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  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEMSECTION AOBJECTIVE (50 marks)INSTRUCTION:This section consists of FORTY (40) objective questions. Answer ALL questions.1. “Open Standards and the organizations that administer them do not favor one implementer over another for any reason other than the technical standards compliance of a vendors implementation.” This statement best describes which Open Standard main principle? [CLO1] A. No royalty B. Availability C. No discrimination D. Maximize end-user choice2. In which category of license does Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) fall into? [CLO1] A. Academic B. Community C. Business D. Enterprise Page 2 of 23
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM3. Which Open Source Software (OSS) principle is being referred to in the statement below: [CLO1] Create a fair, competitive market for implementations of the standard without locking the customer into a particular vendor or group. A. Availability B. Predatory practices C. Maximize end-user choice D. No discrimination4. _______________________ is the creator of Linux architecture. [CLO1] A. Richard Stallman B. Andrew Tanenbaum C. Linus Torvalds D. Novell5. GNU Network Object Model Environment is based on______ [CLO1] A. Qt2 graphical toolkit B. Qt3 graphical toolkit C. GTK+2 D. GTK+3 Page 3 of 23
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM6. The statement below refers to which benefit of Linux? [CLO 1] The majority of Linux variant and versions can often run for months and years without needing to reboot. A. Reliability B. Scalability C. Open Source Licensing Model (ROI). D. Security.7. What are the methods used to install a Linux Operating System in a machine? [CLO 1] i. using hard disks ii. via HTTP Web Server iii. via Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server across the network iv. using CD installer A. i and ii B. i, ii and iii C. ii, iii and iv D. i, ii, iii and iv 8. __________is an example of a graphical partitioning tool. [CLO1] A. Disk Druid B. Nautilus Page 4 of 23
  4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM C. Metacity D. Fdisk9. Select the correct Linux file system that is the default location for user home directory. [CLO1] A. /boot B. /usr C. /home D. /opt10. ______________ is an example of Linux boot loader. [CLO1] A. GRUB B. FEDORA C. GNOME D. KDE11. Adam has done dual-booting in his computer which consists of Windows and Linux Ubuntu operating system. He is currently logged into Windows operating system. He wants to log in to Ubuntu directly from Windows. Which option is the best method to allow this? [CLO 1] A. Master Boot Record method B. LOADLIN C. insist on using LILO D. SYSLINUX Page 5 of 23
  5. 5. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM12. What are the disadvantages of X Window System compared to modern desktop? [CLO3] i. Application interoperability is too difficult ii. Lack of features in usability iii. User interface is inconsistent and of unequal quality iv. Need more memory to run the interface A. i and iii B. i and iv C. ii and iii D. ii and iv13. Kool Desktop Environment is developed by…………… [CLO2] A. Marc Ewing B. Ian Murdock C. Mathias Ettrich D. Richard Stallman14. ______________ command is used to print (display) the working directory. [CLO2] A. cd B. ls C. ls/l Page 6 of 23
  6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM D. pwd15. You would like to create FIVE empty files named as fruit1, fruit2, fruit3, fruit4 and fruit5 with a single command. Which command will accomplish this? [CLO2] A. vi fruit{1..5} B. touch fruit1, fruit2, fruit3, fruit4, fruit5 C. vi fruit1 fruit2 fruit3 fruit4 fruit5 D. touch fruit{1..5}16. _____________ command is used to display which users are currently logged in to the Linux system. [CLO2] A. man B. echo C. who D. ls Page 7 of 23
  7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEMQuestion 17 is based on Figure 1 and Figure 2 Figure 1: abc.txt Figure 2: def.txt17. What is the output of a new file named ‘MyAnimal.txt’ if the command below is applied? [CLO2] cat def abc > MyAnimal.txt A. Page 8 of 23
  8. 8. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM B. C. D.Question 18 is based on Figure 3 Figure 318. Choose the correct output for the above command. [CLO 2] Page 9 of 23
  9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM A. New directories named Folder1 and Folder2 B. New files named Folder1 and Folder2 C. Folder2 as a subdirectory for Folder1 D. Folder1 as a subdirectory for Folder219. Select the correct statement regarding the command below. [CLO2] #chmod 771 FILE1 A. Owner is allowed to read and execute B. Owner is allowed to read only C. Group is allowed to read, write and execute D. Group is allowed to read only20. Which of the following file system has a journaling feature? [CLO2] A. ext B. ext2 C. Vfat D. ReiserFS21. Which command needs to be applied, if the root user wants to view five lines at the end of file /etc/passwd? [CLO3] A. tail -5 /etc/passwd B. head 5 /etc/passwd C. less 5- /etc/passwd D. more /etc/passwd Page 10 of 23
  10. 10. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM22. Which command can be used to find files in CLI based on name, type, group and date of modification? [CLO3] A. grep B. find C. locate D. whereis23. What type of Linux shell is mostly used in Linux distributions? [CLO2] A. Ash shell B. Korn shell C. Csh shell D. Bash shell24. Ariana want to edit jobs.txt using VI editor. What command should she type to save and exit the editor at the same time? [CLO3] A. Esc + w B. Esc + : + wq C. : + wq D. :+w Page 11 of 23
  11. 11. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM25. In the Linux system, the program used to interpret and manage commands is known as_________________ [CLO2] A. Package B. Manager C. Shell D. Distro26. Select the correct statement regarding the advantages of shell. [CLO2] I. Create executable script files II. Run programs III. Work with file systems IV. Compile computer code A. I & II B. I & III C. I, III & IV D. All of the above Page 12 of 23
