to a global task • Willingness to extend existing projects to test conclusions