  12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM27. What is the function of xvf for tar command? [CLO3] i. To create a new archive ii. To list the files and directories for archiving iii. To write into a file iv. To extract the content of a tar file A. i, ii, and iii B. ii, iii and iv C. i, ii and iv D. i, iii, and iv28. The ping command is used to ______________________________. [CLO 2] A. to test network connection B. to identify existing network packets in the connection C. to manually configure network connection D. to set the host and domain name29. The _____________ command works by attaching the file system found on some devices to the big file tree. [CLO 2] A. boot B. mount C. unmount D. load Page 13 of 23
  13. 13. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM30. What is the content of /etc? [CLO 3] A. Directories in this set contain files that define how the crond utility runs applications on a daily, hourly, monthly, or weekly schedule. B. A variety of files used to configure the behaviour of your Apache Web server (specifically, the httpd daemon process). C. Most of the basic Linux system-configuration files. D. Files used to configure the CUPS printing service.31. _____________ provides a secure, stable and fast file and print services for all clients using versions of DOS and Windows, OS/2, Linux and many others. [CLO 3] A. Apache B. MySQL C. Samba D. PHP32. Most of the files in the /var/log directory are maintained by the syslog daemon service. What is its benefit? [CLO 3] A. Enables user to centrally manage how log files are handled. B. Every program automatically updates directly to its own log file. C. It can intercept and logs Linux kernel messages. D. User can use it to receive messages when the kernel becomes unstable. Page 14 of 23
  14. 14. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM33. If a user wants to do anything that requires a high privilege level (e.g. administering your system) in Linux, they will have to……………………. [CLO3] A. become the administrator B. become the root C. become the super user D. become the user34. Regardless of which Linux you are using, you can use your Web browser to configure the following open source projects, EXCEPT [CLO3] A. Samba B. CUPS C. Squirrelmail D. yahoomail35. Below are examples of configuration files, EXCEPT [CLO3] A. $HOME. B. /et C. /etc/cron D. /etc/cups Page 15 of 23
  15. 15. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM36. Below are the procedures of troubleshooting a hardware related problem. - Unmount filesystem - Run fsck command with –f(full) option - If fsck command cannot repair filesystem, use mkfs command to re- create the filesystem. - Restore filesystem original data.Choose the problem that requires the above troubleshooting method. [CLO3] A. Filesystem on partition mounted on noncritical directory becomes corrupted B. Filesystem is corrupted C. Loss of root password D. Hard disk is corrupted37. One can troubleshoot any system faults by using __________________ configuration tool. [CLO 3] A. Kudzu B. Kiosk C. Kiddies D. KDE Page 16 of 23
  16. 16. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM38. Repository Package Management (RPM) software packaging format is used to store and maintain software. Which of the following Linux distributions use RPM manager? [CLO 2] i. Red Hat ii. Fedora iii. SUSE A. i and ii B. i and iii C. ii and iii D. i, ii and iii39. ldconfig determines the runtime links required by shared libraries. Running ldconfig with no arguments simply update the ________ file. [CLO 2] A. cache B. libraries C. configuration D. preload Page 17 of 23
  17. 17. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM40. __________ command is used to print the names of shared libraries required by a certain file. [CLO 2] A. rpm –V B. ldd C. mkdir D. ulimit Page 18 of 23
  18. 18. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEMSECTION BSTRUCTURED (50 marks)INSTRUCTION:This section consists of TWO (2) structured questions. Answer ALL the questions.QUESTION 1 a) Give THREE (3) examples of Open Standards in Open Source Software Technology. [CLO 1] (3 marks) b) There are many benefits of using Linux Operating System. Explain the given benefits in your own words. [CLO 1] i. Scalability ii. Security iii. Open Source licensing model (ROI) (3 marks) c) There are many methods to install Linux OS in a computer. Amy’s netbook does not have a DVD slot. Suggest THREE (3) methods for her to install Linux OS in her netbook. [CLO 1] (3 marks) Page 19 of 23
  19. 19. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM d) Explain TWO (2) differences between Linux Loader (LILO) and Grand Unified Boot loader (GRUB). [CLO 1] (5 marks) e) State THREE (3) common file systems in Linux. Explain each of them in your own words. [CLO 2] (6 marks) f) In Linux, command line is a powerful tool for users to manage files in their machine. Explain the function for each of the Linux commands below. [CLO 2] i. find ii. locate iii. grep iv. whereis v. which (5 marks) Page 20 of 23
  20. 20. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEMQUESTION 2 a) Based on the Figure 1 below, apply the correct command for the given question. -rw-rw-rw- 1 Jason student 40 2012-04-27 15:03 pass.txt Figure 1 i. Change the ownership of the file to Michael. [CLO3] (1 mark) ii. Change the group that can access the file to staff. [CLO3] (1 mark) iii. Change the permission of the file so the owner can execute and other cannot write. [CLO3] (1 mark) Page 21 of 23
  21. 21. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM b) Given a list of users and their primary and secondary groups, define what is the permission for notes.txt for aiman [CLO3] User Primary Group Secondary Group aiman admin staff siva staff admin boon clerk staff File’s permission:- -rwxrw-r-- 1 aiman staff 354 2012-05-01 10:00 notes.txt (3 marks) c) Explain THREE (3) steps to install software in Linux. [CLO3] (6 marks) d) A user of Linux distribution needs to understand the difference in action taken by normal user and root user to configure services. [CLO3] i. Differentiate between root user and normal user. (5 marks) ii. Describe TWO (2) types of web-based administration tools normally used in Linux environment. (4 marks) Page 22 of 23
  22. 22. CONFIDENTIAL FP501: OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM e) Assume that you are trying to install Open Office software in Linux. While you are waiting for the installation process to complete, you received an error message. The error message stated that something is missing in the software and the libraries used by the program. Explain TWO (2) commands that can be used to identify the missing file and libraries in the program. [CLO3] (4 marks) Page 23 of 23